ALERT: The CDC Caught Manipulating COVID Vaccine Death Rate

( Exclusive) – The CDC and every other government health agency has completely lost all credibility. They have been blatantly lying to the American people for the duration of the “pandemic.” The information they spread is inconsistent at best. The numbers relating to COVID cases, hospitalizations and deaths have been consistently manipulated in order to keep vulnerable Americans brainwashed and it’s been working like a charm.

The CDC has made it routine to classify any death as a COVID death so long as the deceased at some point tested positive for the virus. It doesn’t matter if the actual cause of death was a car accident, a gunshot wound or cancer. As long as the deceased was COVID positive, these deaths have been classified as COVID and counted in the running total of COVID deaths.

It’s dishonest, despicable and downright evil.

Now, as Corey’s Digs reports, the CDC is basing the number of people who have died from the COVID-19 shots on the number of shots administered rather than the number of people who have been vaccinated.

A truly gross manipulation of facts. If every American who is vaccinated gets two shots that doubles the number of shots administered therefore making the percentage of people who have died from the shots proportionately much less.

This is no mathematical error. This is an intentional, calculated effort to minimize the risk of death from the COVID shots and to manipulate Americans into thinking the shots are much safer than they actually are.

These people are criminals.

The VAERS reporting system is already way underutilized. The majority of vaccine-related deaths go unreported and thus the VAERS information only reflects a small percentage of vaccine injuries and deaths (screen shot here).

On top of that, now the CDC is literally manipulating the numbers to deceive people even further.

While the CDC actively documents all death certificates of people who have died “with” COVID, not “from” COVID, they don’t seem to be documenting death certificates from COVID vaccine deaths. The only reporting seems to be going through their VAERS system which we already know is hardly reflective of reality.

Corey’s Digs highlights the way in which the CDC lies using numbers on their website knowing that the average American is not going to bother doing the math and knowing that mainstream media “journalists” are most certainly not fact-checking their numbers.

“The CDC reported that the death toll on the VAERS reporting system indicates 6,968 deaths as of August 18, 2021. Next to the death toll they point out that the 6,968 deaths amount to (0.0019%) “among people who received a Covid-19 vaccine.” This is a totally false statement. They are basing it on the number of jabs administered, when most people have already received BOTH jabs. They indicate that 363 million doses have been administered. The population of the U.S. is only 328.2 million, therefore millions of people have received two doses. They are using the 363 million “doses” to establish the 0.0019%, which is NOT “among people,” but rather “doses,” and ultimately reduces the percentage by nearly half. This is done for perception, because percentages have a greater impact on a person’s mind.”

Corey’s Digs also points out how they use manipulative language when discussing deaths related to the vaccines. They state that “reports of death after COVID-19 vaccination are rare,” and note that it is true that “reports” of death are rare. What’s not so rare are the actual deaths. The way in which they word this are deceptive and only serve to downplay the risks of the vaccines.

Corey’s Digs broke down the math to expose how deceptive the CDC’s math really is:

1) 363 million doses administered (based on the CDC’s first link that stated deaths at 0.0019%)

2) 203 million people, or 61.1% of the population have received at least one dose

3) 172.2 million people, or 51.9% of the population have been fully vaccinated

4) 328.2 million people is the total population of the U.S.

5) 6,986 deaths after Covid jab as of August 18th – allegedly amounting to 0.0019% of people who received the jab

Here’s the simple math:

-203 million PEOPLE received at least one dose

-6,986 PEOPLE died after receiving the jab (The percentage should be based on the number of PEOPLE who died who received a dose of the jab. It’s irrelevant whether they received one or two doses. A person could get 10 jabs and if they don’t die, are they going to say 10 people survived, or just one person survived all 10 jabs? Exactly.)

-203 million PEOPLE x 0.0019% only accounts for 3,857 deaths

-363 million DOSES x 0.0019% accounts for 6,897 deaths – THIS is how they arrived at their false percentage

If the CDC had done the math based on “people who received the vaccine” as they claimed, and as would be correct, that math would look like this:

The total number of deaths from 203 million PEOPLE who received the jab (6,986) = 0.0034%.

The actual percentage of people that died after receiving the Covid jab is 0.0034%, not 0.0019%.

The trickery by the CDC cuts the death rate nearly in half and while the percentages are pretty small that is still 3,040 deaths.

While we’re being told to trust the “experts” it would appear the only thing the so-called “experts” are expert at is manipulating numbers to brainwash Americans.

Shame on the CDC. It’s time for Americans to wake up and put an end to this charade already.

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    • Heck, the numbers are easy. Any high schooler that didn’t learn math from common core could accomplish it in a heartbeat.


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