Bombshell: Arizona Election Results Audit Finds ‘Significant Discrepancies,’ Ballots Off By Up To 17.5%, Joe Biden ‘Likely Did Not Win’

( Exclusive) – The currently ongoing audit of ballots that were cast in Maricopa County, Arizona has discovered “significant discrepancies” in the number of ballots versus the number of them that were supposed to exist. Which essentially means there’s shenanigans going on just as everyone suspected from the beginning.

According to a new report published by Infowars, Boris Epshteyn, a political strategist, went on to suggest the discrepancies might be as high as 17.5 percent and then dropped the bombshell that it’s “likely Joe Biden did not win Arizona.”

The Arizona Senate President sent a letter out to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, which addressed some pretty big issues that have already been discovered in the audit and offered to settle them without the need for more subpoenas or any sort of compulsory action.

Epshteyn made an appearance on Steve Bannon’s podcast recently where he stated the letter reveals, “Pallet five, batch 2976, 200 pink slip total, actual total 165. They are missing 35 ballots out of that batch.” He went on to add, “35 out of 100 is 17.5%. 10 out of 200 is 5%.”

“Do you know how shocking that is? 17.5% discrepancy in a batch is beyond belief.” He went on to say, “In one they’ve got 18 more than there’s supposed to be, which is a 9% discrepancy. Again, if we are to have any confidence in elections in this country, how can we possibly be okay with discrepancies of double digit percentages? It’s absolutely mind boggling, anything above a tiny fraction of a percentage is unacceptable, by the way, unacceptable according to the Federal Elections Commission.”

Epshteyn then went on to explain that several databases that were subpoenaed for the purpose of the audit have been removed, which includes files containing election results and how they were tallied up.

“There’s evidence these databases were removed as recently as March, right before handed over, and while being subject to a subpoena. That’s criminal activity,” he said.

“We now know why the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors have been fighting this subpoena so hard, why Perkins Coie has come in, why the Democrats are pushing back, why you’ve got mainstream media melting down. Because they’re hiding this. They’re hiding the disaster in which they handled this election, and likely, the fact that Joe Biden did not win in Arizona,” he continued.

The official Twitter account for the Maricopa Arizona Audit, which is being run by Arizona’s former Secretary of State Ken Bennett, has confirmed the discrepancy.

Folks, it’s becoming clearer by the day. The Democratic Party committed widespread voter fraud in an attempt to swing the election away from former President Donald Trump and ensure that Joe Biden became the next commander-in-chief.

If we value our liberty and way of life, we must hold those individuals accountable who were involved in this fraud, taking action to correct the problems that were exploited for this scheme to work and ensuring that our elections remain free and fair.

Without free and fair elections, our entire way of life collapses.

Copyright 2021.


  1. WHAT DID RACHEL MEADOWS CNN SAID SEPT.24.2021 LISTEN, THE PERSON IN CHARGE OF THE AUDIT WAS NOT AN EXPERT ~ AZCENTRAL SEPT.24.2021 ELECTION AUDIT REPORT RESULTS ~ WHAT GOOD IS THE WORK FROM SOMEONE NOT AN EXPERT COULD PROVIDE.? Sept. 24: Results of the election review are presented to the Arizona Senate Republicans who ordered it. Election conspiracists loyal to Trump had believed a thorough review would show county elections officials didn’t get it right, but Fann dashes their hopes. She confirms in her opening remarks the hand recount of ballots show Biden won the election in Maricopa County, cementing his win in Arizona. “That is a true statement,” Fann says as a packed audience in the Senate gallery listens quietly. She adds, though, that she believes there were “broken statutes” and flawed election procedures — issues she will turn over to the attorney general to investigate. ~ TRUMP LOST IN ARIZONA ~

  2. Now we need to get on with the other audits and complete them as soon as possible. Pennsylvania audit is on pause, but New Hampshire, and Georgia are still going. Texas is also starting one. Maybe after what was found in Arizona, more states will follow.

    • Do you admit that Biden won the election in Arizona? The Cyber Ninjas, who conducted the audit, reported that it tallied 99 additional votes for President Biden and 261 fewer votes for Mr. Trump in Maricopa County. In other words, the audit showed that Biden won by a greater margin than previously reported.

    • The Cyber Ninjas, who conducted the audit, confirmed that Joe Biden won the election in Arizona, and in fact had more votes in his favor than previously reported. Why is it so hard to admit the truth that Trump lost in Arizona?

    • The audit done by the Cyber Ninjas for the Republicans in Arizona showed that Biden had won. In fact, they found he had a greater win margin than previously reported. Are you still arguing that Trump won in Arizona? If so, why?

  3. hey all you Trumptards explain to me why on Jan 6 th did all the GOP members hide in the basement from there followers.Imagine if one GOP member with balls was to ask there trumptards to not do any damage or hurt any one at the capital that day wow just wow I am waiting

    • Hey, BidinButtWipes (aka Comunistas)… They followed the instructions of law enforcement… which by the way was recently super-funded by your fellow communist (democrat) party members. What happened to defund the police? Yea, right. Weak ideas, weak minds. Communists always lose in the long run. Loser.

    • Hey, BidinButtWipe (aka Comunistas)… They followed the instructions of law enforcement… which by the way was recently super-funded by your fellow communist (democrat) party members. What happened to defund the police? Yea, right. Weak ideas, weak minds. Communists always lose in the long run. Loser.

    • This has nothing to do with the article. Please make comments in regards to the TOPIC of the article!! There is now proof that there was tampering & fraud in Arizona….this means that it most likely happened all across our country. If this isn’t fixed no one will trust our election system. Major problems that have got to be fixed & people arrested & held accountable for treason & fraud in our elections.

    • Hey all you obama queers including Frank and low iq doc .. turn in your EBT cards ,get a job and an education!!!

    • Imagine not knowing the fbi proved it wasn’t maga or GOP behind it it was extremist groups framing the GOP and their party.

    • hey frank magri those were not trumptards beating up the cops if you read and did your home work those were your dem and libtards antifa shits beating up the cops and and tearing down the capitol. Did you libtards not recognize their handy work. It has their statue tearing down and anti cop written all over it. Get a clue.

  4. The anger and hate expressed here is staggering. I am an absolute liberal, and apparently people hate me for that. I don’t hate the GOP. Why would I? Hate breeds hate. Jesus said “love your enemies”. We all look at the world with our beliefs that can only be resolved when we talk respectfully to one another. Please stop this slugfest.

    • I think you are misconstruing the intolerance for dishonesty with hate. I am not getting the ‘hatred of democratic voters’ you seem to be getting. It was the Democratic Party (those in charge, not the average voter) though that have gerrymandered elections across the nation. And to be fair, the true source of all of this corruption is likely even bigger than just that party. This is going on across our nation, including Alaska where I reside. We just had a mayoral election in Anchorage and literally had to have 24 hour close contact surveillance, even using binoculars, for two weeks overseeing the entire process. And the democrats were furious that we were botching their strategy to get their person elected. Why else would they be so fuming angry over the desire for accountability? They failed in their likely intended efforts and the person that actually received the most legitimate votes won the election. We have figured out that when mail in voting was ushered in, yes, pushed by Democrats, all of a sudden within two years the political landscape w communities that has this system changed. No coincidence. No matter what ones political party, or even lack thereof, we all should want honest elections.

    • The anger and hate should be staggering, the nation hangs in the balance. I guess you do not comprehend the dire circumstances we face.

    • Fukoutta here with your “love your enemies.” You leftists always play this card when you’ve lost. “What happened to being Christian?”

      The Democrats have undermined the integrity of our national elections. And they didn’t even hide it well, as in years past. Now that they’ve been exposed, someone has to pay for it. The GOP is no better; they’re also playing their games. The whole lot need to be tossed, especially every one of them in office more than two terms. Americans better wake up.

    • Absolute progressive liberals love criminals and criminals love progressive liberal filth .
      Is that a fair statement duncan ?

    • When peoples hopes and dream are at stake, it is wise for the timid to stay home and bolt the door. Truth takes no prisoners.

    • I do not hate Democrat voters. I do hate Democrat politicians and others in the Democrat Party that lie, cheat, and support corruption to gain or retain power. Every American should feel revulsion that Democrat officials in Arizona participated in what could be the worst and most corrupt election in that state. Those involved should go to prison for a very long time.

    • We should not be enemies we should be working together to make the country better. I believe in freedom I believe in competition equal opportunity not equal outcomes. I will not obey just b/c someone in government tells what to do. I remember when liberals fought against the government now they want every one to obey right now or you should die. What really bothers me right now is the racist liberals telling us that black people are not smart enough to get an I.D. and to dumb to access the internet and know how to use it. Can we discuss problems honestly ? and stop saying America is the most racist country. If that were true why do so many risk everything to get here? Pease can we just be honest with each other and be taken to bad places by terrible politicians and a dishonest media.

  5. The United States is for the most part an intelligent nation. You can see the results of the Biden/Harris admin and know in your heart that they did not win the election.

  6. More needs to be done besides cutting funding. People needs to go to JAIL, quite puss-footing around there needs to be consequence to unlawful acts

    • Why do so many Americans not want to know the truth? A pure, honest, unbias, no nonsenses, accurate, audit to proof one way or the other what really happened with the election should be what all Americans want, so why not?

  7. Clarity and brevity, please! Sorry, but this constant emotionalism achieves nothing. “…Hang on! Hang on!…” Too much ego!

    • Human nature is all the proof that I need to believe that Biden stole the election and H Stokes is just another whiny skirt wearing liberal piece of trash.

  8. Human nature is all the proof that I need to believe that Trump LOST the election and not because of fraud. I believe it because people in this country cannot keep their mouths shut when they know something that they could become famous for spreading around.

    Case in point, three people could not keep it a secret that Clinton was having sex in the oval office. The person known as “deep throat” during the Nixon scandal came forward and blew the whistle on some simple election espionage. Snowden blew government secrets all over the internet.

    Yet all you naysayers want me to believe that the hundreds of thousands of people that would be needed to pull of an actual presidential election steal have sat on their haunches for almost 10 months without saying a single word about the biggest story in the history of the United States? Not a single glory hound wanting their 15 minutes of fame? Not a solitary person feeling a twinge of guilt for helping pull the wool over America’s eyes?

    Horse shit. I’m not buying that for an instant. This is America. The actual eye witnesses would be lined up around the block.

    • you are going to ignore the 100’s of people who testify of voter fraud and filming of people in Georgia and Pennsylvania committing fraud ballots. AZ. has found a 17% error in the vote count. Michigan had more mailed in ballots than registered voters. it’s now being revealed Stacy Abraham places people in Georgia after-hours vote-counting, pulling out boxes from under a table with illegal ballots. Biden could not get 30 people to show up for a rally.only a fool would believe biden won !

    • Their are tons of people from postal employees, to election workers who have said things were wrong under oath…and typically if you get PAID alot of money (or promised a position of power or favors etc.) to do something and shut up…I don’t think you would so easily spill the beans. If YOU think Joe Biden got 81 million votes…you should probably just sit at home and talk to yourself to not spread your stupidity to the population. This may surprise you as well….Epstein didn’t kill himself.

    • The hundreds that tried to come forward were silenced and ignored. Everyone that has come forward is attacked. You are unbelievably ignorant or willfully ignorant of that fact. The entire media run with whatever the left tells them to and dumb asses like you gobble it up. Wake up. It was
      Clearly stolen.

    • The fact that you have your nose up Biden’s ass wouldn’t sway your opinion? There was massive fraud in every swing state and tons of proof now. Biden was placed in office. He definitely wasn’t elected in a fair and legal election.

    • It defies belief that people like you continue to choose to ignore all the evidence that clearly shows the election was a sham. By repeating the same old mantra like “there isn’t a shred of evidence” or “more baseless claims” or all the other standard phrases of liberal denial, you end up sounding more like a parrot than an intelligent human being.
      The left have done ‘wonders’ with screwing with liberal minds like yours, that they’ve changed you all into ‘programmed, non thinking robotoids’. Incapable of seeing or accepting the truth irrespective of how much evidence there is.
      Personally it saddens me to see how such a significant proportion of the American population have been ‘mind screwed’ by the left, with their incessant lies and distortions of the truth. A well proven system that is laid out in the Marxist red book. And now America, and probably the world, once again will be paying dearly for those anti America lies in the form of a fraudulent, hapless, senile old leftist fool you now have in the White House, who is doing a splendid job at destroying America. And boy don’t we now have a mountain of evidence for that!!! But again, there is no doubt in my mind, that you will see him doing a splendid job, because that’s how you’ve been programmed! The weak minded often are.

    • And you’re a fool. Since the collaborators got what they wanted, why the hell would they squeal about it?? That would implicate them!

      BTW, plenty of people have come forward to tell what they’ve witnessed, and they’ve all been silenced. The media and our political elite on both sides don’t want fair elections. That would kick them out of office!

    • It may not be your fault your out of touch. If a 1000 more witnesses came forward, the other branch of bidens greatest election fraud team, the media and the globalist social networks, will never let you see or hear about it. Just their fact checkers, they never lie.

    • People did come forward. Many of them, in different States. Their testimony was squashed by officials and MEDIA. They were threatened, belittled, called vile names; If only the Republicans in the House and Senate had acted as a unified group, and demanded to hear EVERY single account, from every person who witnessed fraud of any kind, maybe the truth would have come out early enough….and arrests could be made and an election overturned!

