ALERT: Biden DOJ Dropping Investigations Into All Democrat Governors Whose Actions Killed Tens Of Thousands Of Seniors In Nursing Home Facilities With Coronavirus

( Exclusive) – A study that was conducted back in 2020 revealed that nearly 45 percent of all the coronavirus deaths in the United States took place in nursing homes. To give that some perspective, only 0.6 percent of the population in this country lives in nursing homes, yet over 45 percent of deaths related to COVID happened in these facilities.

According to Gateway Pundit, in August of last year, the Department of Justice made a request for data from four different Democrat governors on the orders they issued concerning the sending of patients with COVID-19 to nursing homes. There were a total of five of these individuals.

The most well known of these five, of course, is New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (screen shot here).

And then comes California Gov. Gavin Newsom (screen shot here).

Then we have Gov. Tom Wolf from Pennsylvania (screen shot here).

Next on the list is Gov. Phil Murphy from New Jersey (screen shots here and here).

And who could forget Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (screen shot here).

And yet, despite this practice killing thousands of people in nursing homes, the Department of Justice under Joe Biden’s administration has dropped all of the investigations into these Democrat governors, the same people who tossed sick coronavirus patients into nursing homes along with those who are most vulnerable to the illness and its complications.

Now tens of thousands of American citizens and their families will be going without justice for the death of their loved ones.

A new report from Fox News features a response to the DOJ’s decision from Rep. Steve Scalise, who put Biden on full blast on Friday after hearing the new course of action which will cheat Americans out of the justice they deserve.

“It is outrageous that the Department of Justice refuses to investigate the deadly ‘must admit’ orders issued by governors in New York, Pennsylvania, and Michigan that resulted in the deaths of thousands of senior citizens,” the minority whip went on to say in a statement released on Friday.

“Where is the justice for nursing home victims and their grieving families? These deadly orders contradicted the CDC’s guidance, and needlessly endangered the most vulnerable among us to the deadly COVID-19 virus,” the Louisiana Republican stated. “Even worse, Governor Cuomo in New York intentionally tried to cover up the true death toll resulting from his mandate. Grieving families deserve answers and accountability. It’s unconscionable that Biden’s Department of Justice refuses to investigate the deadly actions that went against CDC’s medical guidance taken in these states.”

It’s quite clear that the Democratic Party does not care about the American people. If they did, they would be seeking to bring these failed governors to justice for the deaths of tens of thousands of people who would still be alive if not for their horrendous policy making.

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  1. Bill Gates the human-killing, de-population guru …. Dr Fauci the quack, CCP puppet liar …. CDC, the WHO, the UN, and now the fraudulent, illegal administration of Biden-the-Brain-Dead’s cabinet-of-communists saying that it is OK to ‘kill’ our elders through use of the Covid virus. People of The USA …. the survival of America as a free Republic is in serious jeopardy after this abysmal declaration from the illegal commie’s DOJ. Resist these anti America traitors, vote against each and every democrat (and RINO) candidate ‘running’ for any elected office.

    • Look on the bright side John .. the dead 45 thousand New Yorkers will still vote democrat in the next election.

  2. I see no difference between what Cuomo and other mayors and governors did to infect and kill via the virus than what Biden is doing using the military to fly and busses to place infected with covid illegal aliens into our communities. Now the so called declared rise in viral infection will continue to devastate as the medication that would have saved so many is demonized. And this is what our own government does to us.

  3. “Andrew Cuomo: We Must Knock on Doors, Put People in Cars, ‘Drive them and Get that Vaccine in Their Arm’.”

    Andrew Cuomo speaks insanity, but we are living, unfortunately, in an a world where the insane has stolen power and it has been allowed.

    • Totally agree! The insane are in power and they are wreaking havoc in the USA and the world at large! Their ideas are lunacy! Dems Insist for vaccinations 100%, but usher in thousands of unvaccinated illegals who are carrying into our country disease and every other kind of freedom killing destruction. No protection for Americans, unhindered lawlessness!

  4. Muder 15000 people no problem, have a mostly peaceful protest at the capital and your jailed beaten and treated worse than the real terrorists. .The fbi and doj are the enforcement arm of the dnc…yeah this will end well.

  5. To not investigate or prosecute criminal behavior is to be expected from the criminal enterprise in “Washington. The DOJ is complicit in the crimes.

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