ALERT: Some Push ‘Mass Genocide’ For The Unvaccinated

( Exclusive) – Some on the left are seriously deranged. With the push to get every human in the US over the age of 5 vaccinated fully underway, radical leftists are showing their true colors and they aren’t pretty.

Whoever thought we’d arrive at a time in America when people would be wishing death upon fellow Americans simply for practicing medical freedom? What a sad time for the US.

Former attorney for President Trump is bringing awareness to just how demented some Americans truly are, like one Twitter user who suggested that everyone either “Get the shot or get shot.”

“They are literally calling for mass genocide,” Ellis said, “Are you paying attention yet?”

Ellis shared her comments along with an image of a statement made by Twitter user “Lars McMurtry” who asserted, “The CDC should roll out a new program: Get the shot or get shot.

“The unvaccinated need to be rounded up and lined up in front of open trenches. Their choice is simple.

“America has had enough of their virus. We need to get back to normal life.

“With or without them.”

This kind of sentiment is truly sick and deranged. This individual thinks fellow Americans should be shot and killed by the federal government for daring to live freely.

Fortunately, there were many who responded to Ellis’ tweet to express their disbelief that any American could actually be calling for mass genocide.

One user said, “It took less than 2 years for people to call for mass genocide,” while another pointed out, “Vaccinated people act like they died on the cross for our sins. Common sense is not common.”

Another user aptly noted, “Should someone tell them that the Omicron emerged among the vaxxed?”

One commenter pointed out that the vaccinated are clearly either living under a rock or exposed to way too much MSM propaganda, “Hasn’t this guy been watching and listening? Even vaccinated people are still catching the virus and it’s not just from unvaccinated people. This virus isn’t ever, ever going away. This is how big pharma and the politicians are making money and pushing the country into socialism.”

One user responded with a photo of a wartime scene in which people in a trench lined up for execution with the comment, “History always repeats itself when evil is allowed to flourish.”

In a shocking move, Twitter suspended McMurtry’s account but the sentiment promoting the mass murder of people who refuse to comply with the federal government’s vaccine mandates is alive and well amongst leftists.

Others have been sharing comments and photos of images sharing the same sentiment, like one photo of a memorial of fallen heroes that has been vandalized with spray-paint to say, “The real heroes are the vaccinated.”

Then there are threads like this one started by user Jeanine Reiter Kolkemo in which she states, “I am ready to say let them [the unvaccinated] die. You make a choice to not get your shot for any reason other than a doctor’s note, you should not be allowed healthcare. You are like the brats in class that ruin it for everyone.”

Others chime in with comments like, “I have no problem with that. If we’re lucky we can cut out 30% of the population that votes the wrong way,” and, “Let the hunger games begin.”

These people are truly sick.

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  1. No doubt the IQ’s of all the whinners above grouped together wouldn’t reach -5 on the scale. These are the dangerous people … very low IQ, very low information, unable to think for themselves, and have no moral stability or self worth … then they cry like babies when their diapers are full … from their own pooh.

    • They have this strange affliction known as dumb ass disease. They think that since you’re unvaxxed, that you’re automatically not only infected, but HIGHLY contagious. Which, of course, takes not a small measure of insanity to believe in the first place. Not smart enough to understand that THEY are the ones shedding the virus, their immune systems weakened or non existent. They’ve drunk the kook aid and are convinced that injecting poison into their veins makes them the smart one…..


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