    • Don’t the 5000+ signed affidavits from people witnessing voter fraud count? I watched the whole hour of the testimony of the non-voting post office employee man who drove 24 pallets of ballots (about 200,000) from NY to PA, first trying to 6 hours to deliver them to Harrisburg post office, which refused to receive them, and then leaving them at the Lancaster post office (where he lived) where they refused to give him a receipt and the back of his semi truck full of ballots disappeared in the wee hours of the morning Nov 4. He was not allowed to testify in any court case, and each time I watched the video his “watch” numbers had gone down from the time before until it disappeared completely.

    • If you think people have been sitting on their haunches you have sleep walked yourself into the communist narrative.

  9. You guys are being so dishonest and misleading in your reporting. If you received data on the discrepancy for one batch, then you have data for all batches and should be reporting on the overall discrepancy of the total vote. To extrapolate across the entire batch set based on (2) batch results when you have data on all batches is completely dishonest and undermines your credibility. Feels like you are grasping for straws and think all us of are idiots.

    • That doesn’t really make sense. One batch missing ballots and another batch having extra ballots shouldn’t be zero’d out. When control totals are wrong then the controls are broken. Ballots must have been removed from some batches and added to other batches. Whether it was sloppiness or malfeasance it warrants investigation.

  10. Look at Biden’s actions since taking the office. His actions have been disastrous for the American people and to the benefit of Russia and China.
    Biden’s action are all we need for proof that the election was stolen and helped by Russia and China.

    • Incompetence is an attribute to today’s progressive liberal filth in our society. They loved their hero Obama for his inabilities, and they love this corrupted crash test dummy Joe Biden to .

    • Care to extrapolate exactly which actions? With evidence? Not memes or other people’s website info? Also, exactly how such actions are proof the elections was stolen? Rhetoric, parroting, and saying the same things over and over and over again are not proof. They are wishful thinking unless you actually have evidence. The “evidence” in this story is laughably sad. This story is based on what actual evidence? The results of the audit haven’t even been released yet? What results are this story based on?

      If the democrats had done this same exact thing in 2016 you sheep would still be screaming bloody murder and treason. He lost. Get over it.

    • Really things are so much worse with Biden regime NOW but you’ll never convince the Trump deranged liberal trash Carolyn young .

    • Biden hasn’t taken any action. His handlers, commie deep state operatives, dictate his every word and move. That’s not even Biden. It’s a clone or actor. But you CNN mainstream guppies keep swallowing the narrative because original thinking evades you.

  11. Let’s be frank, the stakes were high, Pelosi and Crew are getting old as is Soros and Gates. The 2016 election ruined plans, what plans? Look around Russian pipeline – yes; Keystone – no; illegal immigrants including gang members, bringing drugs and covid, secretly spread across our country, the goal for Dems to allow non-citizens to vote- what the hell?? How can someone vote that has not taken an oath stating they will serve our country? Can I go to another country and vote? Hell no. Inflation, prices inching higher all the time, the covid control, vaccine passports, stay at home and be paid, denser housing, Patriots suspended on social media- but not terrorists like the taliban, banking institutions releasing individual spending to tie them to Jan 6, the Hunter Biden protection, defund our great courageous police, Maxine and Corey publicly inciting riots or bragging your poiice dollars now pay their private security. Listen to the greats that know our history and constitution; Mark Levin, Newt, Rush saw this coming years ago. And now Afghanistan. Take out the military and abandon American citizens and Afghanies that helped our military, leave behind blackhawk helicopters, and who knows what else? They were shredding docs at the embassy right to the end- who prints stuff anymore? Biden listless, devoid of human compassion- only an arrogance when pressed for his decisions. C’mon Man! His townmeeting had less people listening than the drunk on the corner. The man lies through his teeth when he isnt plagiarizing and has a short hot temper. And he didnt call one world leader and then hid out the first critical days? He should have blown up a fort and stood his ground telling them to back off and let our people go to the airport. This is so bad they cant even make a movie about it, unbelievable. In 8 months he has put this country in a very precarious position and endangered lives abroad and at home. Election fraud is treason. And removes all of us from having a shred of what we the people are supposed to own. Feel powerless? Frustrated? Angry? And sick of the Do as I say, not as I do? What flag will fly over the White House?

    • The left is hoping Americans believe that Biden is a fool and botched everything because of it. Because if Americans realize that the situation we find ourselves in were planned and precisely executed by the Biden regime then it is the end of the left.

    • yes . . . all these facts are true and show the deliberate actions of the aging Democrat and other socialist elites using their party majority to sow chaos (classic Marxist agenda tactics) and implement their long dreamed of social engineering of society . . . yes Martha, America has become their social engineering project, but Biden, Pelosi, Schumer and all leftists working with them are not true Americans . . . and think about this . . . first two years of Trump presidency were spent fighting slander and widely leaked and reported Mueller probe which undermined the 2018 mid-term election swaying the vote . . . if Trump and Republicans had won 2018, none of this would have happened . . . and then, isn’t a coincidence that at the height of 2019 economic growth including record employment as well as Trump’s strong stand on US/world trade, along comes a virus which also appears engineered . . . hmmm . . . America wake up, stand up


    • yes . . . all these facts are true and show the deliberate actions of the aging Democrat and other socialist elites using their party majority to sow chaos (classic Marxist agenda tactics) and implement their long dreamed of social engineering of society . . . yes Martha, America has become their social engineering project, but Biden, Pelosi, Schumer and all leftists working with them are not true Americans . . . and think about this . . . first two years of Trump presidency were spent fighting slander and widely leaked and reported Mueller probe which undermined the 2018 mid-term election swaying the vote . . . if Trump and Republicans had won 2018, none of this would have happened . . . and then, isn’t a coincidence that at the height of 2019 economic growth including record employment as well as Trump’s strong stand on US/world trade, along comes a virus which also appears engineered . . . hmmm . . . America wake up, stand up . . . as you go Canada goes


    • Game over for leftist communism. All over but the rath. Oh, baby, that’s gotta sting. Ever wonder how long eternity lasts? Ouch. You Marxists still got time, but not much.

  12. The need for 50 state forensic audit is way past due. With so many nations, State Secretaries of State, all the way down to the poll workers (that worked to change the election, by their deception), they all need to be transferred to GITMO for their fair military tribunals and JUSTICE!!!

    The harm they caused to the nation, is incalculable. How are we supposed to trust our “allies”, when many of them worked against the best interests of our nation???

  13. well, let’s just say this: 77% of the country want voter id and the dems and libs are doing everything in their power to fight against that WHY?–in a fair and real election they have zero chance

    • And that is how we Americans, you and I plus other hardworking folks get stuck with an oBama and the other sophisticated liberal filth in our government.

  14. I see a lot of people who refuse to accept the reality here and choose to live in the popular view of their group, regardless of these facts. Anyone with half a brain can see that Biden was losing and rightly so since Americans did not want his agenda anywhere near their family, on election night and then walla like magic Biden is winning in red states where we know there is no way he won. here’s s bit of advise I like to give out. Do you ever get up in the morning and wish you had ever taken personal responsibility? If at that fork in the road you decided to be a wolf and not a sheep? Ever think that the feeling of belonging to a group = being loved and cared about is a false emotion? Groupthink takes no effort. It only requires obedience and the void of free thinking. I would rather sit alone for a lifetime in the knowing that I am informed because I get all the facts before forming an opinion, let alone expressing it. I actually do feel sorry for all the far left people with little ties to reality, but firm in their convictions because some other victim of groupthink or some news outlet told them to feel that way. When people see that their freedoms are vanishing it may be too late. One more thing that astounds me is that the Govt. that most people have rebelled against their whole life is the one they now support, (If left), and they don’t even know it! The left does not care about you. They are happy to have you as a pawn but that’s where it stops. I hope more people start investigating all sides of each issue before trudging blindly onward with an agenda. The left only want’s power and they get it through people who are not free-thinkers.

    • Hi Nunya, I’m afraid your information is incorrect. It was predicted well in advance that trump would appear to lead many states early on and then Biden would catch up as more batches of votes were tallied. This is easily explained by looking at typical voting habits of Reps and Dems in those states and by the way votes are counted in batches. The whole idea that Biden votes were ‘found’ has been explained and debunked many times, just Google it. At the end of the day Trump is quite a divisive figure. It’s not difficult to see how many people would have a strong reaction against him and vote Biden. If everyone you know and every website you visit only supports The Donald it is easy to come to believe that it’s because everyone does, but that’s not true, clearly. More people just felt safer with sleepy joe. You must admit, things were pretty stressful a lot of the time when Don was in charge. People can’t take that for too long.

    • Hi fake teacher, still spewing the same regurgitated progressive liberal trash I see .
      How’s the Trump derangement syndrome going ? Still seeing Orange Man in your dreams?

    • Well Said.!! That what you wrote is EXACTLY what The TRUTH HERE IS.!! Sickening to see so many LIARS controlling Our Great America.!! The current people in Power CHEATED in 2020 , Simple Proven Fact.!! People Do Need to WAKE UP and GET INFORMED.!!!

    • And how many recount reports did it take those high I.Q. Republican hired hands to come up with one the high I.Q. Republican Senate overseers thought could pass the smell test? Do you think the Republicans will ever present their “evidence” for examination? Or will they just settle for a “claim-based” statement at a press conference, accompanied by a few drum rolls? And won’t Trump be proud of them.

    • Grammar : what causes today’s progressive liberal filth to misspell the greatest president’s name Donald John Trump ?
      Asking for a friend.

    • Anyone with more than 3 brain cells to rub together would demand some actual physical evidence. Instead we have delay after delay after delay for the “results” from a highly biased, paid-for-by-the-same-people-screaming-fraud, fishing expedition done by a company with no experience with elections owned by a conspiracy theorist looking for the same conspiracy he sees in his dreams. If Hillary and the democrats had pulled this same stunt in 2016 you’d still be whining about it.

      This “audit” makes no difference in reality. No physical proof means no fraud. 61 failed court cases shows that. If 61 firemen show up to your house and not one of them can find evidence of a fire its means there never was a fire.

      Snowflake’s reply is what?


    • Why don’t you investigate how much Zuckerberg spent on corrupting the election process ?

      Voting audits will also occur in Wisconsin as well as other states.
      I received 2 ballots in the mail that were not requested, as did my wife.

      Friends of ours received 5 ballots in the mail. Explain that ?

    • No liberal piece trash will ever put forth the effort to obtain the truth. They’re to lazy and stupid.

  16. Finding 35 ballots missing out of 200 is no more or less than that and in another batch there are 18 too many so currently according to this report we have 17 missing ballots. That is not going to change anything and trying to use a percentage as if this represented all ballots is just “spin”. We are at 17 ballots missing and nothing more. The difference in the election was 11,000 so if this is all we have after months and months then nothing changes

    • The 35 missing ballots aren’t the additional 18 ballots too many … and, the falacy in your logic is such discrepancies are calculated to dip from a batch of Trump voters in one case and supplement the cesspool of Biden voters in another …

    • Guess you’ll have a narrative to cover it when you see it’s a whole hella lot more than 17.. How the fuck absurd.. It’s enough that his electoral count is dropping significantly. Well see. You did see FBI cleared Trump of inciting or even having any involvement be Jan 5 Capitol breach. Aug 20.. Zero evidence they concluded. And if course you did see on that same date bill of impeachment filed on Biden. For the debacle when the afghans..
      The southern border debacle number 2 and allowing CDC to continue the rent moratsrium.. so well you demoRats best keep your eyes open. We told you we wouldn’t shut up or submit to agreeing Biden won.

    • Dondi Allen – Wow. So much delusion. So many questions.

      1.) Exactly how are you figuring his electoral count is “dropping significantly”? The official results are still exactly where they were when the counting was done. 306 to 232…almost exactly the same count Trump referred to as a landslide in 2016. The only change you’re seeing in the electoral count is the one you’re wishing for based on fantasy recount results that haven’t even been released yet.

      2.) Where did you ever see that the FBI cleared Trump of inciting or being involved in the Jan. Capital breach? (It was the 6th btw, not the 5th. If you wish to be taken seriously get your facts straight when you rant.) Please show an actual copy of any report put out by the actual FBI if you wish to make that claim. The only case of a conclusion showing zero evidence is that your claim of any FBI report has zero evidence.

      3.) The “articles” not “bill” of impeachment that you refer to is actually a cosponsor of the articles refiled by the same person who filed them the day after the inauguration and had to wait almost 9 months to get a single person to cosponsor them. They amount to nothing since the person who filed them isn’t taken seriously or listened to by anyone, including her own party.

      When all you can do is call others names and regurgitate “facts” you get from other people instead of actually framing a debate on conclusions and actual facts you have researched yourself, its a good sign that you won’t be taken seriously, either.

  17. Regardless of what the audit shows, the left will say it wasnt rigged and the right will say it was. I have been saying since i watched the chaos in the 2000 election that every state needs to do an election audit every election. This madness has made me question that. Either way there’s no way to say that this was a fair and balanced election and it appears we will never have on of those again.

    • Why is there no way to say this election was fair and balanced? Of course there is, it works like this.
      Anyone who claims it was corrupt must produce proof before a judge. The judge then decides if it has merit or is just a fishing tactic to spread disinformation and fake news. It’s the same way everything is proved or disproved in our culture. If people are saying there’s something wrong then those people have to prove it. It’s that simple really. If they don’t prove it then it was fair. This very simple and basic process is only being questioned by people who have an emotional need for trump to have not lost. As it’s an emotional need it bypasses all the usual circuits that operate with sense and logic and goes straight to the ‘fight or flight’ areas of the brain where logic and rational thought don’t operate.

