Bash Biden On Fox News? Be Afraid, Very Afraid…

( Exclusive) – Joe Biden is out to lunch. His mental decline has been painfully obvious since he was just a presidential candidate but now his stupid gaffes have evolved into him creating real crises for the United States and listening to him ramble, rant, and misspeak is just not funny anymore.

A commentary on Fox News by weekend host Rachel Campos-Duffy pointed out the obvious: Joe Biden’s mental health is and has been diminishing rapidly. She also suggested that those who know Biden best undoubtedly were aware of his mental condition when he started his bid for the presidency.

Not everyone was appreciative of Campos-Duffy’s commentary including Jill Biden’s press secretary, Michael LaRosa.

On Monday, LaRosa whined, “This is disgusting. @RCamposDuffy and @FoxNews know better. They can do better and their viewers deserve better. I hope they’ll apologize to the First Lady and leave this kind of talk in the [trash] where it belongs.”

Despite the fact that Campos-Duffy was simply speaking the truth about Biden and those closest to him, LaRosa, being a typical liberal, would rather smear her than acknowledge the truth.

Campos-Duffy, wife of former US Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI), asserted that the most “patriotic thing Jill Biden could have done was tell her husband, to love her husband, and not let him run in this mental state that he’s in… I think she failed the country as well.”

“When you look at what’s hurting America, when you look at this lack of leadership, and you wonder, who are the people responsible for putting someone this incompetent and frankly this, you know, mentally frail in this position? I’m sorry, as a political spouse, I can’t help but look at Jill Biden… No one knew better his state of mind than Dr. Jill Biden.”

Jill Biden loves the spotlight, however, and was willing to serve up her husband to be a puppet for the radical Deep State if it meant she would rise to the position of First Lady and be lovingly doted on by the corrupt establishment media.

Campos-Duffy is not alone in her thoughts regarding Joe Biden and his failing mental state. Others, including experts, have also voiced their concerns.

Most notably, former White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson, now a member of Congress, has outright stated that Joe Biden is “not cognitively prepared” to be president and added that “it’s time for him to resign.”

Jackson has also been very vocal in his insistence that Joe Biden undergo a cognitive test that “the far left and the mainstream media were demanding that be the standard for anybody who’s going to lead our country and be our commander in chief and our head of state.”

Yet, the media has been giving a free pass to Biden for the last year and a half and now America is the world’s laughing stock.

According to the Daily Wire, Jackson said in a television interview, “We’re looking horrible right now on the world stage, this is an absolute national embarrassment. And instead of being out in front of this and talking about what’s going on, and what went wrong, and what the plan was, and what we’re gonna do next, Biden’s just been in hiding again, as he always has.”

Jackson went on to say that “it’s time for him to leave” and we could not agree more. It’s not only time for Biden to leave but his entire regime. They all need to leave and stop destroying the US.

While Biden is clearly mentally checked out and incompetent, those around him and those who are really calling the shots are not. They know exactly what they’re doing to the US and they’re using Biden to play out their demented globalist agenda.

Campos-Duffy is right. Jill Biden should have stepped in and never allowed her husband to run for president and to be used by the radical left. Yet, she failed to stop it thus making her complicit in the demise of the US.

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  1. “They’re not sending their best” – President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump.

    And everyone thought he was just talking about Mexico. Sad thing is, this walking cadaver IS the best the left has to offer…. we’re in deep cow stuff now.

  2. If you like your life style and love your family and friends, Than you had better wake up ,Get involved and demand your Representatives take immediate action to remove this feeble old man before he ruins it for everyone. We need President Trump back in Office now, Not later but now! The Election Audits have proved without a doubt that the Election was stolen from us and him anyway so he and we deserve his leadership as Commander and Chief. He is are only chance to save our country from a communist C.C.P. take over and loss of our freedoms as we know it.

    • You’re spot on with your assessment on this disaster Robert and most reasonable folks think the same .
      Obiden isn’t mentally qualified to operate an automobile much less lead the greatest country on earth.
      He’s definitely a fraud !

  3. Chopper pilot, all of us have the Godgiven right to express ourselves. Can a person not express himself or herself without rude comments being made? What does, “ does the best of the best “ actually mean “? Is that intended to be ugly cause it was. Shame on you.

    • Joe Bide the fraud is a coward, inept, fool with nowhere to hide … the Hag of Benghazi, Hillary Clinton also ALLOWED Americans to die on her watch. Both share the same pathetic, worthless, demented form of a human. Am I being rude? These scum-of-the-Earth people deserve my rude and crude words!

