ALERT: AZ State Senator Demands Biden Electors Be Recalled To Her State And New Election Held Following Thursday’s Shocking Audit Revelations

( Exclusive) – A recent hearing held by the Arizona Senate revealed some shocking findings by Cyber Ninjas, the group tasked with auditing the results from the 2020 presidential election which has ignited a fire under one senator’s seat.

A new report from Gateway Pundit says that the audit team went on to announce that a whopping 74,000 ballots were received and then counted as part of the 2020 election in Maricopa County than were actually mailed out.

Doug Logan not only revealed this staggering information, but also highlighted other issues that have already been identified during the company’s work.

They found 74,234 mail-in ballots that have no clear record of ever being sent through the mail. Along with this, ballots were counted that were not on the proper paper stock and were not in proper printing alignment. Some of the ballots were marked with Sharpie pens which then bled through to the other side of the paper.

Not long after the explosive findings were revealed in the hearing, Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers called on the state to recall the Biden electors and redo the election.

“It was during a Senate hearing to listen to the auditors, from Cyber Ninjas, the company hired for the review, which revealed that, according to election records, more mail-in ballots were counted than were mailed out,” a report from WND noted.

“Officials from Cyber Ninjas also said there were 3,981 people who voted who were registered to vote after an Oct. 15 deadline, there were 11,326 people who voted who were not on the rolls on Nov. 7, but were on Dec. 4, and some 18,000 voted, but were removed from the rolls after the election,” the report added.

“As a result, Senate President Karen Fann said the Legislature needs more information from the county to determine exactly what happened in the state, which Joe Biden won by only about 10,000 votes last November,” it continued.

At the end of the day, this is further evidence that leftists likely rigged the election in key battleground states around the nation as a means of ensuring President Donald Trump was cheated out of a second term and that the voices of the people were silenced by those who are starving for more political power.

These people want to destroy our way of life and resurrect America in the image of Marx. We cannot allow that to happen. Every state needs to have a forensic audit so we can determine whether or not this election was truly stolen. Most of us already know the answer to that, but we need the proof in order to unravel the whole mystery and ensure people are punished for their crimes.

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  1. The new pandemic will be a huge case of Arkenside in the Government! All those that denied anything happened and made fools of themselves will now be a liability to the leaders at the top! As they have no problem throwing anybody under the bus to save themselves! Look for it to be dominate in the corrupt courts as well! Soon These idiot judges will not be allowed to hear a case! As nobody will trust them! And they all did it to themselves!

  2. SENTeacher……no proof. Watch the video of the two scumbags in Georgia wheeling out the boxes of ballots from under a table after they ran all the poll watchers out for a so called water main break that never happened. It was an overflowing urinal. But nothing to see here!!!!

  3. SEN Teacher, what would really put a stop to all this talk is to clean up the voter lists in every state, especially California’s and STOP sending out unasked for ballots

  4. The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors responded to the bombshell results of the Arizona forensic audit with petulant tweets rather than refuting the findings with evidence. Sounds just like this SEN Teacher indoctrination propaganda … like a Communist loser would try to spread.

    • Haha you really are such a pathetic little man aren’t you ,anything that you disagree you label someone a communist, and you wonder why Americans are world renowned and being the least informed and credulous people in the western world, look at this website it’s just crude propaganda, like the American version of North Korea , all hailing the dear leader, Donald Trump , it’s sad and pathetic

    • Andy Morgan Roberts knows pathetic little queer men like his butt buddy Low iq and the other pathetic libtrash…they all have Trump Derangement Syndrome and actually believe Joke Biden is a winner .

    • Andrew, you throw a lot of disgruntled words but like John said evidence is always missing, as to about the communist they hide information and throw disgruntled words instead of providing rational evaluation. The county administrators have only hidden information and thrown objections without firm base of evidence which would refutes the evidence provided by the investigators. They have ignored court requests for documents and computer records as well as access to the machines. By the way the forensic investigators have provided their impressive and fact based credential. Where are yours?

    • Wrong again, Andrew Morgan Roberts, the point is not disagreement … it is that you cannot/do not understand the point being made here. If the 2020 election was corruption free, then why do you left-wing nuts run from allowing the audits to be performed? Truth? Nothing to hide, right? All for America and the constitution, right? Honesty?