    • Hey, “Chopperpilot.”

      How about you present facts instead of trolling around just calling people names? Judging by your behavior and lack of actual evidence supporting ANY of your claims, I would judge that even if Sen Teacher is “fake”, you are an actual 2nd grader.

  18. no those ballots weren’t illegal ballots they were returned by legal voters but they never put in they sent them. unless any or more of those ballots are found to be illegal with the rules they set down themselves, they are not illegal ballots. tell me trumpers if your ballots were rejected because of a clerical error, tell me how you will feel. they need to go over those 78000 ballots and check just like they check all of them. legal registration, legal name, address, ss and ID, still living and didn’t vote twice. if they pass those tests they are legal ballots.

    • Seems simple to me; if a “mail-in ballot” was received but not mailed out; it should have (at least) the creases on it to show it was in the mail. No creases = fraud. Especially if there was no envelop to go along with these mail-in ballots…. I’m keeping an open mind on the final report and it’s findings. I wish the leftists will do that also….

    • There is no record of them being sent because they were never sent. Early Voters in AZ have a choice of requesting a mail ballot or coming in and voting in person. 74,000 voted in person after the request-a-ballot-by-mail deadline had passed.

      The information was there all along. Logan is from out-of-state (every state does it differently) and doesn’t have previous elections or auditing experience. He made a mistake. He was looking at the wrong forms. The EV32/EV33 forms are primarily campaign info tools, not audit tools. After the Oct 23 cutoff (which gives USPS time to send and return ballots), the EV32 is no longer updated. After that date, Early Voters have to come to a polling place to get their ballot.

      So, the 74,000 ballots were recorded, but not as get-by-mail ballots (because mail-in ballots were no longer available after Oct 23). They were recorded as in-person Early Votes on the Voted file. The numbers do reconcile correctly.

    • Ms uninformed.. That was part of the forensic audit. Every registered voter got one vote
      .. It was looked at and so was his voter registration. Many that cast multiple votes some b ymail and in person.. Each person only get one. They’re were ridiculous amts of votes from people not even registered. All but one were disqualified for the ones who voted multiple
      . There were the dead people votes. Lots.. The underage person votes.. The 6 guys who voted twice in AZ and there in Nevada. Along with altered records by state election officers and and disepenscies in some voting machine. There is substantial amount of votes being disqualified at fraudulent and that is causing the electoral vote to change as well.. It’s mind blowing regardless of who’s side your on. And the is only one state. 100 million of us one Biden did not win. And it will be exposed. He knows it and is in a panic.. He knees the penalty for treason

    • Dondi Allen – AGAIN with claims that have no evidence to support them? You’re too precious.

      Show proof of a report showing multiple votes by people using mail in and in person.

      Show proof of a report showing unregistered voters voting.

      Show proof of a report showing dead people voting.

      Show proof of a report showing underage voters.

      Show proof of a report showing 6 people (or ANY people) voting twice.

      Show proof of a report showing altered records by election officers.

      Show proof of a report showing “disepenscies” (its discrepencies. Crud, learn to spell, will you?) in voting machines.

      Show proof of a report showing so many votes being disqualified that it caused the electoral vote to change.

      Show proof of a report showing that 100 million people voted for Trump.

      ALL you EVER do is spout things that you hear others say on OAN, Fox news, Teaparty .org, and other right wing conspiracy news sites. If you can’t show a single solitary shred of evidence showing anything you claim, please drop out of the discussion. You’re a distraction and your not helping anyone, even those who believe the same thing as yourself.

  19. LOL. “Might be” “as high as…”
    Come buy a used car from us. You MIGHT get up to 75% off. *Disclaimer: “Up to means 0%, 1%, 2%…”

    Might be as high as. You guys make my life a delight!

  20. I Just wish that people would stop talking TRASH about intelligence, and look at the actual proof.

    and the number of strange things that happened are large.

    we are tired of people claiming that trump stole 2016 because of made up false documents, that were proved false yet still reported as true, while real evidence, is completely ignored.

    Like the thousands of complaints of Fraud, no observers allowed, election totals where Trump vote count went down instead of up, one district that verified that thousands of votes were given to the wrong candidate.

    the Problem appears that Dominion is one of the problems, it appears that they only give %, not actual vote counts, thus if one candidate’s votes was ran double, it would change the %, and the actual vote count is only gotten by multiplying the supposed vote count by the false %.

    Plus the facts that we have to show a valid Id for everything we do that requires us to show that we are a valid age, or a valid citizen, yet democrats think it is RACIST, it isn’t RACIST if Everyone has to do it. it is only RACIST if one Group is picked out and only they have to do it.

    • You are mistaken in all of your assumptions. All the info I’d freely available, just not on sites like this one. Break out of your prison and come back to the light. By sticking with Trump, only Hellfire awaits you.

    • Robert, I couldn’t agree more. Nobody can explain how Biden got more votes than Obama even in the deepest blue predominately black voting districts. Living in New Jersey, I personally know five voters who received two and three ballots; some moved, one dead, and other went out of state. Who knows how many were sent in our urban cities. Fraud all over and Arizona seems to be the test to show the libs and fake news that the only “Big Lie” is the one their spewing. And on and on…Stop the Steal…

  21. ok you want me to believe that the election was not rigged. you want me to ignore 2500 affidavits of suspected voting fraud with no investigation of the complaints! what about the Atlanta video! why have the ppl in the video not had to answer simple questions like ….. where the the suitcases come from and why did you process the ballots after hours and why did you run them 2x???? There are entirely to many unanswered questions to convince me there was no fraud! Why has the liberal media avoided investigating or reporting on the findings of the alleged voter fraud! the best wat to unify this country is to investigate the election fraud to a conclusion! If i am wrong then prove me wrong with an investigation! the dems refusal to investigate only proves Yes there is something to hide!

    ” its not the man who’s vote that counts
    its the man who counts the votes”
    Joseph Stallen

    We owe it to each other and to this county to protect the vote of the American people. If we loose the integrity of the vote we have lost the country as Americans. I will gladly follow the duly elected leader of the country if it is truly the will of the ppl. anything less than a complete and through investigation of the 2020 presidential election will forever devide this country.

    • And we’re to believe 81 million honest live Americans actually voted for Biden and the “ Ho” Harris .

      BS !

    • In English it’s spelt ‘Stalin’. Are you a Chinese troll sent to cause doubt and see division? How exciting!

    • What is the most AGGRAVATING is at least 70 million democrat voters are willing to ignore the TRUTH and have a FALSE PRESIDENT who cheated in the white house just so they can say the won and beat Trump

  22. This is really simple for any IT person. The voting machines had the capability to access the Internet (Wireless). The Maricopa County folks won’t allow access the Routers to allow the Forensic audit to see if in fact the machines where actually on the INTERNET. They claim the routers will disclose personal information. All IT People know the routers don’t have any information other than the IP address and MAC address of the actual data packets. Clearly they don’t want anyone to see or find out what traffic was going in/out on election day. Additionally why would they purchase 3M in new machines stating the machines are somehow compromised. As we all know the voting machines are re-calibrated and tests are performed on them each time they are used. If they feel they were compromised, watch the full 24/7 video to see nothing was done to them. Furthermore, their own staff had run their “AUDIT” and used the machines too, that was not on any live video, maybe they compromised the machines. Regardless, all machines/computers can be reset. Such a waste of taxpayer dollars.
    Truth will come out.. Good always wins over EVIL!

    • That would be odd. Voting machines usually only connect with the printer right next to them. I have worked a couple of elections, but since you are an “IT professional” you are probably right. LOL

    • I am a poll worker in west texas, I verify your mugshot to be the person in front of me, witness your signature and record your ID number and Type, we have No Internet or phone in our little polling place, the church community center…. Oh yeah and being one of the roughly 550 registered voters,we know each other, and our neighbors, and pretty much how they voted….

    • ahh. but what is good and what is evil is dependent on what you believe in. what is good in your eyes may be bad to someone else. for example, liberals think guns are evil. conservatives think they are not. christians think abortions are evil. liberals do not. etc. etc. etc.

  23. Sen Teacher is the most “head in the sand” idiot I’ve seen in decades.. NO abuse of power from Trump. If that was the case many would have already been arrested. Your only trolling. And to have to explain that an audit compared to a recount is laughable and your lack of research. Lolol

    • By ‘research’ I assume you mean sitting up all hours staring square eye’d at a computer screen? No, I try not to base my opinions on what Russian trolls say, and that’s who most of these good people here really are. We all have to earn a rouble I suppose.
      Arguing your case is harder than insults it seems.

  24. To each and every one of you commenting here that claim there was no fraud or cheating during the 2020 election … WHAT LOGICAL REASON ARE THE DEMOCRATS and RINOS and DEEP STATE REFUSING TO ALLOW THE AUDITS … IF EVERYTHING IS HONEST? The answer is of course, obvious. If you have nothing to hide, it costs nothing to allow the truth to be seen.

    • The reason is that audits and recounts have already been done and found nothing amiss. The reason is that many folks who get all their information from the echo chamber of the internet, where the algorithms designed to sell them more useless crap ensure that all they ever see is stuff that is similar to what they clicked on yesterday so they don’t get a balanced view of things and live in a closed information loop. The reason is that allowing Unacountable and unqualified amateurs like Cyberninjas access to confidential voter information is potentially disastrous. What if they ‘lose it’? The reason is that fearing he might lose and being incapable of accepting that possibility Trump started planting the seeds of the stolen election myth months before the election even happened as an insurance policy. The reason is that every fake ‘audit’ conducted by biased and partisan amateurs only serves to undermine faith in the system further, which is clearly the plan.
      Conservative white Americans have realised that they no longer have the numbers to ensure they maintain their traditional control over the country. True and fair democracy, where everyone gets to vote easily has become their enemy, and so they have decided that it’s better to destroy democracy than give up power. I’m seeing a lot of comments online saying, America is not a democracy, it’s a Republic’, as if voting is only a good thing if certain people are guaranteed to win. It’s like they’d be fine living in an authoritarian country, just so long as it’s white conservatives who get to be the re-education camp guards and man the gun towers.
      Well, they can plot and scheme as much as they like. Make it next to impossible for many people to vote, make it illegal to give someone water or food in a voting line, make it so biased and partisan people have control over whether to certify a result, make it so all those bearded fat guys with guns you call militias can intimidate people at the polling stations, make it so some people have to travel miles to cast a vote, make it so there is only a small window of time to get there to vote etc etc etc.
      You can do all these things, and it won’t change anything because within 10 years the numbers will have shifted to the point where even with all these blocks in place to help conservatives win, the demographics mean that they will be lucky to get 20 senators across the whole country. Those with privilege, power and influence rarely give them up voluntarily, and this is what we are seeing now; the last thrashing about of those who have enjoyed ruling the roost, but now see the inevitable decline due to them not having enough babies. It can’t be stopped though, the numbers against them are just too large.

    • The election was rigged. Everyone knows it. Joe Biden knows it and so do the democrats. Fortunately good always wins out over evil. Praise God.

    • The Dems. told us they would get rid of Trump by “any means necessary.” Why would there be any doubt they cheated?

    • EXACTLY JOHN… And that is exactly what the dems always say when they “on the probably VERY RARE occasion didn’t have to cheat or whats clearly most common today they either rigged it with the appearance at first glance that allows them to do their favorite thing, point their fingers at others &/OR what has definitely been their most used in the past 5 or 10yrs is they act like they want an investigation too… but only because they know THEY ALREADY HAVE CORRUPT PEOPLE IN PLACE WHO WILL “FIND NO EVIDENCE AGAINST THE ACTUAL GUILTY” but not bcuz they never actually look for any … They cover all the trendy lunch spots searching high & low for coded messages in the menu’s but there’s just not much there to go on… BUT HEY, WE haven’t eaten… err “Investigated across town.. so we’ll keep looking til we make sum’n… I mean … Til sum’n comes up!?!?


    • recently read an article which claimed that in AZ. registered Republicans outnumbered Democrats 20-1.

      If true, and 50% of Republication voted for Biden, Trump still wins by a hefty margin. Same goes for if 80%. He still wins

    • William Doyle, whatever article you read is wrong. Registered Republicans do not outnumber Democrats 20 to 1 in AZ. Not even close.

      AZ has been close to 50-50 Republican/Democrat voters for many years. The Republicans usually win, but only by a slim margin.

  25. The problem is that the Electoral College already voted, and I’m not sure if it can be undone, even though the election was stolen. DOWN ballot results might very well be reversible, but short of a coup, I’m not sure that there is any way to unseat Biden. That being said, I would support Biden being deposed. What is worse for our republic, a captured corrupt elite allowing massive election fraud, or a counter coup? Both are bad for the country, but the latter might be better, if Trump is reinstated, does not abuse his power, and peacefully steps down in 2025.

    • Trump will be reinstated in my humble opinion because he is God’s David and if our creator chose him as his David then man has very little to say about it and his will shall be done period.

