AOC Admits Disturbing Details Behind Arrest

( Exclusive) – In news that will probably not surprise a single soul who has had their eyes open over the course of the last two decades, it turns out that not only was New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez placed in pretend handcuffs last week as she protested against the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, but it seems the whole arrest was staged by billionaire communist George Soros.

According to a report from The Western Journal, AOC made a post on Instagram where she confessed that she, along with 16 other lawmakers who were also arrested in the protest outside of the Supreme Court building, had been asked to “submit themselves for arrest” by the Center for Popular Democracy Action Fund as part of the effort to oppose the overturning of Roe.

A report that was published by the Washington Examiner pointed out that’s a “progressive dark money group funded by billionaire George Soros.” While the organization in question is not required to disclose its donor list, as a 501 (c) (4) nonprofit group, the co-executive director of the group told The Washington Post in 2018 that Soros’ Open Society Foundations have provided over a million dollars a year in funding to the group, along with the Center for Popular Democracy.

In her post, AOC stated that the move was “an activist-led civil disobedience,” which “is very different than a ‘publicity stunt’ planned and led by members themselves for a headline.”

The infamous member of the Squad then said that she got herself arrested “[b]ecause media cycles go FAST and the attention and urgency on Roe can easily fade. We must keep eyes on the issue. Civil disobedience is a highly effective way of accomplishing that, and it is a trained discipline.”

Clearly this is not a practice she received a ton of practice in beforehand because she faked being placed in handcuffs, then revealed that she wasn’t actually in cuffs by raising her fist.

And, right after South Carolina Republican Rep. Nancy Mace called her out on her fakery, AOC attempted to pass it off as a purposeful tactic.

“Putting your hands behind your back is a best practice while detained, handcuffed or not, to avoid escalating charges like resisting arrest,” AOC stated.

“Mace responded by noting that she broke this ‘best practice’ by ‘breaking your fake handcuff pose for a good fist pump and shout out to the crowd – looking ‘tough’! Whoops.” the report said.

“Half an hour before the lawmakers began the protest, a spokesman for fellow ‘squad’ member Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota — also an arrestee — tweeted that the Soros-funded group would be livestreaming the event,” the report continued.

The Western Journal then stated, “CPD Action also said on Facebook that some of its leaders were among the 18 individuals who aren’t elected Democrats who got themselves arrested at the protest on Tuesday.”

“Moments ago, leaders from CPD Action network organizations, members of Congress & more participated in a powerful civil disobedience demonstration & got arrested to protect our RIGHT to SAFE & LEGAL abortions,” the Soros-funded group stated in the post.

“This is a clear message to SCOTUS and lawmakers that #WeWontBackDown until ALL pregnancy-abled people are treated as full human beings with the autonomy to make decisions about OUR OWN bodies,” the post continued.

See, the thing is, when a child is growing in your womb because you chose to be sexually active and not use proper contraceptive tools to prevent a pregnancy, that body growing inside you is not YOURS. It belongs to the child. Therefore, you have no right to kill the baby and violate the child’s right to life. You made a choice through having sex. Now there is a consequence.

“A bunch of elected officials took great pains to make it look like they were sacrificing themselves like the martyrs of the civil rights movement. Instead, this was all a put-together event so that the mainstream media could snag a few photographs and give far-left, pro-abortion Democratic legislatures some good publicity,” the Western Journal said.

It was all staged, folks. As most of the shenanigans are when it comes to the Democratic Party.

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  1. There are 18 elected officials that don’t have the brain power to know what the ruling means. All the supreme court did was state the obvious that there is no provision in the constitution for abortion and returned the responsibility to the states where it belongs.
    AOC must live in the most stupid district in NY. New Yorkers claim it’s their right to be as stupid as they want but AOC’s constituents have taken that to the max. Omar is MN’s proof of being on the cutting edge of stupidity. They’re the epitome of (progressive) regressive communists and they’re going to prove it, no matter how much it hurts our country.
    The squad really missed their calling. AOC, Omar and Pressley would be much better off turning tricks in a house of ill repute. At least they may have experience doing that. Tlaib and Bush would probably be better off just answering the phone.


  3. You want to make decisions for your body???? Then you pay for it yourself!!!!!! Not tax payer money your own. I don’t understand why these idiot women think that they are “entitled” to get free abortions. No one is entitled to free medical even if you are black or not from this country. Pay for your own drunken one night stand like women have been doing for the last four decades!!!! Fucking crybabies

  4. Folks, I wonder why these 16 supposed lawmakers were not in the office they were elected to be in trying to provide solutions to the problems we are facing instead of being out in the crowd of publicity stunt providers. We dont need or want publicity stunt providers in elected office we need problem solvers, If these 16 elected officials are the best we can come up with then we are in serious trouble.
    If they cant take their job serious and provide the leadership we need then its time for us the voters to take their actions serious and remove them from office, Remember them in NOVEMBER.

  5. Only a complete and total asshole would want to get arrested. And then there’s cortez a women that has been sitting in Congress for two terms and hasn’t passed one piece of legislation since she was given that seat. And yes given not voted in – that’s what happens when a democrat/socialist runs in nyc.

  6. Now here we have a man using his influence to over turn the government causes harm to citizen using his finances, to a great extent, to create the invasion at the southern border. Why is he not in irons and prosecuted?

    • And EVER be allowed to enter America, nor spend his money here either. Actually I’d like to see him be introduced to the “Ready, Aim, Fire Gang” to be honest with y’all.

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