Billions And Billions: Corporations Give Astonishing Dollars To BLM

( Exclusive) – The Black Lives Matter movement and other causes related to what it stands for is nothing more than a massive grift. Don’t believe that? Well, the organization took in a mind-blowing $82.9 billion from major corporations, as per a brand new funding database, the Claremont Institute has discovered. Ladies and gentlemen, this is proof positive that BLM was never established to fight against systemic racism in law enforcement — which doesn’t exist — nor was it created to do battle against injustice and inequality. It was made to make people rich as part of the activism industry. And believe me, it is absolutely an industry now.

According to Spencer Lindquist, writer for Breitbart News, “The Claremont Institute’s Center for the American Way of Life explained the necessity of their report in an article published in Newsweek, where the Center asserted that the 2020 BLM movement was about more than just ‘rioting and destruction.'”

The Center then explained that “The BLM pressure campaigns, harassment, and moral blackmail also amounted to possibly the most lucrative shakedown of corporate America in its history.”

“As a point of reference, $82.9 billion is more than the GDP of 46 African countries. In 2022, the Ford Motor Company’s profits were $23 billion,” they also pointed out. The sum of $82.9 billion includes “more than $123 million to the BLM parent organizations directly,” as well as much more to other organizations supporting BLM’s agenda.”

Lindquist went on to write, “The list reveals that several popular corporations from a wide range of different industries supplied the movement with large sums of cash. Walmart, for example, which is based in Arkansas, gave a whopping $100 million in support of BLM and related causes focusing on “racial equity.” Amazon gave even more, supplying the movement with an astonishing $169.5 million. Silicon Valley Bank gave the movement $73.45 million.”

All the while, Abbvie, a pharmaceutical company, handed the BLM movement a big check for $62 million. That’s no small chunk of change. Then Allstate, the insurance giant, gave $7.7 million to the organization and American Express donated $50 million.

Oh and that’s not all. Another company that was desperate to increase its woke street credentials was Apple who gave $100 million, along with AT&T who handed the company a check for $21.5 million. The movement and additional causes connected to it also pulled in $90 million from shoe company Nike.

“United Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, and Delta Airlines all gave money to BLM and related causes as well,” Breitbart noted. “Bank of America, meanwhile, provided $18.25 million to BLM and related causes while Wells Fargo diverted $210 million towards BLM and related causes. Deloitte gave $85 million to BLM and related causes.”

BlackRock, a company that manages assets, put up a staggering $810 million towards BLM and other related causes, while powerful financial institutions such as Capital One Financial gave $10 million, Morgan Stanley donated $30 million, US Bank donated $160 million, and Goldman Sachs gave $10.1 million.

In other words, the grift is real. I guess fighting for racial equality is a very lucrative venture.

While all this is going on, Prudential Financial is providing the organization with sums close to $450 million, following Mastercard, which donated $500 million.

“The Walt Disney Company gave $8.8 million to BLM and related causes while the Pokémon Company gave $200,000,” Lindquist said.

The Claremont Institute’s Center for the American Way of Life offered up an explanation for how these funds have been used. It’s going to make you very angry.

“The Global Network is investing tens of millions of dollars to support future operations, purchasing luxury real estate, engaging in nepotism, disbursing grants to dozens of BLM chapters and revolutionary organizations, and operating a PAC to ‘elect progressive community leaders, activists, and working-class candidates fighting for Black liberation,'” the report continued.

It added, “Local BLM chapters are spending millions on activism and initiatives to defund police departments” and “BLM At School is indoctrinating children around the country in critical race theory and queer theory, teaching them to hate themselves, their peers, and their country.”

“Left-wing nonprofits are effecting wholescale societal change too radical for normal legislative avenues, constituting a form of shadow governance,” they stated.

What’s really tragic is how much damage the Black Lives Matter movement has done to the nation by dividing it along racial lines and finding new and creative ways for people to hate each other. This was part of the plan by the radical leftists in this country right from the beginning. It’s much easier to conquer people when they aren’t united together under common values.

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  1. If black lives matters to today’s progressives , how do black fetuses factor in this wonderful movement considering life for all blacks folks ?

    • Yep BFM,Black Fetus Matters to Plan Parenthood’s organ harvesting money making scheme without a doubt.
      Where’s the outrage folks ?

    • They be buying mansions and expensive automobiles with other peoples money Rod . You surely know how liberals survive in today’s times.

  2. We the consumer should remember these corportations and not spend our money with them. We dont have to blackmail them just dont support them

  3. Where is all the money? Because it definitely did not go to black communities. If it did those neighborhoods would have already started to improve. This black lives matter donations started in 2015.

    • This money was never intended for the Black community it was to support the life styles of those at the top of the so called movement, Our own government has spent billions of dollars over the years in DETROIT BALITMORE, CHICAGO AND MANY OTHER CITIES ACROSS THE COUNTRY and nothing has improved for the black neighborhoods and no one even knows where the money went. I suspect if bank accounts and off shore accounts were investigated it could be located.


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