ALERT: Major U.S. Bank Cancels All Accounts Of Famous Trump Supporter

( Exclusive) – Well, it seems that radical leftist policy and ideology has infected yet another major corporation that is dead set on silencing the voices of conservatives who support former President Donald Trump.

According to a report from Infowars, Chase Bank has decided to cancel the personal credit card of General Michael Flynn. The reason? The bank says they shut down the account due to “possible reputational risk to our company.

Lt. Gen. Flynn, President Trump’s very first National Security Adviser, was set up by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in what has become known as an unauthorized ‘perjury trap,’ due to his conversations held with a former Russian ambassador concerning sanctions that were connected to alleged interference in the 2016 presidential election.

“Flynn pleaded in December 2017 to lying to the FBI about contacts with the former Russian ambassador during the 2016 presidential transition – only to have the Justice Department drop the case after Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, fought for the release of information suggesting that the FBI laid the ‘perjury trap‘ to try and get him to lie. In January 2020, however, Flynn withdrew his guilty plea in the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. – stating that he was “innocent of this crime” and was coerced by the FBI and prosecutors under threats that would charge his son with a crime,” the report says.

“According to documents uncovered by Flynn attorney Sidney Powell, the FBI had already come to the conclusion that Flynn was guilty prior to their unauthorized interview with him in January, 2017 – and that agents were working together to see how best to corner the 33-year military veteran and former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency. The bureau deliberately chose not to show him the evidence of his phone conversation to help him in his recollection of events, which is standard procedure. Even stranger, the agents that interviewed Flynn later admitted that they didn’t believe he lied during the interview with them,” the report continues.

The whole FBI investigation into General Michael Flynn seems to have been started by Stephan Halper, a Russiagate operative, who lied through his teeth about Flynn having a relationship with a Russian academic.

After the malfeasance of the agency was discovered, Trump’s DOJ dropped all of the charges against Flynn (screen shot here), stating that the FBI had no reason to interview him on January 24, 2017.

“The judge, Emmet Sullivan, refused to drop the case, and has instead asked a federal appeals court – twice – whether he can ignore the DOJ, after asking a government-paid private lawyer to argue against Flynn – only to eventually relent after Trump pardoned his former NatSec adviser,” Infowars reports.

Going back to the canceled credit card from Chase Bank, Flynn stated that the letter he got notifying him of the closure of the account said, “After careful consideration, we decided to close your credit cards on September 18, 2021 because continuing the relationship creates possible reputational risk to our company.”

Flynn then went on to publish a photograph of the letter on his Telegram account.

He responded to the closure by stating that the bank “has gone full blown woke.”

“They need to deal with their own reputation instead of persecuting my family and I,” he wrote in his post, adding, “DOJ dropped my case for their own egregious government misconduct, appears you weren’t that lucky with the DOJ.”

In September of last year, Chase Bank ended up agreeing to pay out $920 million to help resolve criminal charges that were brought by the DOJ in connection with schemes to defraud precious metals and U.S. Treasuries markets.

Yeah. Sounds like they’ve done a pretty good job of ruining their own reputation, wouldn’t you agree?

“I guess my America First political views don’t align with yours. Your loss,” Flynn continued.

This whole incident is very similar to the situation of Trump supporter and America First activist Lauren Witzke, who had her Wells Fargo account shut down and left with a complete zero balance with no warning back in June.

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  1. People should write or email Chase and tell them what you think. I will do so and tell them that cancelling Flynns account is more bad for the bank’s reputation than it was for keep it open. I will cancel my 2 checking and 1 savings account because of this. My husband will cancel his business account with Chase. That was a dirty deal they gave Flynn and will hurt their reputation and credibility. Was debating about cancelling my Chase acct. or my Bank of America one as I don’t need 2 banks; guess which one I will close. Its like the liberals black balling people who don’t go along with their agenda; I hate people like them and have no respect for their stupidity.

  2. We have a man who does not have all his marbles working appropriately in the WH?
    He has shut down programs that aid Americans, killed our energy industry, mandates a vaccine that appears to do little if anything but appears to shed and spread the virus, but denies medical treatments that would have ended this viral infection a year ago apparently abandoning the American people while giving the appearance of medical help, of which appearance is the most important element to this empty hole in the WH.
    He forces in the name of a pandemic of which their mandated method of treatment insures the continuance of then closes our businesses and schools, violates our immigration laws by opening the border to any entrant He opens our borders violating our immigration laws, our tax money to finance the illegals with programs intended for citizens, and turns and ignores the harm to citizens giving priority to violators of our laws then prosecutes those that oppose on constitutional grounds.
    He abandons our allies and aids the enemy with billions of dollars of military equipment. He ignores the plight of Americans and leaves Americans in enemy territory with a dualistic state department preventing their extraction. He lies to the American People about efforts to free Americans and allies. He is aiding our enemies at every turn and abandoning our allies whenever the opportunity arises, and NO ONE CRIES TREASON OR SEDITION?

