ALERT: Triple & Quadruple Vaccinated People Have “No Antibodies”

( Exclusive) – Now that coronavirus vaccine booster shots are starting to roll out across the United States, many folks are wondering why the first two doses of the drug were apparently not sufficient to prevent the transmission of the illness.

A report from Infowars points out that the mainstream media is saying, “vaccine protection is waning more significantly over time than experts expected.”

Back in July, the jabs created by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer were shown to be only 39% effective against the coronavirus, and then in September the Johnson & Johnson shot was down to just 13%.

“Instead of admitting jabs don’t protect people as long as advertised, the establishment is moving the goalpost and preparing citizens for never-ending Covid shots,” the report said.

Booster shots for the vaccine in the U.S. are only approved for those who are over 65-years-old, adults who are considered high-risk, and adults who have some kind of underlying medical conditions, or any person who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

“The establishment maintains those with compromised immune systems need the “protection” provided by the experimental shots more than the average person, but will they need boosters more frequently?” the report continued.

According to a CNN report that was published Tuesday, some individuals who are immunocompromised are actually failing to produce any coronavirus antibodies at all, despite being given three and sometimes even four booster shots.

“The story focuses on a 34-year-old man called Andrew Linder who received a life-saving kidney transplant from his wife Emily in September 2019,” Infowars said, adding, “Linder says he took three doses of the Pfizer vaccine and an additional booster, yet has ‘no antibodies.,” the report revealed.

“I had no antibodies whatsoever. That was shocking and scary and sucky for sure,” Linder said to CNN during an interview. “I almost feel just as unsafe or if not potentially a little bit more unsafe now than at the beginning of the pandemic, just for the fact that I could get it at this point in time.”

“Meanwhile, star actor Matthew McConaughey revealed in an interview with the New York Times on Tuesday that his 90-year-old immunocompromised mother also has no antibodies despite taking three Covid shots,” Infowars continued.

“Mom is vaccinated three times, still has not created any antibodies for it,” the actor explained.

So not only is this highly experimental mRNA technology proving to be wholly inaccurate when it comes to protecting the most vulnerable in the human population, but folks who have a compromised immune system might also be more susceptible to experiencing adverse reactions to the jabs.

“Pfizer and BioNTech announced Tuesday they’re seeking emergency use authorization from the FDA for the Covid-19 vaccine booster to be administered to all individuals over 18-years-old,” the report said, adding, “The CDC and a study out of Israel have both already admitted natural immunity provides better protection against Covid-19 than the experimental jabs, so are they really worth the risk?”

What use is a vaccine that doesn’t help someone who is immunocompromised develop antibodies to keep them safe from the coronavirus?

And look at all of the breakthrough cases happening right now to those who are “fully vaccinated.” Again, what’s the point of a vaccine if it doesn’t prevent transmission of an illness?

Why are they pushing these things so hard?

It’s all about power and control.

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  2. So, what is Exceptional about the United States?
    What makes us different from all those others?
    My Answer: We answered Cicero’s Dilemma about how to stop tyrants from seizing Government. This dilemma had stood, unanswered, for 2000 years. All other Governments in the World are tyrannies. And, so is ours now, but it is not supposed to be. The distribution of Constitutional Sphere Powers, as listed in Article One Section 7 is key. It must be understood, but is as clear as mud. Here is what it says, Politicians can tax, but not spend. (Appropriations must not direct where money is Spent, but only which agency gets to spend it) It also says that the President is not allowed to figure out What to Do. Congress gives him the Order and the Money. He then figures out How he can Do it, and stay within budget. (Because we don’t do it that way, we have $30 Trillion in debt, and we have Carrier Politicians) Remember the People are the sovereign. The Government is our servant. The small part called the Executive Branch, can not possibly have any ability to Order us, the Sovereign Citizen, to do anything. All Administrative Rules should be considered Good Advice, nothing more.

    I have found something about the Constitution, and am trying to show it to people. The Constitution resists a tyrannical take over in several ways. One that is not well understood is by giving no office all of the abilities that a tyrant would need to take over and run the Government. 
    These distributed powers were called constitutional Spheres by George Washington. 
    They are real basic: Get what you need, Know how to use it, Plan Your Work, and then Pay Your Bills. Article One Section 7 assigns to Congress two of them.
    Congress has the duty of Ordering what should be done and the assignment of Raising enough Revenue to pay the expenses. They are not supposed to direct Spending, as they love to do. And the IRS is in fact the face of Congress. What an ugly face, huh? 
    Bibliography: Washington’s Farewell of 1796, where he talks about Constitutional Spheres. And Jefferson’s letter to Madison 1789 Last Paragraph, ‘We gave the power to declare War to Congress’ ”from those who can Spend; to those who can Pay”.  The capitalization is his. Constitution: Legislative powers here in listed. Article One; Section 7 (Raise Revenue), (Order, Resolve, and Vote.)

    • Well said, Richard. Comprising the inner circles of what was intended to be our ‘government’, we now have charlatans, bald faced liars, and self-serving anti-constitutionalists. Have we crossed the Rubicon?? Can ‘we the people’ become united in time to correct this slow decline into chaos, or are we now doomed to be reduced to servants, slaves, and lab rats of the NWO globalist evil? From my perch, I see no honest, honorable members of the currant broken system having a clue of how to fix the mess, and return government to its constitutional standing as it was envisioned.

  3. How much longer can ‘they’ keep the lie going? How many will die from this insidious deceit? This has been a premeditated attack on the innocent people of earth in order to cull as many as possible. The sheer scope of the plan deems the death penalty be given to all involved in pushing the hideous acts.


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