    • If Trump ‘doesn’t abuse his power?’ All did for four years was abuse his power. That’s why the American people rejected him in the election. Is it really so hard for you to believe that the things you love about Trump: his rudeness, his lack of class, his bullying, his constant stream of blather, his unfaithfulness to his wives, his ripping off of small business owners in his business career, the fact that when it suited him he was best buddies with the Clintons, Epstein etc, that he used to vote dem, that he asked for all the black croupiers to be removed from the casino floor before he would play, that he mocks and insults
      gold star families, that he refers to America’s war dead as ‘losers’, that he surrounds himself with yes men, that he invited y’all to storm the Capitol saying he’d be with you, then didn’t show and even publicly condemned your actions. All the things you think make him great, many more people think make him a dishonourable person who they didn’t want to vote for. It’s only hard to understand this if all your info comes from websites that already agree with you, and all other info is filtered out. Luckily I’m here to provide some much needed balance.

    • Sorry Bruno, you made the mistake of sounding vaguely sensible a couple of times in your post. This means that the true Trump cultists will call you a traitor etc. Only the purest believers can hope to come up to scratch. Trump is the second coming, period. Anyone who isn’t down with this idea is a blasphemer who must be cancelled immediately.

    • Not sure the Supreme court might be able to unseat Biden, if it is proved that fraud did happen, which is a crime. Crimes cannot be just left unpunished such as as in this magnitude. Problem would be what entity would be the one to take that step. Not this DOJ for sure. Whats left then ….coooo

    • To Sen Teacher;
      Proof of the Democrat’s fraud and corruption is going on at our Southern border right now. The reason that Biden and the Democrats have created this debacle is to change the demographics of our nation by invasion and then giving the invaders citizenship thus increasing Democrat voters by the millions.
      Article 4 section 4 of the Constitution begins as follows: “The United States shall GUARANTEE (my caps) to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion.” (The Biden administration has not only refused to do this, they have encouraged the invasion)

  26. Hell- Voter fraud has been going on for several elections- The Clintons ran the fraud just enough to win, Obama had to produce a birth certificate from Hawaii when he was actually born in Kenya. The Democratic party got so bold as to use the pandemic to allow mail in voting and drop off votes. However, In Sleepy Joe’s own words that the democrats devised a comprehensive system to cheat the system. (It was quickly laughed off a a gaffe). Harris gaffed that when she moves into the white house then was quickly she won’t be the President. Pay attention to their gaffes for they will come true-Coincidence you say-Just Wait

    • “Amen Blake”. Anyone that cannot see the direction this country is in for a rude aqakening. It was a coup designed by the oligarchs that are trying to destroy America. If Sippie Cup Joe won then let the adits prove it!!

  27. I don’t know why anyone with nothing to hide would object to a recount.
    Katie Hobbs (who certified the election)agreed with a news anchor that Her group had already audited the election knowing full well that audit was limited to confirming Vote machine firmware releases were current and/or identical. IMO she intentionally misled the viewers into thinking they had recounted the votes. Why would she do that? if an honest recount matches the original counts & no fraud is found that’s a great thing isn’t it? And if its off Karen Fan can get the issues fixed before the next election..also a good thing right?

    • i don’t know if that’s true but even knowing the firmware version is the latest version wouldn’t stop a modified firmware from stating itself to be a specific firmware version. it would be difficult to make the file sizes exact but the most common methods of checking firmware versions wouldn’t include looking at the installed file sizes anyway, that’s probably even something the voting machine OS would obscure by design.

  28. “Joe Biden ‘Likely Did Not Win”

    Tell the truth, BIDEN DID NOT WIN”. Which means that President Trump is the legitimate president!

    • Oh my. This is not news. Bannon just rambled off something which he has many times with no proof. Wait for the results.

    • I was raised to base my beliefs on the evidence, and so far all the evidence has been easily debunked. The only people who don’t know this are those that believe their very existence depends on Trump being in office.

  29. This audit is nothing but a sham. You people need to start facing reality for the good of our country. Donald Trump is nothing but a sore loser acting like a 2-year old child and all of you trumpers are just like him.

    • The sham is IN our White House, even two year olds know he’s a corrupt demented regurgitated politician , Why don’t you ?

      Must be the TDS , huh vivaian Trump Derangement Syndrome !

    • The legitimacy of the audit would be easy enough to verify if Democrats would simply allow ALL the evidence to be evaluated. But instead, they are denying access to the voting machines and refusing to provide passwords. A political party that has nothing to hide should welcome a complete and honest investigation so why do Democrats fight the audit at every turn? Refusing to abide by subpoenas increases the likelihood that something is being hidden.

    • Wow. You so blind. Wow. Can’t believe y’all believe sheety sleepy Joe. People like you need an old fashion azz whooping to knock some common sense back in yalls

    • Hi Vivian, Maybe you could help me out as I am confused and maybe my math is bad or something? There are maybe 3 Michigan state government web sites and also a couple private web sites such as wikipedia etc. that all have about the same population and demographic numbers for Michigan. Could you can take a look at that data please so as to see how many voting age adult residents live in Michigan? Normally any voting district and/or State would be very happy just getting 85 or 90% of its citizens registered to vote and 100% would be fantastic but considered by most to be quite impossible and maybe 95 to 99% would be and excellent registration effort. It seems that in Michigan there are well over 100%, maybe about 107% of its adults registered to vote or about 345,000 more adults registered to vote than actually exist in the state. Is there some kind of exception for voting in Michigan? Is that possible to have 345,000 more people voting than actually exist or maybe I did my math wrong? Oh,
      and maybe you could explain why these extra people seemed to have almost exclusively voted democrat??

    • This is in reply to “Scott”, who asked (in several replies below…) if his math was wrong with regard to voter registration numbers in Michigan. Yes, Scott, your math is wrong because the data you relied on was flawed. The claim that four townships in Michigan logged 290,000 more votes than there are people is FALSE. Not sure where your figure of 345,000 came from, but it doesn’t matter because that number is also cause. Voter turnout data shows no township in Michigan had more than 100% turnout for the 2020 presidential election. There were some cases of errors in voter turnout rates; however, the errors were fixed, and there is no evidence that four townships logged more votes than there are people. It’s likely that whatever QAnon or other right wing website that you got your numbers from were referring to four townships in Ottawa County. Data from Ottawa County shows that Zeeland Charter Township’s four precincts had turnout rates of 74.46%, 80.35%, 80.84% and 84.80%. Nor where the “registered voter” numbers over 100%.

      It’s one thing to exaggerate or use hyperbole to make a point, but exaggerations are really just lies, and hyperbole when not acknowledged as such in an argument is also a lie. This whole election fraud argument is truly Trump’s “Big Lie”.

    • There is no such thing as a Biden Supporter (Who would support someone who has said the N word?)

    • Trump Won and you are one of many stupid humans that have very little if any common sense,If you did have any common sense you would realize that sleepy creepy dementia Joe could not have won while hiding in. His basement the whole time Trump was on the campaign trail,Nobody loses a presidential run with a 57% approval rate across the board genius.

    • Kind of like the Democrats and the 4 year witch hunt and millions of tax payer dollars spent on the 2016 election and SURPRISE nothing like all there other 911 crap about Trump!

    • For people that say they aren’t terrified I’m seeing plenty of deflection and distraction tactics: “Look over there, look how terrible the GOP, pay no heed to the nasty audit!”

      I fully understand why Democrats are terrified and has brought the might of it’s smear politics and cancel culture to bear; it’s going to be almost impossible for their party to discredit such a thorough audit, and it already seems that both the Democrats pant-filling nightmares and the voters suspicions were justified.

    • to Senteacher: Evidence, what a great word. A defense lawyer always claims the “Evidence” is false, lacking or untrue and should disregarded.

      Question: How was Trump able to lose some votes during a video showing he actually lost votes ?

    • Get a education in the library @bitchute V Right Research Library
      3 states were determined by 10,000 votes, after they counted for days.
      3 counties determined the entire election, starting with Maricopa which is why they are trying so hard to destroy the narrative. If you watched the hearing
      and understand Dominion, Scorecard and Hammer – you would save yourself from looking so ignorant

    • If you don’t believe in this fraud and you got your head in the sand and you should be wearing a crash helmet moron open your fucking eyes get your head out of Schumer and Pelosi‘s asshole and see it it’s so Obvious it was massive fraud in this country and the constitution that’s treason and I believe we should take 1776 action on the perpetrators that means put them all to death so it never happens again and it sends a message to anybody that wants to try to take our freedoms away

    • Yep, and you’re a fool to think not. And you know deep down you believe it too, cause you have your doubts. That why you read the article and commented. There’s no way Trump lost to sleepy joe.

    • Hi KP, Maybe you could help me out as I am confused and maybe my math is bad or something? There are maybe 3 Michigan state government web sites and also a couple private web sites such as wikipedia etc. that all have about the same population and demographic numbers for Michigan. Could you can take a look at that data please so as to see how many voting age adult residents live in Michigan? Normally any voting district and/or State would be very happy just getting 85 or 90% of its citizens registered to vote and 100% would be fantastic but considered by most to be quite impossible and maybe 95 to 99% would be and excellent registration effort. It seems that in Michigan there are well over 100%, maybe about 107% of its adults registered to vote or about 345,000 more adults registered to vote than actually exist in the state. Is there some kind of exception for voting in Michigan? Is that possible to have 345,000 more people voting than actually exist or maybe I did my math wrong? Oh,
      and maybe you could explain why these extra people seemed to have almost exclusively voted democrat??

    • Just need some proper evidence man. So far it’s all been easily debunked. Maybe Mike Lindell has something. He’s going to show us in August he says, but everything he’s shown so far is bunkum and easily disproved.

  30. While we are auditing, check Obamas records that he has been hiding for over a decade. He does not even have a valid birth certificate in the US, but does have one in Kenya.

  31. It’s COMMON SENSE!!! It’s so obvious, Pelosi, Schumer and their crew HATED Trump and they would do ANYTHING to get rid of him. They set the fraudulent election up and told Biden to stay in the basement so he wouldn’t open his mouth and screw it up. THEY KNOW HES COGNITIVELY NOT THERE, and they are telling him what to do everyday!!!

    • Real honest Americans saw the outrageous behavior of Nasty Nancy Pelosi and Chucky Schumer during Trump’s presidency they knew full well president Trump was connecting with the electorate so he must be stopped by whatever means possible, including treasonous crimes .

    • Karen, you are the real “Karen”. Uneducated, low-life, big mouth, and full of crap. You are a loser in life, just like Trump. Crawl back into your trailer or cave, whatever.

    • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

    • lol Okay, right! lol Just a bunch of sore losers imo. Whoever loses whines and cries and does what ever to change the narrative that fits their understanding. Shame!

    • Hi Paul, Maybe you could help me out as I am confused and maybe my math is bad or something? There are maybe 3 Michigan state government web sites and also a couple private web sites such as wikipedia etc. that all have about the same population and demographic numbers for Michigan. Could you can take a look at that data please so as to see how many voting age adult residents live in Michigan? Normally any voting district and/or State would be very happy just getting 85 or 90% of its citizens registered to vote and 100% would be fantastic but considered by most to be quite impossible and maybe 95 to 99% would be and excellent registration effort. It seems that in Michigan there are well over 100%, maybe about 107% of its adults registered to vote or about 345,000 more adults registered to vote than actually exist in the state. Is there some kind of exception for voting in Michigan? Is that possible to have 345,000 more people voting than actually exist or maybe I did my math wrong? Oh,
      and maybe you could explain why these extra people seemed to have almost exclusively voted democrat??

    • Pelosi, Schumer and the democratic party hate Trump and the American citizens so irrationally they would condemn ten of thousands to death with CDC guidelines that condemn innocent people by restricting the medical treatment that would have saved their lives simply because President Trump revealed the medication.

    • All we need now is some solid evidence. Well, some of us need it. Others it seems are happy to believe things on instinct, and have no need of silly and inconvenient things like proof.

    • All we need is for obama and Joke Biden to turn themselves in Fake Teacher. Of course that would not convince progressive trash either now would it ?

    • Great news! Every time any Cyber Ninjas were near the ballots, there was 100% oversight. They was no bullying, no one tried to create shields that would block visibility. There were no lies telling people to go home for the night only to see poll workers reengage in the count. The whole thing was filmed by multiple cameras. No ballots were pulled from under tables and none were counted multiple times. I know you were highly disappointed in the swing state poll workers and ballot counters that engaged in this highly irregular and unethical behavior in states like Georgia and Pennsylvania.

      You, as a conscientious American can rest assured that they did not add, remove or change anything they reviewed. Since you are certain Biden won, then that’s what they are going to find.

    • You are so right. These people are brain washed. So I guess all was well when Trump won the first time. lol United States is looking much like the Confederate States and the USSR. Handmaids Tale!!!!!! So obvious that this clown group would find something wrong and the GOP that ran the state did not until they learned to be good little Rep to keep Trump of their back. Reagan is missed! The real Republican party. What we have today is Marjorie Taylor Greene, the space laser woman. lol

    • Hey Jojoblowfish, the Cyber Ninjas were watched closer then those idiots that counted the ballots the 1st time. So go blow Nancy. Trump win, and we will take back America from these cheating, money grabbing murders.

    • Back it up. They have been under cameras(more than just the live stream ones)the whole time. Stop making your decision BEFORE your due diligence.

    • Hi JoJo, Maybe you could help me out as I am confused and maybe my math is bad or something? There are maybe 3 Michigan state government web sites and also a couple private web sites such as wikipedia etc. that all have about the same population and demographic numbers for Michigan. Could you can take a look at that data please so as to see how many voting age adult residents live in Michigan? Normally any voting district and/or State would be very happy just getting 85 or 90% of its citizens registered to vote and 100% would be fantastic but considered by most to be quite impossible and maybe 95 to 99% would be and excellent registration effort. It seems that in Michigan there are well over 100%, maybe about 107% of its adults registered to vote or about 345,000 more adults registered to vote than actually exist in the state. Is there some kind of exception for voting in Michigan? Is that possible to have 345,000 more people voting than actually exist or maybe I did my math wrong? Oh,
      and maybe you could explain why these extra people seemed to have almost exclusively voted democrat??

