AZ Audit Update: Maricopa County Supervisor RESIGNS

( Exclusive) – Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri (pictured here) has been one of the few members of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to be critical of the 2020 presidential election.

He called out the Maricopa County-led audit as being “bullsh*t” as it only looked at 2% of the vote. He also slammed fellow MCBOS members Bill Gates and Jack Sellers saying they were afraid of a real audit because their races were so close.

He said that his biggest mistake was believing Hickman that they could not audit more than 2% of the ballots, and that Hickman “just didn’t have the guts”.

According to the Gateway Pundit, Chucri also believed that there was “multifaceted” election fraud including dead voters and ballot harvesting but now Chucri has announced he is resigning from his position on the MCBOS.

Could it be because he played along with the MCBOS attempts to block a real audit from taking place and has now been exposed for holding views different from his actions?

In a lengthy letter, Chucri says that he’s “been involved in Arizona politics now for 28 years.” He ran for MCBOS in 2012 and said he “campaigned to bring civility, innovation and most importantly, a business mindset to government making it ‘Best in Class’.”

He asserted that it “got off to a wonderful start” and said he and the board have had many successes that he “will always be proud” of.

Then he gets to the heart of the issue:

Unfortunately, the political landscape changed for the worst this year. The environment is wrought with toxicity – and all civility and decorum no longer seem to have a place. The fixation with the 2020 election results and aftermath have gotten out of control. In recent days it has come to light that I was secretly recorded in conversations regarding differences with some of my colleagues about an audit of the 2020 election. The comments I made were during a very turbulent time. My colleagues have every right to be both angry and disappointed with me. I should not have made such statements and offer my colleagues heartfelt apologies. (Screen shot here).

So it turns out Chucri is likely being pressured out of his position by the other members of the MCBOS because he dared to express an opinion different from theirs.

He goes on to say that he does “not want to perpetuate the very problem I ran to eliminate several years ago.” He proceeds to call his colleagues “good, honorable and ethical men” despite their differences.

He then says, “The picture some individuals are trying to paint about a cover up, scam and other nonsense about my colleagues and myself is simply false. There was no cover-up, the election was not stolen. Biden won.”

This totally contradicts other statements he has made regarding the 2020 election in the past. In conclusion he says, “It is time for me to step aside and let the County and my colleagues meet the true potential of being the 4th largest and fastest growing county in America” and says his resignation will be effective November 5.

It’s obvious that he does not actually believe that Joe Biden won and was coerced into making that false statement. It’s clear that Chucri has been bullied by his colleagues and forced into resigning.

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  1. Now he is hoping that quitting will be enough! Or he will use the! ( WHAT EVER I DID WHILE IN GOVERNMENT I CAN’T BE CHARGED FOR!) I remember when Harry Read was caught lying. He said so what it worked didn’t it? This will be the same . As now they are changing gears to protect the guilty! Lets hope we get enough to convict Mr. Suc! Mr.Twit! and lets not forget Mr. Goo! and Gates! Then maybe the rich will pay for something! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they lost it all?

  2. what I would like to know is how many politicians and Judges was mixed up with Epstine and Maxine, that may be the reason that so many Democrats are fighting to keep in power to cover it up. why is the list of people involved with them not exposed? and why has the FBI still not doing anything about the laptop of Hunter Biden?

    • Better question Wayne .. why doesn’t the media run with these new developments on the Biden’s crimes ?
      They certainly ignored their hero’s crimes, Hussein Obama for 8 long years .
      Bill Clinton visited Epstein’s island multiple times according to flight logs on Epstein’s aircraft. Where’s the media ?

  3. Question is, what was he promised and who made the promise. Or, what was he threatened with and who made the threat. What did it take to finally make him tow the new world order party line. Some patriots should look into that.

    • Those questions need answered for sure, if any of the foul play is to be understood. As usual, the $$$, greed, garbage morals, dishonesty with a weak, deranged and ignorant mind … the destitute, petty existence of a person without a conscious.

    • Problem is John, there isn’t enough room to get them all in a row. It will be many multiples of rowS. And in many, many locations. But no worries as the recourse set out by the Constitution for TREASON is firing squad. One SAW, 20,000 rounds of .50 bmg, a few dozen bobcats, dump trucks, and fire hoses, one can make a very large dent in the number of remaining traitors to deal with. No need to waste time and resources building gallows.


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