‘Absolutely Asinine’: Inventor Of The mRNA Technology Warns Against Giving WHO ‘The Keys To The Kingdom’

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – The very last state in the country to try and force a school vaccine mandate finally decided to throw in the towel on Wednesday after Dr. Robert Malone, the man who helped create the mRNA technology used to create the COVID vaccines, gave testimony, along with others.

According to WND, Malone, conducting an interview with the news outlet then went on to say that this fight was just “winning one skirmish” in a “protracted battle” as news this week came out that the FDA has gone forward with approval for the COVID booster shots for kids and the Biden administration has created a proposal to hand over a massive amount of authority over to the World Health Organization.

Malone then went on to describe the move by Biden as the U.S. giving the WHO, which he says is controlled by China, “the keys to the kingdom.”

“Louisiana Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards announced Wednesday the state health department’s decision to drop the push for the mandate as the Republican-led legislature was poised to pass a bill blocking the requirement,” WND reported.

“Malone, the key inventor of the mRNA technology platform used in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, credited the leadership of Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry,” WND stated in its report.

“It’s highly encouraging,” he went on to say. “This is the last state to be seeking to impose these vaccine mandates.”

“He pointed out that along with the studies and data showing children statistically have virtually no chance of severe illness or death from COVID-19, the current CDC data indicate ‘an increased risk in children in the 5 to 11 age bracket of disease and infection if they take the vaccine,'” WND stated.

“Worldwide we’ve seen this remarkable trend, that the more of these inoculations you take, there is a dose dependent effect… of increased risk of infection, disease, hospitalization and death,” he continued.

While all this is going down, the FDA decided to issue approval for the COVID booster shots for kids between the ages of 5-11, Malone revealed, despite the fact that there is a mountain of evidence that is still growing to prove there are some serious side effects from taking the jab, including myocarditis, especially in young men.

“These speculations on the part of our public health service about this myocarditis being mild and the associated propaganda and PR that has been put out, is not panning out, now that we’re getting the data,” he remarked.

Malone then placed emphasis on the fact that the toxicity of the vaccine goes up with each successive dose that is administered.

“And yet in the face of this, we have an FDA who is signing off on a third jab, a third inoculation,” he then stated.

And then, on top of all that, Malone stated, there is more and more peer-reviewed support for his own hypothesis that the S1 subunit of the virus spike protein, which is essentially identical to the S1 subunit that is released into the blood, though in much higher doses through infection with the virus, “absolutely damages neural tissue…and opens the blood-brain barrier.”

That does not sound good.

“He noted that he warned of the toxicity of the spike protein in the vaccines in June 2021 with Steve Kirsch on Bret Weinstein’s ‘DarkHorse Podcast’ and was ‘resoundingly criticized by the undergraduate, non-biologist fact-checkers that were set on me like dogs,'” the report added.

“But, in fact, we now have abundant documentation that spike is, in fact, a toxin, and more specifically a neurotoxin and probably is responsible for a lot of these syndromes that are being observed, including trigeminal neuralgia, tinnitus, the loss of hearing that seems to have become epidemic and the various brain syndromes,” stated Dr. Malone.

The top-rated medical scientist then discussed the need — in the fallout from what he and many other of his colleagues believe is a corrupt and absolutely disastrous pandemic response — to reform the current healthcare system and hold folks accountable for their actions.

What has been done, the doctor commented, “meets the criteria of what we would call evil.”

“It’s profoundly corrupt, and if we don’t hold people accountable … we will not have modification of behavior and correction of these organizations,” he continued.

“But Americans, Malone said, shifting to the proposed ceding of public health policy to the World Health Organization, are facing ‘something much more sinister than just the weaponization of public health to create an inverted totalitarian state here in the United States,'” the report said.

The amendments to the International Health Regulations, Malone noted, gives the director general of WHO unilateral power to declare health emergencies based on a very broad set of criteria that doesn’t have to be made public, impose lockdowns, create vaccine mandates, and all sorts of evil totalitarian measures.

“The WHO, manhandled by China, has ‘grossly mismanaged’ the pandemic over the past two years, he said, ‘causing untold death and suffering,'” the report from WND said.

“Giving these people the keys to the kingdom is absolutely asinine,” Malone went on to say.

The government of the United States, he said, “is actively trying to weaken our sovereignty.”

Obviously, they are doing this in order to pave the way for a one world government later on down the road.

“If you care about your country, if you care about children, this is not the time to sleep or play video games,” he stated. “This is the time to get engaged.”

He then stated that there are many concerned citizens out there who are starting to use language regarded by some as being “inflammatory.”

“We need a second American revolution,” stated the medical scientist.

American citizens, he said, “need to appreciate the profound wisdom of those giants who bucked a totalitarian mad king and gave us this incredible gift of the experiment in self-governance.”

“If you are somebody who loves freedom and doesn’t want to live a collectivist life,” he concluded, “it’s time to get off your duff and do something about it,” he added.

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