    • Cyber ninjas won’t release the documentation of what they’ve done with tax payers’ money. No one here cares about anything like that though. Anything goes as long as the ‘right’ result comes out of their ‘audit’.

  32. Just wondering when should we to expect to get our country back? Everything I’m hearing and reading is about how crooked the election was (except on CNN, etc.), yet our country is still being invaded by illegals, and Joe is still in the news rambling on and on incoherently.

    • Looks as though we’ll need to wait for the next corrupt election ,or wait for our government and the media to act .

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    • KP stuck on stupid , must be a member of OBama team of morons with Low iq and because.
      Perfect spelling though ….

    • Bingo that’s what I wanna know fraud was evident the Democrats seem to get away with everything and in my lifetime they’ve always have and I’m 58 years old I have no faith in anything this country does until I see some Democrats go to jail for their crimes

    • Jimmy : starting with their hero Hussein Obama in tiny women’s handcuffs would be a great start in healing our country.

    • Don’t worry, with all the new laws preventing certain people from voting it’s likely Don will win the next election. That will probably be the last Republican victory though as the demographic shift in America means that within 10 years even voter intimidation tactics etc won’t be enough for them to win. Conservatives need to have more babies to stand any chance in the future.

  33. #IfYourNotRightYourWrongIfYourNotWrongYourRight

    Chain Of Custody Is Missing (the protective care or guardianship of someone or something) The Election Officials In Arizona Certified
    A Fraudulant Tally Between The Offical Vote Count In The Nov 3 2020 Election And The Original Paper Ballots.

    May 13, 2021 · Breaking Update: Maricopa County deleted a directory full of election databases from the 2020 election cycle days before the election equipment was delivered to the audit. This is spoliation of evidence!

    “Anti Trump Is An Excuse Because Democrats Lied To You”!
    “If God Is For Us””We Ask”! “Who Can Be Against Us”?

    We The People Are One Nation Under God Of The United States Of America On A Holy Spirits Notice
    We Proclaim We Have The Power Invested In Us From Heaven Above Thru Our Lord And Savior Christ Jesus To Choose To Whom Our Elected Officials Are In Office.
    “We The People Of The United States Of America Are Placing Every One Of You Under Arrest For Disenfranchisement “! You Deprived Us Of Our Rights As US Citizens, Especially Our Right To Vote On This Day June 11 2021 You Are Ordered To
    Surrender Now Signed The USA

    We The People Are Taking Our Country Back One Vote At A Time You Cannot Stop Us There Are More Of Us Than You

    “When We The People Vote You In Office”!
    “Its By Our Own Courage”!
    {Showing courage is often thought of as facing such situations without fear, but it also involves facing them despite fears}
    “By Our Own Courage”!

    God Blesses The Constitution Because Its Alive”! “To The Supreme Court We The People Say”! If You Will Not Live By The Law You Shall Surely Die By The Law”! Law – Fiduciary=Your Death

    “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”!

    “You”! “Have To Get Up Before”!
    “The Heaven”! “And”! “The Earth”! “Were Created”!
    “To Fool”! “Anyone”! “That Believes”!

    This Is What They Should Be Reporting Instead Microsoft,Google, Yahoo Erase The Redirect To This video From my Email Accounts outlook, Gmail , Yahoo Mail
    Steve Bannon to Brad Raffensperger: “Stop Whining, and Lawyer Up! And While You’re at It, Get a Criminal Lawyer” (Video)

    • Your evidence comes from Twitter? Wow. No wonder all those Republican judges threw all those cases out. I only believe what I see evidence to support. Still waiting over here.

  34. #IfYourNotRightYourWrongIfYourNotWrongYourRight
    Chain Of Custody Is Missing (the protective care or guardianship of someone or something)
    The Election Officials In Arizona Certified
    A Fraudulant Tally Between The Offical Vote Count In The Nov 3 2020 Election And The Original Paper Ballots
    May 13, 2021 · Breaking Update: Maricopa County deleted a directory full of election databases from the 2020 election cycle days before the election equipment was delivered to the audit. This is spoliation of evidence!
    “Anti Trump Is An Excuse Because Democrats Lied To You”!
    “If God Is For Us””We Ask”! “Who Can Be Against Us”?
    We The People Are One Nation Under God Of The United States Of America On A Holy Spirits Notice
    We Proclaim We Have The Power Invested In Us From Heaven Above Thru Our Lord And Savior Christ Jesus To Choose To Whom Our Elected “We The People Of The United States Of America Are Placing Every One Of You Under Arrest For Disenfranchisement “! You Deprived Us Of Our Rights As US Citizens, Especially Our Right To Vote On This Day June 11 2021 You Are Ordered To
    Surrender Now Signed The USA
    We The People Are Taking Our Country Back One Vote At A Time You Cannot Stop Us There Are More Of Us Than You
    “When We The People Vote You In Office”!
    “Its By Our Own Courage”!
    {Showing courage is often thought of as facing such situations without fear, but it also involves facing them despite fears}
    “By Our Own Courage”!
    God Blesses The Constitution Because Its Alive”! “To The Supreme Court We The People Say”! If You Will Not Live By The Law You Shall Surely Die By The Law”! Law – Fiduciary=Your Death
    “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”!
    “You”! “Have To Get Up Before”!
    “The Heaven”! “And”! “The Earth”! “Were Created”!
    “To Fool”! “Anyone”! “That Believes”!
    This Is What They Should Be Reporting Instead Microsoft,Google, Yahoo Erase The Redirect To This video From my Email Accounts outlook, Gmail , Yahoo Mail
    Steve Bannon to Brad Raffensperger: “Stop Whining, and Lawyer Up! And While You’re at It, Get a Criminal Lawyer” (Video)

  35. Please explain this to me, if the Dems cheated and made Biden win, why didnt they cheat more and win the majority in the Senate? And if there was mass fraud, how did the Republicans win senate seats? Did only the Dems cheat? So far NO ONE has shown any real evidence of fraud. And we cant count Fox News as evidence.

    • If the dems didn’t cheat explain why this demented corrupt of a joke is president of the United States of America ?

    • If you look for the info there’s reports of ballots only being filled for the president and nobody else. One can deduce it was someone who simply didnt’ like Trump that much that they showed up only to vote him out. Or it can be an indicator of fraud, but would seem like a really rookie mistake not to fill out the entire ballot. The problem is in order to get hard evidence the audits must take place, but the Democrats keep blocking them citing them as a waste of money. But they literally spent tens of millions on the Russia collusion investigation and it went nowhere so that rhetoric falls apart. We spent trillions on covid relief and now we have rampant inflation, a labor shortage, and price increases out the yin yang on goods. Just spend the money and do the audits, if there was no cheating the results will stand, if there was, then I guess thats a whole nother can of worms.

      I just think at this point they should go forward with them and get them over with just to put it all to rest. If the Republicans claiming fraud are wrong then it’ll be put to rest and we can all move on.

      just my two pieces of copper

    • Great question, add it to all the other head scratchers that can’t or won’t be explained and push for secure elections and a complete audit of this debacle.

      Think of it like this, my grandmother is fighting Connor McGregor. Vegas favors McGregor 1000 to 1 and are taking all bets. Connor has an amazing camp which is easy to see. Yet The media claim he’s a bad fighter, claim is record is fabricated, claim his wife is a tramp, claim he’s never paid taxes, claim he’s responsible for a sickness going around the fight world, claim he’s crazy when he points out that a Chinese fighter was the first to get sick. and on and on.

      Granny rests up for the big night for 2 months in her basement. She makes few statements and when she’s spotted, her apparent lack of fighting shape or skilled is glossed over by the media. No one in the media asks her where she’s been, why she’s not training, and why she’ not answering questions.

      Handicappers pick Connor. The fight can only be watched on television because of Covid. It is being held at the State Farm Arena in Georgia. As the bell rings Connor begins to destroy my dear old granny. This goes on for 8 rounds, Suddenly, as as it appears all hope is lost for team granny, betting officials say there is a major leak at the arena and cut the feed and the lights and make Connr’s people leave. Connor receives a knockout blow in the dark.

      As the lights come back, granny is still seated in her wheel chair. Some people are seen carrying bats out of the arena. Some bats mistakenly get caught on camera and are left behind. Granny is declared the winner by every major news network in the business. Six for profit businesses own almost all of that media by the way and they preferred dear old granny.

      The only visible wound suffered by Connor is to the back of his head. It wasn’t there prior to the lights going off and there is a bloody bat in the corner. 75 million bettors lose everything. No one covering the fight for the media appears to understand why people would be upset losing their money, not one asks about the bats, not one mentions Granny’s apparent feebleness or bizarre training methods leading up to the fight. History, statistics and bizarre revelations of the actions of more than a few people involved in Granny’s camp do not raise any alarms with these media pundits. No one on granny’s side thinks that something is amiss. The end?

      Not on your life. It’s un-American! The most Woke men’s sports league in the history of the world is the NBA. They review incidents at the scorers table when they happen and the league reviews them again afterward.

    • Awesome reply. These Trump losers are more psycho than him. He lost because he was stupid and did nothing when was in. He has bigger problems than losing with multiple cities looking into his corrupt businesses and all the corrupt people around him like Rudy. Trump should be worried about Rudy rolling over on him

    • The sham is IN our White House, even two year olds know he’s a corrupt demented regurgitated politician , Why don’t you ?

      Must be the TDS , huh vivaian Trump Derangement Syndrome !

    • They did. They just played the poker in two hands. Liberals look at other liberal
      ‘S statements. ARE THEY or ARE THEY NOT 99% subjective accusations. There is a reason for that. You “Educators” allowed you to present SUBJECTIVENESS AS AN ACCEPTABLE REPLACEMENT FOR OBJECTIVE TRUTH(Christianity).

    • Hi Barry, They did cheat on some of the local elections and senate as well and they also did in 2016 about 8 Millions Votes for Hillary but they just didn’t cheat quite enough in some districts where as in some they did cheat their senate option into office as well. Anyway, back to the Presidential election of November, no that I even like Trump but anyway we have to honor whoever wins legally, right, or are you like some democrats and socialists and Marxists etc. who say such things as “feelings are more important than facts” (that was AOC) or “it matters not who gets the votes but who counts the votes” (Lenin) or “we have to do anything and everything to win including cheat and lie” one of Obama’s mentors and heroes. Maybe you could help me out as I am confused and maybe my math is bad or something? There are maybe 3 Michigan state government web sites and also a couple private web sites such as wikipedia etc. that all have about the same population and demographic numbers for Michigan. Could you can take a look at that data please so as to see how many voting age adult residents live in Michigan? Normally any voting district and/or State would be very happy just getting 85 or 90% of its citizens registered to vote and 100% would be fantastic but considered by most to be quite impossible and maybe 95 to 99% would be and excellent registration effort. It seems that in Michigan there are well over 100%, maybe about 107% of its adults registered to vote or about 345,000 more adults registered to vote than actually exist in the state. Is there some kind of exception for voting in Michigan? Is that possible to have 345,000 more people voting than actually exist or maybe I did my math wrong? Oh, and maybe you could explain why these extra people seemed to have almost exclusively voted democrat??

    • Pretty simple barry. There wasn’t enough time. Your lib friends WAY over estimated Bile Dumps popularity. How, is anyone’s guess since he couldn’t fill a living room in a private home in Iowa, but I digress. And they WAY underestimated Trump’s popularity. How, again, is anyone’s guess as he was filling stadium upon stadium with overflow crowds. Bile Dump had a car thing, set up by “DR” Jill, and 3 cars….. THREE showed up. Many were had for Trump, who wasn’t even involved, and cars were lined up for MILES. Spontaneous boat parades with HUNDREDS UPON HUNDREDS of boats for Trump, more Trump supporters at Bile Dump speeches than Bile Dump supporters. He flew to Michigan, and LITERALLY, waved to a….. wait for it….. TO AN EMPTY PARKING LOT! And this guy is more popular than Jesus, and about to overtake God as the most popular politician in the history of the universe? And he did it in less than 5 hours? You gotta have the cognitive ability of a cheese puff to believe THAT nonsense.
      They had to “manufacture” MILLIONS of votes in a VERY short window. Can you explain how mailed in ballots had NO folds? How they arrived in the mail BEFORE they were sent? How 100’s came from the SAME address? How EVERY military ballot went for Bile Dump, when the military has historically been 70% conservative? Those are just a few of the “no evidence” things you try to chirp about. The list is quite endless. Oh, and let’s not forget the 1000’s of affidavits too.

    • That’s the sensible solution to an ongoing problem within our federal government. Obiden’s new regime has suspended the death penalty for some reason.
      Maybe they know We The People disagree.

    • That’s what happens in the kind of dictatorship y’all claim to NOT want to become. Seems you’d be happy with a dictatorship, just as long as it’s you who gets to be the camp guards.

  36. Hey everyone just read whats about to happen in GA you will all be happy the Dems are trying to fight it but its coming anyway

    • Good to hear about Georgia! These audits will spread like wild fire across this country. Once all is said and done, Trump will have won in a land slide. There are so many persons involved in this massive fraud that it’s hard to wrap my around it. On the top of the list includes, Pelosi, Abrams, Clintons, Harris, Biden, Comey, Brennan and hundreds more. They need to be jailed, tried, and hung for treason! The only way this will occur is if the military takes over and restores order. The fraud is just too widespread for this to occur without our military involvement.