      BTW your Marxist/socialist influence is illustrated by your nonsensical muttering: “…and you wonder why Americans are world renowned …blah, blah blah”. Firstly, I don’t wonder about America or your communist ideology, you don’t rate high enough on the intellectual scale to matter. Secondly, since you have proven to be only a low information, MSM parrot, no one here takes you seriously.

  5. Er, the 74000 ballots weren’t mailed because they are not mail in ballots, they are early vote ballots which are counted in the same total as the mail in ones. Always have been. Yet again, nothing to see here. It might be wise to wait a bit before leaping on every new rumour or fake announcement and proclaiming a Trump victory. Time and time again it has turned to be a lot of noise based on a misunderstanding or just plain dishonest statement. The warnings of incompetence were there from early on when Cyberninjas said that a load of voter info had been illegally deleted. Donald leapt on this, EVERYONE leapt on it as final and incontrovertible proof that they were right all along, it’s definitely mass fraud. Except it wasn’t. Within a couple of days we learned that the info was there all the time, it’s just that Cyberninjas lacked the knowledge, experience and expertise necessary to find it. It wasn’t hidden, they just didn’t understand the systems they were dealing with because they’ve never conducted an election audit before. It’s the same with this story, the 74000 supposed mail in ballots that were never sent. It’s a fundamental error based on their lack of suitability to even have access to the personal voter information they’ve been allowed do lord knows what with, let alone do an actual audit. Not that the faithful will care. Any proof that falls down flat is quickly re-tweeted so many times by Russian and Chinese trolls posing as Trump fans that it takes on Alice of its own and people believe it without checking. Nonetheless it’s everyone’s duty to try and provide some balance so for the record, this article and the whole story are utter and complete hooey.

    • Correction: If this could be true why wouldn’t the country cooperate and be willing to fill in the blanks? What we see are country administrators who do not respect for the people who pay them.

    • Er , Fake teacher is just that folks , another piece of progressive liberal trash preaching the same nonsensical garbage only the bottom feeding liberal filth would consume.

    • Where do they find these mindless trolls?

      “Special educational needs (SEN) teachers work with children and young people who have special educational needs or disabilities.”

      Perhaps you should be ‘working’, applying your trade, with those who need your help … like Hunter and his brain dead father.

      Got that SEN Teacher? Adults use critical and rational thinking here.

    • “ Where do you find these mindless trolls “ , any blue city in America where food stamps , welfare and illegal guns prevail.
      Having Trump Derangement Syndrome is mandatory.

  6. Crime and politics go hand in hand. Members of the Government have been fattening their families forever. The mail in ballots are a source to cheat they should be dismissed and not counted.

    • Prime example to your point , the crime families..Clintons, Bidens and of course their hero Hussein Obama.
      They’ve become wealthy while their bottom feeding voters suffer for life .

  7. The facts are clear, the news of the theft is out. Why is Biden still allowed to trash this country and the Obama’s hit team they call the Biden cabinet still given the power?

    • You must work for the Russian government, agent 0 , gotcha, I just found you out , a Russian plant trying to undermine American democracy and disable and polarise it’s citizens, absolutely right about that

    • Andy Morgan Roberts and sen teacher are in sync with today’s progressive liberal filth’s message of Russian influence and Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    • isn’t there a chapter in the bible exodus about Moses warning about worshiping the golden calf , should be very prescient for all of trumps mags cult , but I don’t think they will recognise it , there beyond any reasoning now

    • There is a chapter about you homos and queers Andy Morgan Roberts .surely you’re familiar with that Andy .

    • Obama worshippers/ cultists are all the same Andy.No need to share that with you for sure !

      Is that a fair statement ?

  8. The Democrat party … without any doubt now are a dishonest bunch of imbecilic liars. If you still vote for a democrat, you are far from being an intelligent, mentally stable person.

