Baseball Superstar To Hillary: ‘Thank The Lord You Are Not In Jail’

( Exclusive) – A Major League Baseball legend is lighting up twice-failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton after she took an opportunity to once again blast President Donald Trump, apparently still unable to move past her massive defeat back in 2016.

Earlier in the week, on Tuesday, Clinton posted a tweet saying, “the latest January 6 hearings show that Trump knew he lost the election. His own people told him he’d lost the election. He then chose to wage a criminal conspiracy to overturn the results and prevent the peaceful transfer of power for the first time in American history.”

According to WND, that’s when former pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Boston Red Sox, Church Shilling, stepped up to the proverbial plate and knock Hillary’s digital block off.

“You, honestly, need to STFU and thank the Lord you are not in jail,” he responded. “You and your teenage groping mutant are one of the many reasons legal American citizens despise DC.”

“You two represent ALL that is wrong with the left and with politics,” his post continued.

Remember back in 2016 when the chant, “Lock her up!” became something everyone did when attending a Trump rally? Hillary hasn’t been able to recover politically ever since, and it doesn’t seem likely she ever will.

Schilling wasn’t the only person to drop the hammer on Clinton.

Tim Young, a columnist for the Washington Times said, “Oh, like how you knew you lost the election in 2016 and went on to push the Russian Collusion lie?”

Republican congressional candidate Antonio Pitocco from Maryland responded by posting, “I’m old enough to remember when Hillary Clinton knew she lost the election in 2016 but went around the country telling everyone the election was stolen from her.”

Kind of funny how Hillary condemns Trump for complaining about the election being stolen from him as she herself has engaged in that very same behavior many, many times. And yet, the left is silent on that, refusing to hold her to the same standards they have for folks on the right.

The hypocrisy of the left, especially of Hillary Clinton, has been exposed. It’s the reason so many folks are turning away from the Democratic Party and are walking back toward the right of center in this country.

Unbeknownst to the left, they have actually facilitated the very cultural shift back toward conservatism they have dreaded for so many decades now.

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  1. When this witch realizes it’s her not the rest of the world that is the problem, it will be far too late for her. The only time trash like her realizes how screwed up they is on their death beds when they try to make amends for their self-serving lunacy!

  2. Will someone please get this old
    slut out of here. I’am a god dam
    Democrat and she has got to go.
    Jesus Hillary your done finished
    take what’s left of Bill the rapeist
    and retire in South American.

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