    • Do you have a link to share or can you elaborate? I’m not sure what to Google, in a search to find out what you are talking about.

    • How do you know that audits will change anything when the one in Arizona hasn’t yet released its findings? I mean I know that if it finds that everything was fine, then Cyberninjas etc will all suddenly join the ever growing ranks of ‘deep state’ operatives, but just doing an audit isn’t enough. You then have to show what you’ve found, with open access to your methods and findings so that people can make up their own minds. Unfortunately despite the huge amount of money that’s gone into this thing we’ve seen NOTHING so far.

    • All I can find is that they might do another audit. Arizona did o e and so far we’ve heard nothing. You should probably save your excitement for when anyone actually finds anything.

  37. Roman Catholic you may want to see whats about to happen in GA read my previous post its not BS you can read the facts yourself you don’t go up 11 million votes and lose unless you add 600 percent more mail in drop boxes and the signatures are on the envelope that gets thrown away congrats to the Demonrats you pulled it off but SCOTUS just ruled yesterday that won’t happen again most people know what happened and 70 percent of the voters agree

    • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • No, JUSTICE demands Biden to step down. Anything less can bring a temporal punishment on the whole country.

    • Of course we’ll wait and see Mark, and I’ll watch with interest. To be honest though, I’ve lost track of how many times over the last 6 months I’ve been told to ‘hang onto your hat, the whole thing’s about to blow wide open, THEN you’ll see the fraud we’ve all been talking about!’ But then it always seems to fizzle away to nothing once the claims are properly looked at. I know you have all been regularly on the edge of your seats every time someone is about to reveal ‘the big one’, the one that proves that leftists are all cheats and Trump was really popular all along but so far the proof has been easily debunked. Here’s hoping that this time is different, and we actually get to see something.

    • Oh the leftist are cheats ,liars and more , you fake teacher ain’t nothing but progressive liberal trash with TDS .

      All undeniable facts !

  38. Obama fired by 4 million of his voters on his second term but still won losing 4 million votes means those 4 million didn’t think you did good enough to get a second term but if you go up 11 million votes you must have been doing something really (Trump)good biggest increase and most votes ever by a sitting president won 2800+ counties to Bidens 532 Obama won over 800 but somehow Trump lost enjoy your gas prices and the worst inflation and the 175000 illegals who crossed the border in april alone good job Joke I mean joe

  39. sen teacher wait till you see what happens in GA you will finally believe I have read the affidavits and 9 of them said they will take 5 years in jail if they are lying 20-30000 unfolded mail in ballots printed out on different paper all with just Biden and one senator and the Dems have hired to criminal lawyers to try to block looking at the boxes labeled State farm arena if there is nothing to hide why to they keep trying to fight this simple audit its coming you can read all about it . the bigger problem is now the censorship anything the media doesn’t want out just gets blocked .

    • I’ve searched with all the usual search engines, it says they’re going to do another audit, that’s all I can find. Can you post a link to what you are seeing that I’m not?

  40. Chorus:
    Joe Biden is the political expression of the decomposition of the neo-Marxist corpse in America.

    Shame on those who pretend not to see the historic fraud of the presidential election !

    I said Howgh !

  41. @ Sk

    You’re just a diversionist around here, aren’t you?
    No problem, it’s specific to the human type on the left..

    In conclusion, it remains as we have established:
    Donald Trump won the election, hey you, Marxist turkey !

    • They didn’t find anything amiss or any evidence at all to support the already disproven conspiracy theories, so are looking again to try and invent something. Then they’ll look again, and again, and again, and again etc etc ad Infinitum.

  42. There is no solid proof of massive fraud–cite your sources (Newsmax, InfoWars, Epoch, OAN and Gateway don’t count.)

    • First of all, I’m not an Obama supporter–I consider him a libertarian neoliberal, far too fiscally irresponsible–he didn’t support higher taxes, he cut and raised spending sloppily, and he was far too socially liberal. Secondly, Washington was a member of masonic organizations, so he wasn’t exactly the great American hero everyone broadcasts him as.

    • Roman, are you hitting the pipe again?? Remember the old saying,,, ( figures don’t lie but liars figure ). If numbers do not match there is a problem. Think about it. 1% of 150 million votes is 1.5 million incorrect votes.
      17 % of 150 million incorrect votes is 25 million . Is that math relevant to you now????

    • Good call Guest , I love that phrase “ figures don’t lie but liars figure “, awesome message for today’s progressive liberal trash.

    • So truth doesn’t count? What’s it matter where it comes from…truth is truth, MORON.

    • Crooksandliars is the perfect description of today’s progressive liberal trash we now have in government.
      Is that a fair statement ?

    • Guess what, Buck? According to the article, the fraudster was a Republican–that means that tRUMP was the one committing voter fraud!

    • Guess what Fake catholic, you suck spelling Trump just like the other low Iq trash on here .
      Hope you suck peter better than that…

    • Hey Chopper, I wasn’t SPELLING tRUMP incorrectly, I was CAPITALIZING tRUMP incorrectly. There’s a HUGE difference.

    • Low iq loves the taste of seamen just like you fake catholic.

      Happy dependence day Fake catholic.

    • Trump ….Trump….Trump…..Trump……Trump…..Trump….Trump…..Trump…

      Low iq fake catholic with TDS .

  43. Penalty for Treason is Death!! Anyone that has been involved with voter fraud should be in a military court. If found guilty then they are traitors of our country!! No Mercy!!! How can we continue to believe in our government if our votes do not matter?? Why is this not the focus of the News?!? This is Unforgivable! Enemies of the State! Why has our military not stepped in?? If this is true, that means that Obama may really have not been a natural born citizen!!!! We cannot even trust our past elections!! Looks I guess that explains why Biden is always worried about being in trouble, Babbling Cheat!!!

    • Their hero Hussein Obama seen in ladies handcuffs would help our country heal from from this stolen election.

      Executions would purge this filth and deter future ELECTION FRAUD .

    • Right on James. You are correct about Treason.
      It is unfortunate but many U. S. Citizens committed Treason as they worked as a team at the voting tallying in many cities on November 3rd. They do have a choice if they would like to be shot in front of a firing squad or hung by the neck. Treason is an indefensible act and has one outcome.

    • Obama, or should I say Odumba, was NOT a natural born citizen, and put into office for the demonrats to put their 16 year plan into work. Trump wasn’t supposed to win the election. Clinton was supposed to win, and she would have finished the 16 year plan, which would have brought a one world order, all countries would be using the same currency (spendable through a microchip in your body, piss the government off, and they turn off your chip, and you have no money to spend), the law would have been the same across all countries, and could never be changed because the demonrats would win every election from 2020 to eternity, that’s why the election fraud must be proven to the American people. The American people are supposed to be the government, and not some lifers that get re-elected every time their name comes up for re-election. But, we have sheep who believe EVERYTHING that MSM says. They need to turn off their TV and do some research and find out for themselves what is really going on. Trump is doing EVERYTHING in his power to end human trafficking and the kidnapping and murder of the innocent children. Wake up America…

    • Ohomo was a forgiven exchange student …….so how can he/ she be an American ?

      We all know he/ she is great liar .

    • Have you forgotten the left’s hero, the first G_A-Y president Hussein Obama, now that’s a con sK anyway you look at it !!

    • And you are clearly a little Troll who blindly votes Democratic no matter the devastating outcome it has to yourself. Fool.

    • Your hero is a hair sniffing, touchy-feely pedophile? GMAB. The election was a fraud. The Democrats knew DJT and the Republicans would swamp them and acted to prevent that from happening, P-E-R-I-O-D! The Democrat’s party is the enemy of the Republic and Americans know that as certain as the Sun rises in the morning.

    • You are a moron! How do you like your gas prices now that PEDO JOE is in bed with RUSSIA? Destroying american jobs and oil, while paying our adversaries to drill oil!!!

    • @ Sk

      You’re just a diversionist around here, aren’t you?
      No problem, it’s specific to the human type on the left..

      In conclusion, it remains as we have established:
      Donald Trump won the election, hey you, Marxist turkey !

  44. I see people writing that nobody will be accountable. This is false. Our military law in effect replaces all other law, and will no doubt force a media blackout to prevent fake news from reaching the good people. Just wait.

    • Unless you correct the past failures, you can not have a future of Truth! When the circle continues without stopping and making an opening for a new circle- you will just go back around with the same problems. This is a fact for every aspect of life. This is what makes success as well as continued failures.

  45. Nobody will be held accountable, no election will be corrected, no America is to exist but in name only to pacify idiots in our population that never want to believe anyone in politics or government would do anything wrong. Some think this would have been too big of a conspiracy to happen or work or to be kept covered up. These fools do not understand the sort of fraud that took place has been going on forever in American elections, all that happened is the folks already involved in elections that have done this time and time again all tripled their efforts without any direct orders from headquarters. The GOP establishment wanted Trump gone too as they are on board with globalist ideas. the DOJ, FBI and Judiciary want to hide election fraud they know is there because they have this idea that if folks knew the truth it would destroy faith in our government, political and judicial institutions (fabrics of our country). Some of these folks believe this and think they are protecting the country by going along with it, others know that they are doing their part to transform our country into a global communist husk of itself.

    Traitors must be called out, traitors must be removed from power and influence, and idiots must be brought to their senses or removed from power and influence!

    • Really, how gullible do you think we are? I believe this Arizona 2020 Election so call Audit is trying to feed us a bunch of doo doo. What a waste of your states hard working, taxpayer money. Shame, Shame

    • So far of everything being said you my friend are the only truly aware citizen I’ve seen. Very well stated!

  46. I don’t believe our Founding Fathers realized the depths of corruption the Democratic Party would stoop to. So they did not include any avenue of correction for this type of massive fraud. Therefore, it is probably irreversible.
    Sadly, not much will be done even after proof positive that it occurred. WE THE PEOPLE will have to correct it ourselves at the polls in 2022 & 2024. Loud and clear. We will not tolerated this kind of corruption in AMERICA. This is not a third world country even though the Democrats are working hard to make it so.

    • Hate to tell you this but it’s just as Trump recently stated, “we don’t have until 2024 to turn this country around. We don’t even have until the 2022 mid terms.”

    • The American people need to stand up to this corruption NOW, 2022, and 2024. We know what they did and now the truth is coming out about how they did it. If you steal a car do you get to keep it? If it takes criminal prosecution to get the impostors out, so be it! If we can’t turn this around, America is doomed to be a Third World country. I think the silent majority it’s going to be heard! God bless America!

  47. “SEN teacher”-To say there is no evidence is a lie. There are huge amounts of evidence. Are you watching any of the godly based news channels? Try OAN for example? Are you watching the Arizona ballot counting? Did you know there are “footprints made for every single vote!”? Do you know what that means? They can trace every single vote where, when, and even whom voted because every computer has a number designated to it. Think about it? Of course it can be traced! You will soon be in shock if you refuse to look at the overwhelming evidence. I do not understand blindly ignoring evidence. WHY wouldn’t people want to make sure the election was accurate-if so many people are coming forward? If there is nothing to hide let them do a recount. Just makes sense to want to be accurate. If people deny allowing citizens affidavits, video camera footage, computer footprints to even be heard? THAT is because they have something to hide. Kind of like if someone is a liar they will refuse a lie detector test, a drunk will refuse a breathalyzer test, a criminal will say “prove it” because they know how the system works. If you have nothing to hide you say-I don’t need a lawyer. We should all be concerned about the corruption that we are witnessing. No judge should ever deny listening to evidence EVER! That is what has happened. There is tons of evidence. Algorithms don’t lie, dead people don’t vote, watermarks on ballots don’t lie, affidavits of 100s of thousand of concerned Americans should concern you, other countries address shown on our election night computer voting count is wrong! Watch the videos! You will discover your country- the United States of America- was under risk of being overthrown! Horrible, corrupt, power-hungry-people have sold out for $$$. If nothing else- don’t you like to have freedom of choice? Don’t you want to choose your President, your leaders? Hopefully you will soon SEE truth? Prayers you will at least watch the evidence in the Mike Lindell videos? They can be found here. Absolute Proof, 9 to 0, and all the others. You got to see the pages and pages of evidence where votes for Trump were switched to Biden! TRUMP WON! And I pray you recognize and join the Patriot side that is going to take back America. We will never let the evidence be ignored. Might as well join the winning side?

    • @Jesus following teacher – Your diatribe is not unlike the writings on a bottle of Dr Broner’s pure castile soap. Maybe they could get you to write some copy for them!

      “You will discover your country- the United States of America- was under risk of being overthrown! ” That’s true, it was the Jan 6th insurrection!

      Mike Lindel is a former crack head; doesn’t mean he was wrong, no Ad Hominem Attack here. However, all the nonsense that he spews proves he’s not just wrong but deranged. When Trump doesn’t get re-instated in mid August are you going to rise up in the streets to take back the country in another coup attempt?

      Reading the comments on this website really makes me fear that we may be at the end of democracy here in the US. So many delusional people believing Trump’s big lie, eating up every conspiracy theory that he really won the election. Wow! I have truly seen the belly of the beast!

  48. The biggest problem is that nobody will be held accountable… there will be nothing but hot air and blame, but no one will go to jail!

