ALERT: Pentagon Chiefs Get Chilling Response When They Call China

( Exclusive) – A brand new report has revealed that top military officials from China have put up a wall of silence between themselves and their American counterparts, which points to rising tensions between the two countries following Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

According to The Western Journal, China promised some form of retribution for the visit and displayed its displeasure with the whole matter by holding military exercises all around the self-governing island of Taiwan after Pelosi’s visit came to a conclusion. Just last Friday, China stated that it would end talks with American officials in a variety of different areas.

“However, even before that, Chinese military leaders had severed any connection with America by refusing to take calls from U.S. officials, according to Politico, which cited as its source ‘three people with knowledge of the attempts,'” the report stated.

Some who are observing the situation have expressed concern that the lack of communication during a time when warships from both America and China are operating in the South China Sea could end up leading to “unintended consequences,” which might include an escalation from threats to legitimate hostilities.

“If the [Chinese military] is operating more aggressively, and in closer proximity to U.S. forces with greater frequency, we’d need these mechanisms even more to promote a safe operating environment,” Randy Schriver, top Pentagon official for Asia policy in the Trump administration, went on to say concerning the situation.

Have you guys noticed how many times we’ve come close to World War III ever since Joe Biden took office? Funny how that didn’t happen while Trump was calling the shots, isn’t it? Not only is our country going to hell in a handbasket, the entire globe is spinning out of control.

“Joint Chiefs Chair Gen. Mark Milley last spoke to Chinese Chief of the Joint Staff Gen. Li Zuocheng, on July 7, according to the Pentagon. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin met Chinese Defense Minister Gen. Wei Fenghe in June,” the report continued.

“The secretary has repeatedly emphasized the importance of fully open lines of communication with China’s defense leaders to ensure that we can avoid any miscalculations, and that remains true,” Todd Breasseale, who is serving as the acting Defense Department press secretary, remarked.

John Kirby, White House spokesman, stated that while China’s action in distancing themselves from current talks “does not completely eliminate the opportunities for senior members of our military to talk,” it does increase the risk of a flare up that could become widespread.

“These lines of communications are actually important for helping you reduce the risk of miscalculation and misperception,” Kirby then explained. “You have this much military hardware operating in confined areas, it’s good, especially now, to have those lines of communication open.”

Many have stated that the action from China is pretty much how it treats all countries when things tend to go bad.

“Historically this is definitely part of the playbook,” Schriver weighed in. “Mil-mil [communications] historically is on the chopping block when we have problems with China.”

“We find the shutting down of military communications channels at whatever level and whatever scope and at a time of crisis to be an irresponsible act,” Kirby continued.

Again, things have started going downhill on every possible front, including foreign policy, ever since Biden took office in 2021. We’ve become a laughing stock to the rest of the planet, especially the more edgy, hostile, tense countries, due to having a president who is weak in the physical, psychological, and spiritual sense leading our country.

Things are going to get worse before they get better because Biden does not have the leadership qualities to clean up the mess he’s made.

Hold on folks, the ride is about to get bumpy.

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  1. China has nothing to fear from America as long as SLEEPY JOE is in office they already know he doesnt have the spine to stand up to them nor does anyone in this administration. We are in serious trouble if we dont take back the House and Senate in November. We presently have an administration that cant get out of their own way Our only hope to stop the insanity of this incompetent administration is to remove Bidens support from the Halls of Congress. We cant stay home in November we must get out the vote.

  2. It did not or does not matter what America does. China is a powerful child who is willful and does not serve their people or the human race well. Personally I hoped the Chinese would have kept Pelosi to dig her hole to America on the Chinese beech so she would have a positive attitude toward America instead of working to destroy us.

  3. Oh good, the treasonous gen, milley is negotiating for us. Between him and the dishonorable secretary austin, we could be under Chinese rule before the election. Hell, milley tampered with the launch codes and communicated with the Chinese behind President Trump’s back at the request of the ridiculously corrupt speaker of the house. The dishonorable secretary of trash austin has been doing his best to destroy our military with all of his demoralizing new rules about crt and the covid vax. Yeah, we the people are in real good shape,—–NOT. Between these two, kiss ass son of a bitches, there’s no way they won’t sell us down the river.
    I wonder how the idiots on the left that supported this failed aberration and his admin. feel about being the reason our country is going down the toilet. I hope they think their lie of climate change was worth it. Nah, they’re too stupid to figure it out!

  4. They’ll deal with the “Big Guy” and his sleazy criminal son Hunter though . The Chinese Communist Party absolutely love dealing with the Biden crime family and many other democrats.


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