  9. FOLKS we are on our own, We can not expect any help from Congress
    the Democrats are NEVER GOING TO ADMIT that something is very wrong with this election and the Republicans in Congress had their backbone removed when they were elected, The RNC raised over 200 million dollars to investigate this election(that was their pitch when raising this money) yet they HAVE DONE NOTHING WONDER WHERE ALL THIS MONEY WENT?. Our Judicial system is not going to look at any of this. Our only hope is that those brave people doing the audits will reveal the truth one way or the other. Our Supreme Court has now become a political ave. for the left. The very unpleasent reality is that we are now stuck with this INCREDIBLE INCOMPETENT MESS we now have in the Oval Office along with the INCREDIBLE INCOMPETENT ADMINISTRATION AT CABINET LEVEL POSITIONS.
    and as much as i would like to see BIDEN and HARRIS removed from office it does not seem to be a reality, Our focus now must turn to 2022 MID-TERM elections, BIDENS support must be removed from congress that includes Democrats and RINOS.Unless real evidence is found and released to the public and criminal charges filed against those involved, WE ARE STUCK WITH A TOTAL MESS But we can limit the damage he does by removing his support.

    • Lins, in order to get those people and organisations to listen you have to provide some actual proof. So far all of it has been weak at best, just lies at worst. The cases were thrown out because suggestion and rumour DO NOT COUNT AS EVIDENCE, no matter how strongly someone believes that a crime absolutely must have taken place. You need proof my friend, and as of yet none has stood up o be ecpised to the light of scrutiny. In fact it still surprises me that so many otherwise perfectly intelligent Americans oils allow their emotions to cloud their judgement for so long. Don’t you need to see definitive proof before believing something? Not talking religious faith obvs, but earthly things? For me there just hasn’t been anything produced that isn’t easily torn down at the early stage of questioning.

    • To SEN Teacher … No matter how strongly you believe, Biden is a fake, and a fraud, and brain dead while commies like you help in destroying America.

      Ignoring evidence because the election is over is like ignoring a murder because the victim is already dead. Sounds just like the liberal nitwits here.

  10. My God heal this land and restore the governance to draw its gidanc from the truth found in the constitution.

    Praise God the truth is finally told and lifted up high Obama violated the law when he abused his power and did immense damage to our country.

    “DHS violated the [Administrative Procedure Act] with the creation DACA and its continued operation … the DACA Memorandum and the DACA program that it created are hereby vacated and remanded to DHS for further consideration, as requested,” Hanen writes.”

  11. By now everyone should realize that if there is a political problem that came out of no where it was the Democrats that engineered it. I’ve been watching general elections for years and they have always provided an opportunity for the Democrats to stand up and accuse Conservatives, Republicans, and Independents of being racists, sexists, classists and what ever other names they can think up. But we all know who the guilty ones are don’t we…the ones doing the pointing…every general election.

  12. Yes!!!! Its time for Republicans across the country to stand up to the Democrat Marxists and tell them we aren’t going to EXCEPT this and to hell with their complaining and threats. We don’t have to knell down to them anymore

    • You make grammatical errors common among Russian housewives working at Putin’s troll factories. Are you really American? I think not. Caught you Natasha

    • You make SENSE among sensible Americans, sen teacher is man’s husband like it’s hero Pete Buttigieg .

    • SEN Teacher …You make parrot-like comments similar to male propaganda linguists who wear skirts and dance in nylons … much like the disinformation MSM you imitate … and gather your false news from. Operation Mockingbird , you know it.

  13. No new election, it goes to our President Donald Trump. What do you people want, another chance to cheat more and cover up better?

    President Donald Trump is, was and shall be.

    • No, only Christ is those things you give to a known adulterer. I know many in America have followed a prince of arrogance, deceit and infidelity into dangerous territories as far as your faith goes, but even so I have to tell you respectfully that where I canoe from what you just said is blasphemy. I’ll pray for you. Please, please see that going further down the route he has led you, the path of anger, dishonesty and vanity will only push you further into the clutches of his master Satan.

    • isn’t there a chapter in the bible exodus about Moses warning about worshiping the golden calf , should be very prescient for all of trumps mags cult , but I don’t think they will recognise it , there beyond any reasoning now

    • My, my, what do we have here? An ardent worshipper of a man who thinks he is the POTUS, but is slowly being shown to be a criminal fraud. A 40+ year worthless parasite, a blatant racist, and liar who can’t put a coherent sentence together in English let alone find his way home after dark. A SEN Teacher coupling with a known Marxist /communist troll, Andrew Morgan Roberts, teaming up for bible lessons. They sound like a clan revival for low information liberal hacks.

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