    • No one will go to jail because there is no proof that fraud took place. Time and time again we hear that ‘This is it! We have the proof!’ Then when the ‘proof’ is exposed to the light of day it melts away again. It seems that many republicans just can’t accept that despite record turn outs for Mr Trump, there were more Americans turned off by his unconventional antics than were turned on by them. The sort of fraud that would be necessary for the theories to be correct simply would not be hideable and would require hundreds if not thousands of conspirators to remain silent for the rest of their lives. History shows us that this simply never happens. It also seems that the willingness to ignore reality and embrace some of the whackier theories stems from a fear of the demographic changes that are happening in America, which are historical and which cannot be stopped. I think this fear is unfounded. Change happens everywhere all the time and people just adapt. It’s no big deal.

    • It’s not that there has been “no proof”, it is that the courts have simply refused to take up the cases and not heard them at all.

      If Arizona shows up with significant discrepancies in the Audit.. it should trigger audits in other states which will probably show the same type of results. How could President Trump go from being numerous hundreds of thousands ahead in Pennsylvania to an hour later after they stopped the count to then he is suddenly with less count and then Biden is ahead. THEN they call it. Georgia has too many questions in it and Wisconsin is showing discrepancies as well. HMMMMM>…….. looks like a good audit is needed of those three as well since their seem to be questions.

    • I don’t think that’s going to be a problem this time. The only way to get the Pino out is prosecution! I don’t think Americans are going to let this slide. According to projected Trump voters, we are the majority! And the world is watching.

    • Sen Teacher. You really are as hopelessly stupid as any lefty could possibly be. You should really discontinue commenting. As entertaining as it may be for those of us who’s heads aren’t fully inserted into the donkey’s rectum,( as yours clearly is) your performance has begun to loose it’s intrigue. Frankly, you’re not even “B- list” material. Please double the recommended dosage of your meds, and find a window to lick. You are an embarrassment of monumental proportions. Making myself wonder if your mother had any successful abortions ??

  49. Make no mistake about it. This is THE crossroad, or perhaps the end of the road, for The Republic. If the marxist progressive left manages to cover up November’s election fraud, and we don’t secure the midterms against fraud, we’ll never see an honest election in America again, at least not without the shedding of blood. 2020 was the progressives dry run, to test their model for total election subversion, and if they get away with it, this will be their template for future elections (“show” elections really). The bad guys will control the electoral machinery, and the voting machine algorithms; they’ll expand unvetted mail in voting, nullify state voter ID laws, allow non-citizens (including illegals) to vote, flood us with even more immigrants, and use a packed SCOTUS as cover to affirm the “constitutionality” of it all. The system will no longer be self-correcting, and the 85 million people (the likely real number) who voted for Trump will be completely disenfranchised, and will have no peaceful recourse. It will make no difference how well they organize, get out the vote, convert others to their points of view, etc…., because the left will simply tweak the voting machine algorithms sufficiently, or manufacture enough unvetted last-minute mail-in ballots, to tip any election their way. The only thing that might matter is how straight patriots can shoot. On top of that, the primary process will be similarly compromised, so that there will never be a viable transformational candidate, just “go along to get along” professional politicians. Every once in a while, they’ll allow an acceptable “republican” to win, in order to maintain the façade of legitimacy, and the compliant press will label such RINOs “conservatives”, when in reality they’ll be globalists, part of the “club”. The uninformed will be deceived into thinking that their vote still matters, while at the same time wondering where their jobs, choices & liberties went. Add to that brainwashing through information control. The ballot box and the courts will no longer work, so the only way to break the Marxist globalist lock on America’s electoral system will be via extra-electoral means (state nullification, jury nullification, massive civil disobedience, backed by an armed citizenry, mass refusal to pay income taxes, and, God help us, civil war). It is THAT bad. What happened with the November election is 10x worse than 9-11, because it goes to the very core of what makes (or at least made) this country what it is (or was).

    • If anyone did any of the stuff you mention, tweeting voting machine algorithms etc it would be instantly and easily provable. It’s been looked at several times now it seems, and nothing has been found. Cyber Ninjas thought they had ‘uncovered’ thousands of missing ballots but on closer inspection they were there all the time, but Cyber Ninjas lacked the necessary understanding and expertise to find them. This seems to happen every time someone claims to have proof. I’m still looking. Maybe Mike Lindell will come up with something, although so far his main theories are all easily debunkable. We wait with baited breath.

    • I could not agree more!! I’m not sure many Americans know the significance of what occurred on November 3rd. This was a complete dismantling of our democracy, constitution, and way of life. These persons, and there our hundreds, if not thousands, involved in this theft, should and will be tried for treason. The punishment for treason is death by hanging or firing squad.

  50. Having just watched a Video audit of one of the security CCTV systems Installed At the Fulton county site for the Vote count, and Witnessing in the video the time and date stamps on the Monitor…. Seeing A poll supervisor, count and recount the same stack of ballots three Times…. That came from the suitcases under the table after poll workers were sent home…. And Now the official Vote tally is off by 17.5% In Arizona’s largest county, Putting Kommissar Bidens Election in doubt in at least TWO of the largest tallies,
    It is most certainly Time for a complete recount, Arrest and charging of those Caught on video of Manipulating and double counting…. Complete Discounting of ANY AND ALL votes…. For where the Data Tabulation files are missing/ Hard Drives Removed/ Chain of custody in doubt, not verifiable…. Penna trying to get an Audit Organized, It May be time for those court cases that were dismissed without looking at the Evidence of the Plaintiffs, …. To be Re-Examined for Probable cause, and possible re-reinstatement,…. And if the Cases are legitimate,…. Nullification of all E.O.’s and Laws Signed By the Kommissar, …. all of the roll backs Including Border policies,…. Let Cackling Kum-Allah, and The Biggest Ignoramus DemonkkkRATs Ever Nominated, Sit In The Offices, Under Sec Service Guard until such time as their Offices are Expired, …. Immediate arrest Occurring A short time Later, away from the media,…. Given the perp-Walk, …. in front of the media,…. and hustled away for trial In public at A Maximum Security Federal prison/ Military Prison,…. Leavenworth comes to mind ! Re-Instate Trump and continue his term, Then Let the Prosecutions Begin In Ernest of All Involved,….

    • Also Kind of Like the Old saw That , “a million here and a million there, and pretty soon were are talking, REAL money”…. well these Vote Shenanigans, could also lead to more than a few senators, Congressmen/women, and Governors to be removed as well upon recount ? Imagine Adim Schitt, “The Penguin” Nadler, Schmuck schumer, Nutty Nasty Peeloser, And All the fraudulent Legislators…. Removed and jailed.

    • And of course, NONE of this even touches on the vote switching algorithms of the machines & the tabulating software. So we have double digit ballot inflation (undoubtedly in favor of Biden), in the most populous county of a state where the margin of victory was a mere 10,000 votes. The election was stolen using 2 methods. See . 1) The machines, and 2) Illegal mail in ballots. There is time stamped forensic evidence of foreign (mostly Chinese) cyber intrusion into our election machines, 100% of which flipped votes from Trump to Biden. MILLIONS of votes., which is a big deal when you consider that the margins in states such as AZ, GA, PA & WI were in the 10s of thousands. This happened across the country, leading me to conclude that Trump received >80M votes & Biden something <70M. Then there are mail-in-ballot irregularities. Somehow, at 2350 EDT, multiple states simultaneously stopped ballot counting for the evening (when has THAT ever happened before), followed by massive mail-in-ballot dumps (some of them recorded on video (as in Fulton County, GA)). Using AZ, where the election margin was roughly 10,000 votes, here are some of the anomalies for Maricopa County: a) 12%, or 296,589 (when the historical average is well below 1%) of mail-in-ballots needed adjudication, of which 103,000 were "adjudicated" without a Republican observer present. b) 150,000 people registered in Maricopa County AFTER the deadline. c) We know that 36,400 illegal aliens voted in Maricopa County. d) We also know that 50,000 votes were loaded into the machines BEFORE the polls opened. e) 22,903 AZ mail-in-ballots received BEFORE they were mailed out (WTF???). Similar anomalies exist in GA, PA, WI, NV & PA. USPO backdated ballots, felons voting, minor children voting, no chains of custody.

    • The ‘suitcases’ full of ballots being pulled from under desks are just the usual containers they use to keep them in. This information has been around for weeks. It doesn’t help the cause if people keep screaming fraud when it’s so easily disproved. It just makes it looks like some folks will believe anything if it supports their already unshakeable conviction that mass fraud took place. The idea that all those Republican judges who threw out all the supposed evidence are somehow in on the scam stretches credulity. Maybe Mr Trump just lost? It’s a more likely scenario than that thousands of people were in on some huge coordinated plot. There’s just too many things that could go wrong, too many people who might blab. If the fraud thing is going to fly the standard of proof needs to go WAY up.

    • SEN Teacher:
      Right, so they were the official ballot containers, pulled out after sending everyone home, after lying about a water pipe breaking, and ran all of the ballots in those boxes through, 3-4 times, each. Got it. That makes it all OK, they weren’t “suitcases”, folks. Nothing to see here.

  51. What happened to what was said a few months back, which was because Joe Biden is under investigation for his (and his son’s) activities in Ukraine (among other things), he is not eligible to hold office in the first place.

    • It wasn’t true it seems. Mr Trump was under investigation before, during and after his presidency. It never stopped him being president.

    • SEN Teacher:
      Except it is true and well documented. The investigation is in to money laundering, which is why they actually issued a subpoena for his laptop. The money laundering investigation was going on since 2019. While they quite literally falsified evidence to begin the “investigation” in to Trump.
      Maybe try forming an opinion, instead of being informed of one?

    • Sen Teacher :SDNY has stated they will not charge Trump personally or the Trump Org. And then theres the four years of the Russian hoax you know the one start by Hillary and DNCC paid for dossair that was never paid for. Or the lies told to the FISA Courts you know the one that got the FBI agent convicted for forgery. Then let also talk about the phone call that Trump was impeached on. Oh how smart was Trump to get the Ukrainian President to agree to releasing it in full. Should I go on or is this enough examples of bad behavior conduct against Trump by the Democrats. Then if its not lets talk about the Emulument Clause you know the one brought up by Richard Blumithol the one who wife and her family owns the Empire State building. They rent one and half floors to the Chinese Government. The very same thing that he accuses Trump of by rent room at the hotel in Washington DC. You starting to see. Iam glad you dont teach my children as they are taught the truths.

    • Sen teacher is mad a mistake I said the Dossair was never piad for but of coarse it was by Hillary. What I ment to state is it was never Verifided. That where the FBI commited fraud on the FISA Court as a FISA warrant clearly in big bold lettering States VERIFIDED. Is was a lie as the Russian sub source himshelf said it was bar talk and never ment to be turth.

    • So true but you’ll never convince the low iq crowd of dope smoking liberal trash in our society .

    • That explains a lot. If a person or persons simply cannot conceive that their candidate could ever possibly lose then it’s not surprising that so many were unable to process the facts when he does in fact lose. It’s not hard to explain though. America is always changing, and you are in the middle of a long term and country wide demographic shift, whereby those that would traditionally be Republicans or hold very conservative views are shrinking in number, while many that would hold other views are growing in number. It means that as time goes on it will be harder for the former to maintain the type of control they traditionally have, and other voices will increase in volume. It’s just a natural process that is really nothing to fear. Change is the only constant, and the movements so large that slow as they happen, they can’t be stopped.

    • SEN Teacher: Sorry, nothing to do with “belief” but statistical impossibility, combined with proven fraud. Biden couldn’t get 12 people to show up in a parking lot, Trump had tens of thousands. Trump won in a landslide with the most votes ever in American history. They had to literally close down the tallying stations to generate enough “mail in” ballots to overcome his lead.
      Bless your little heart, junior. You’re not bright enough for your moniker.

    • I would make an effort to sell Sin Teacher a large portion of beach front property in Arizona that also includes a 4 lane expansion bridge, (as he is stupid enough to buy it) but the moron hasn’t two nickels to rub together and his credit is complete shit. Not even worth running a credit check let alone wasting an application.

  52. Honestly I believe people need to gather absent technologies,and figure this out, the whole country is controlled by rogue activist. No one is safe as long as they are in power.

  53. Trump should get 2 more terms, he’s entitled to one 4 year term but we should add one more 4 year term for the fraud reversing his progress and for the lime lost during investigation, investigation, investigations! It’s really sad for both sides that the election system is broken.

    • I’m sure if anyone produces proof of fraud they’ll have to accept it and then take it from there. So far though the ‘proof’ has only been good enough to convince those that already believe in the whole mass fraud thing. To those of us that are neutral none of it has stood up to scrutiny so far.

  54. Burn the Smartmatic/Hammer & Scorecard voting machines. Our votes do NOT matter until that is done. The Congress is 80% corrupted, at a minimum. The military must conduct a new election. What they have found in AZ that has been made public is just scratching the surface of what has been happening since 2004 according to Patrick Byrne. I no longer believe that America is a 50%/50% nation. I believe that is a narrative that has been propagated by the MSM for the Cabal & the CCP to bring on the Great Reset, the Beast of Revelation. To the trolls on this reply section: How much are you being paid by Soros or the CCP to peruse these sites and write your insults. It’s NEVER a factual rebuttal, is it? When you can only resort to name calling you are propping up a lie. Shame on you!

    • No name calling, no trolling. Just asking to be directed to the proof, and every time it turns out to be stuff that’s easily explainable. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. We continue to wait expectantly.