      Our current government leaders, proven fraudulent and incompetent … “Are these the best people … the intellectual best we have available … the best of the best brains available guiding our country?” … Nope. There are thousands of better qualified people out there than any now ‘governing’ this charade of fools, creating all this chaos … their ignorant, stupid actions are killing Americans. Tell me to be nice to these stooges supporting these maniacs of Biden, and the idiots standing for him while Americans die for his stupidity!

      That God-given right to express ourselves you speak of is a wonderful thing. Don’t forget to chastise the liberal radicals here who spew absurdities and ‘mean’ words as well. The time is over to play nice with imbeciles ruining this country, and the lab-rats supporters of this regime. My God-given right allows me to be comfortable staining these radicals who present with false info and BS facts. I will call BS on them every time … using ‘bad boy’ language if it feels good to me.

      Shame on you, Chopperpilot!

  4. You will NEVER see a more feckless administration. All about complete power and control…. of everything. Nothing more nothing less. Wake up America the rest of the world is watching

  5. This was done on purpose to demoralize all of the Patriots! It’s like! Not only they can seal the election! But we can rub it in your face. They gave us 2 candidates totally incompetent and morally corrupted! We were set up to be a total embarrassment World Wide! Don’t waste your time on a show impeachment! It’s made to order to distract all of US ! Then China can makes it move on it’s World Dominance the new world order. They made covid pandemic to launch the first attack to test Us! (We failed)! But the Good News is! I think we see some signs of Hope! Trump WOKE up the Patriots just in Time! VOTE VOTE VOTE ! like a Demorat! Be a Poll Watcher !

  6. If we impeach Biden, he resigned or dies, Kamala Harris will be president and not be able to break a tie vote in the senate

    • We can impeach Joe, and the Ho will take his place. You are correct… she won’t be the 51st Senate vote anymore. However, do you not realize that when she ascends to the Prez, the LEFT will appoint a new VP, who WILL be the 51st vote for the Senate. Skeletor Pelosi is drooling now, thinking that she will become the next Prez, as Joe will be put to pasture, and the Ho will be put aside due to lack of qualifications to be Prez, and peelosi will make the move to take over. Just. Watch. And. See.

  7. These same people that said much more horrible things about Pres. Trump are now crying when they are told the hard truth. This should show everyone how hypocritical these people are.

  8. There is nothing funny about BIDENS gaffs and and incoherent remarks
    he is a CLEAR and PRESENT danger to AMERICA and our standing in the world. This latest BLUNDER has clearly crossed way over the line, Democrats and Republicans both should be demanding his resignation
    This should not be forgotten in a few days like every other incident. This blunder unlike others is far too serious this is about NATIONAL SECURITY and attacks against our citizens. My time in the military we NEVER LEFT ANYONE BEHIND That wasnt a code that was who we were and we never left civilians in harms way, I really dont understand some of these military leaders of today they are no longer defending those under their command and most certainly are not concerned about civilian population. If they did not inform BIDEN of the consequences of his actions they themselves are as guilty as he is and they should resign as well. America doesnt need a bunch of WOKE GENERALS and ADMIRALS, We need leaders and if they cant lead then step aside and get out of the way they dont represent the type of leaders i served under.

    • What, the media tell the truth? First of all, the media can’t spell the word “truth”. Why, you may ask? Because the media doesn’t know the meaning of the word “truth”.Secondly, because they don’t know the meaning of the word “truth” how can they possibly attempt to tell “the truth”. Am I giving them too much credit? Probably!!! I believe the media is just “evil”. Was the media always “evil”? I can’t answer that question. Only “they can”. Sad but true!!!

  9. Why can’t we bash Biden? He has bashed and betrayed the American People whom he spoke an oath to defend the laws of this land via his oath. he has defiled the office of President, his office, his responsibilities and has sent us the bills.

  10. Hopefully this Joke doesn’t have a drivers license and operate any machinery… My Lord , is this the best of the best..?

    • I agree with you 100%. Joe Biden is a national disgrace. The same people who are defending Biden are the same people who tried to trash and still try to bash President Trump. President Trump loves this country and its citizens. I dare these Liberals/Communists to say anthing they want about Trump but we are not allowed to trash a president who is destroying our beautiful country. You Libs/Communists need to wake up. This is a NATIONAL AND GLOBAL DISASTER.

    • Yep , you cannot mention Hunter Biden the crackhead without the left whining “ he’s not the president “, but Trump’s children must be grilled by senate hearings and so on.
      Hypocrites … everyone one them .


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