    DO WE give him and his left over Obama administration posse a pass because it is clear that the commander in chief ( I choke to label him with this title) is missing his marbles? Or is it that the members of our government are missing their marbles . . . or a spine?

  3. Maybe it would be inconsequential, but there are many sources of credit cards, so what if many people closed their Chase CC in protest?

  4. The good general , Michael Flynn disagreed with the left’s hero Hussein Obama on many fronts particularly with Muslims .
    There’s no doubt why he was persecuted and spied on folks .

    • Calls himself, ‘doc’, because of his innate fear of being a … nobody. Mentally deficient flunkies use terms like ‘doc’ to help prop up their useless, worthless self images. Problem is doc doesn’t have anything of merit to say. Period.

  5. Doc, here’s a question for YOU. Answer truthfully ( if you know how). What would you do if the FBI was making threats of reprisal by going after your son if you refused to plea guilty? It’s a “dirty cop” trick used more often than you might believe.

    • only guilty people plead guilty and he knew he was guilty as for these supposed “threats” it is obvious his son was guilty of something as well!1

    • It is obvious low iq doc hasn’t much on the ball in life . It is obvious General Flynn is a free man and low iq doc is one little sad sack .

    • Once Again Low iq spews his stupidity with the grace of an a$$hole . I do admire your commitment to your ongoing stupidity though Low iq , it proves everyday you’re a progressive a$$hole .

    • Everyone but you got the article about the FBI double cheeking Gen Flynn. It was all a setup with FBI, rotten Democrats, and the threats against Flynn’s son even though the threat was bogus too. Too many dumbed in liberals believing the Earth is oblong instead of round. Perhaps the likes of Pelosi is your auntie too. You know , the witch from California that faked an insurrection. Her tongue will rot and fall off too!

  6. Reputational risk was their reason, who other then General Flynn, his wife and chase knows he has a credit card with them. Having General Flynn as a client has this multi billion dollar company afraid and will cause them a reputational risk? Also the letter is dated August 20, 2021 what reputational risk has chase seen in the last 4 years?
    Chase, you doing what you just did caused you reputational risk.

    • Unlike low iq doc and the other deadbeats in society General Flynn pays on time denying the bank outrageous interest rates.

    • Doc “rewriting history” coming out of a libs mouth is laughable. Did you just get involved in politics or are you a typical lib with selective memory or NO MEMORY AT ALL

    • Flynn is a decorated retired general of the United States Army and your just some piece of progressive liberal filth Low iq doc.

      Miss Trump the orange man yet Low iq?

  7. I hope all of you demo-rats are happy now you have the blood of 13 young Americans on your hands I know you will blame Trump because you are cowards and corrupt and the bumbling idiot’s left enough equipment for several more years of murder and mayhem


  9. ohhh well gen flynn there ARE better banks than chase,…. and as former military you qualify for free checking,…. Interest bearing,…. savings interest bearing,…. No fee credit cards, Interest bearing, cash back,…. much better deals than you can get at a “Commercial bank”,…. and better names and security than you could ever possibly get at Chase,…. wells fargo,…. or any of the rest,….

    • Any business not supporting our Constitution should not be allowed to do business in the USA. This includes FB, Twitter, etc.
      Banks that specifically discriminate against #2A businesses need to be shut down.

  10. just a history reminder for you cultists Flynn admitted GUILT to the FBI and was sentenced accordingly until tRUMP gave him his get out of jail free pardon.Despite the fact he CONFESSED his GUILT to the FBI!!!

    • Doc you selectively choose to forget that the FBI threatened to attack his son on trumped up charges, and many other things ,…. which when he recanted his plea, they then had NO choice but to dismiss,…. even if he hadn’t been pardoned,…. The FBI is NO better than the demonRATs running it, Much like the demonRAT party,…. just a bunch of leftist COWARDs much like YOU !

    • You sound like biden total coward who only cares about himself it may come back to haunt you evil begets evil

    • Hey Rick,,,, thank you,,,, you took the words right off my keyboard. BTW!,,,, I’m NOT affiliated with THAT OTHER DOC. I’m a REAL Dr. complete with a PhD in Ontology and nearing a second in Cosmology.


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