    • You would be amazed at how many conservatives that I know that don’t think their vote counts and don’t bother to vote. Many Trump voters are loud, but not all of them vote. Many on the far left the same, but there is a silent majority that believes that win or loose their vote counts, they believe their vote Matters. None of us are all good or all bad, but I pay that God gives us the ability to discern good from bad and right from wrong and grants us all His Peace. God’s Peace that Surpasses All Understanding!!!

  55. Taxpaying, Legal, American citizens wondered about Who in America would ever vote for a career politician with ties to Communism, Corruption, and also has a crack headed son. Gibbeting should be allowed for all traitors that allowed America’s Elections to be corrupted. No American Patriot would ever vote for a Commie Loving, BLM supporting, Police Defunding, Socialist Democrat, EVER. America First should be Supported by all American Politicians, in every political Arena, Forever.

    • . Sadly the word traitor is only a political word now. And we’re damned sure sling way from the hangman’s noose.

    • Trouble with that is that while you might enjoy seeing thousands upon thousands of people you don’t like lining every street and highway as they swing in the breeze from their gibbets, there would inevitably come a time when it would be you and your loved ones hanging there. It always goes that way when a society chooses to go the way you would like. Eventually it’s your number that comes up, because no one can ever be pure enough to satisfy the doctrine. If I were you guys I’d stick with liberal democracy, even with all of its inherent flaws.

  56. It has ben announced that Bezos is planning o take the first trip in space.

    “In an Instagram post early Monday, Bezos said he, his brother, and the winner of an ongoing auction will be aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard spacecraft during its scheduled launch on July 20.”

    As far as the majority of Americans would vote, take him and Biden into space and leave them there. That would be a win for America.On the next flight take Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, pencil neck and AOC. and again leave them there .

  57. Here’s the prediction! Biden is done after 1 term or perhaps illness takes him out sooner. Kamala is avoiding the giant border crisis because , she is being set up by the same powers that be to run for President! The Crap she said about Biden in the debates! No other front runner would have chosen her for her slights. The Leftists want her in power next to keep furthering the socialist agenda. The most important thing any one of us can do now, is to get the Republicans we need into office in the 2022 midterms. If not the Supreme Court , the second amendment and perhaps the soul of our nation is doomed !

    • Why does Trump say “We’re going to take back the House, the Senate and the W.H……sooner than you think!”? There are a lot of things happening that support the theory of a dual Presidency in which the corrupt Congress treasonously certified the corrupted results of the election and that the Military, knowing what Lindell knows, recognize Trump as Commander in Chief. Biden will be out VERY SOON in my opinion. I do expect a miracle.

    • We WON’T get them into office if the fraud isn’t exposed, promptly followed by SECURING the next election against it happening again. So far, I hear only crickets on the reform front, leading me to believe that we are going to see another Big Steal in the midterms, with the Dems increasing their majorities in both houses. The midterms are <17 months away and it will take MONTHS simply to put reforms into place. If we don't start NOW, it won't get done soon enough. WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!

  58. I admit that i was skeptic at first as to how the Democrats could have pulled off such a massive scale of corruption and deceiT, But folks the evidence just keeps piling up, The only problem we have is getting something done about it we have a Judicial System DOJ that is completely biased, Democrats could care less about honesty and integrity, and a Republican party with NO BACKBONE, And we have a very large portion of the American people with their heads buried in the sand, We have to WAKE UP Those that want to fundementally change our country into something we dont even recognize are in OVERDRIVE moving their agenda forward, We have ONE LAST CHANCE to stop this insanity in 2022, We must get Democrats out of office all across our country that includes county city and state elections, We must remove the RINOS that have taken over the Republican party as well, We cant stand on the sidelines on election day We must start fighting to save this country and take it back from the irresponsible incompetent leadership we presently have all across our country, As a vet that served this country i still believe we live in the most blessed country in the world and i believe its still worth fighting for. But we must be committed to taking a stand against the evil and incompetence that is trying to destroy this nation.

    • It’s not that the GOP has no spine, it’s that they were and are fully complicit in the coup that occurred here. It’s really just that simple. They’re traitors too.

    • If Lindell’s information is as solid as it appears to be, our election in all 50 states was hacked by the CCP and several other foreign countries with help from our Justice Dept and FBI, and millions of votes were changed. If our votes cast on these electronic machines which were online can be changedthen no voter is laws or mail in ballot limits matter at all. If our votes can be changed there is no need to vote at all – voting doesn’t matter. The Dominion and Smartmatic machines must be eliminated or we will never have another fair election. To make matters worse, anyone who thinks the Republicans in Congress are our friends is a complete fool. Name just one elected official in Washington, DC, who has ever even mentioned election fraud. There are none. Republicans are equally as fearful as their Dem counterparts of this disclosure because so many have availed themselves of these machines to get themselves re-elected and/or received kickbacks for helping these companies to sell those machines in their states.DC is corrupt from top to bottom – the elected officials, the appointees, the bureaucrats, the Civil Service employees, etc. We have let the federal govt outgrow the capacity of the people to pay for it. Why else do you think they borrow and print money with impunity? And guess who is to blame? Go look in the mirror. We have failed to hold our representatives accountable. Each of us or at least the great great majority never involves himself in local politics including County Council meetings, tow council meetings, school board meetings, party reorg meetings, etc. We’re all asleep at the wheel. We should all be giving regular email and phone messages to our federal, state, and local representatives telling them what we expect of them. Well this might fall on deaf ears but my wife and I are waking up and getting involved. Gotta say it was Gen Michael Flynn who woke me up. Guys like he and Lindell will never quit fighting for our Country. They inspire me and I stand with them. Visit and see the evidence for yourself.

    • We WON’T get traction in 2022 if the fraud isn’t exposed, promptly followed by SECURING the next election against it happening again.

    • I agree with you 100%, Walter E. I am DONE with the GOP.
      Fixing the fraudulent stolen 2020 presidential election was 100% within the constitutional powers of the GOP controlled GA, MI, WI, PA & AZ legislatures. If the party would not muster sufficient discipline (and moral courage) to convince a few hundred CRAVEN republican state legislators to challenge their states’ presidential elections, WHAT GOOD IS THE GOP? Why didn’t the RNC pressure the HELL out of those state legislators? Because they wanted Trump gone too, so that they could unabashedly go back to their corrupt globalist statist ways. Then the party bombarded us for contributions to help with the GA Senate run-offs, telling us that they would save the day, if only the GOP could hold on to the Senate. Just like they promised to repeal & replace ObamaCare, if only we gave them the Presidency and both houses of Congress. If the GOP screwed us on something as MONUMENTAL as the presidential election, I expect it would have screwed us in the Senate, even with a 51/49 GOP majority. A leopard does not change its spots. I am done with the GOP, because the globalist GOP, without Trump at the helm, will do NOTHING to advance a nationalist populist America First agenda, one based on individual freedoms, and the Constitution. Trump was the key, and without Trump as president, the GOP has zero value. It is just another Swamp Creature. I’ll give my money to Trump’s group, or to specific well-chosen GOP candidates. Never to the party.

    • Your post mentions the proof that keeps ‘piling up’. Can you direct me to some of it? I’ve been asking for a while but so far no one has been able to show me anything of substance, just lots of little tidbits that don’t stand up to scrutiny and only seem to add up if you are already a believer, or desperately need to become one. It’s a big claim, it needs big proof. Please direct me.

    • Sen Teacher its funny that you mention the government has bigger guns than us the US was out gunned in the revolutionary war as well. But back to my point the National Gaurd makes up 61% off the US Military and who controls the National Gaurd. Yes that would be the governors of the state in which they inlisted. Then you now have the US Armed Forces purging it shelf of right leaning members. That percentage is going to go down. Then you must look at those tha will defect when told to go kill grandma and grandpa there will be alot. Those percentage drop even lower. Now the state control around 85% percent of the US military. You getting my point. Then we must look at the food chain and the oil supply they are also controlled at the state level. I cant see poeple that has been setting at a computer pushing buttons for years know how to safely open a well up, refine the oil, or operating a pipe line to get the large city the needs to which they need to survive. So please tell me who has the big guns. And if they were to use a nuke all above mentioned is gone. Big Guns are in the hands of the people. That the whole reason for a Democratic Rebuplic.


    • I think the governments guns are a bit bigger than yours though. And their tanks, and drones and missiles. Everyone realised this, which is why despite the talk every time it comes to a stand off the ‘patriots’ always seem to see sense and go home to their families. Considering the outcome of the last civil war it’s not surprising that people are a bit hesitant.

  60. These treasonous culprits that are polluting our DOJ , FBI and National Media New outlets have spent the last 5 years politicizing our Justice Department in broad daylight and with smirks on there faces . They have framed an American President for Russian collusion and spent 3 years on a phony and illegal investigation . They framed an American war hero and bragged about it on live television while feeling 100% ok about it ! Do you really think that they are not capable and willing to commit massive voter fraud ? Trump should have declared martial law and forced the audit immediately . The DC Democrat political machine has been taken over by facists and communists with a mission to destroy our country . We must STOP them !!

    • BTW, and for clarification…. COLLUSION IS NOT A CRIME IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM. It it were, then EVERY agreement, contract, etc. whether verbal or written (car purchase, home, credit card, all of it) would be considered a criminal act. Let that sink in.

    • Thinking they are capable is not the same as proving they did it, which so far no one has managed to do. If you know of any actual proof please direct me to it.

    • As Americans we own property, businesses and so forth. That makes what they are trying to do more personal. They want to take more than our votes, our liberty, and our rights. They won’t be happy until they have EVERYTHING. They have made fools of us for all the world to see. I don’t really see any choice but to take matters into our own hands. By the way SEN Teacher, If you can’t see the proof, its because you refuse to and there is nothing you would accept as proof. There are witnesses, video of tampering with ballots, video of ballots being run through tabulators numerous times, video of dumpsters full of ballots, videos of Trump ballots dumped in fields, and garbage cans, videos of people checking to see if actual voters lived at addresses that lead them to empty lots and houses where the residents never heard of them, proof of long ago dead people voting and you want actual proof. There is A LOT of it all you have to do is open your eyes.

    • Lisa , you have successfully described today’s progressive liberal perverted logic .

      Thank You !

  61. When we have “leaders” of the country that have edited God and His values out of their lives, we get the kind of disaster that we are in real time observing with Pelosi, Schumer, Obama, Soros, and Biden and his socialist political mafia.
    The stability that president Trump provided has been shattered and we are sinking, but the fools of Biden’s group do not think, if he has the ability to think, that he and his criminal mafia will also go down with the ship.

  62. With over 5000 National Guard troops surrounding the capital for months on end it appears Biden isn’t the legitimate potus . Most reasonable folks know this , the low iq trash do NOT.

  63. When our country was founded traitors were taken to the gallows and hung for treason. Now is the time to take Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer and Cortez out to the gallows and hang the traitors.

    • You are right ! I was kicked off twitter because I posted the same thing about Traitors. Nice that someone else is saying this

  64. When our country was founded a number of traitors were taken to the gallows and hung for treason. It is time to take Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer and Cortez to the gallows as their just deserts for trying to destroy America.

    • When your country had a civil war the south got its but whipped. That’s the reason you won’t see mass hanging of politicians. The people who would do that sort of thing lost the war so don’t get to decide.

    • That certainly would be the correct action with an equal justice system. Unfortunately we now have a two tier justice system.

    • Weren’t they waiting the outcome of the Az. audit to see if it was needed to also do two or three other states?

  65. iq it takes a cultists to know one. Someone failed to teach you to respect the President of the United States of America. We are not gullible we are intelligent Americans, you have no iq. It is all over ONE AMERICA NEWS AND YOU CAN SEE WHAT IS GOING ON . THE PROOF THAT OBIDEN DID NOT WIN IS THERE.

    • I thought Mike Lindell’s Symposium was finally going to be the forum where all of this “proof” was going to be exposed. Even Steve Bannon acknowledged that he fell short and there was zero proof presented, just interesting theories. Maybe all of us should keep an open mind and wait for real facts. Anyone can claim something; in this country, we have what’s called due process. We all should strive to be unbiased in our evaluation of information presented to us; it’s tempting to bite on all the commentary that supports our preferred position.. We need to be better than that to stay informed in this internet age….. I’ve voted Republican my whole life, but I put my country before my party folks

  66. Does this mean the thief who robbed and stole the jewels has been caught and now gets to keep them or will they be returned to the rightful owner?

    • Trump is always right , that’s why today’s low iq progressive liberal trash hate his guts and anyone who disagrees.
      Is that a fair statement ?

    • lol you cultists are so guillable you believe anything that would put the orange cheeto back in office lol lol

    • Yeah, low iq is a mere child, oblivious to rational thinking. The low information drones like iq are just haters, and screamers, and safe-space stooges of the dumb kind.

    • Right, as we all watched the numbers CHANGE on national tv during the ongoing election. Faux news declared bidumb the winner of VA, while the chryon at the bottom of the screen was showing Trump UP by a mere 16.8%. An insurmountable lead, yet declaring Trump lost the state? That was the moment I knew the fraud was happening. That was at 8:50 p.m. on 3-Nov-20. CNN MOVED 20,000 votes from Trump to Bidumb on subsequent notifications on screen. WE HAVE SCREEN SHOTS TO PROVE IT. The list is absolutely endless showing the fraud and treason committed. But, don’t believe your lying eyes. 300% turnout is just another Tuesday in many precincts across the country. More votes cast than registered voters is not indicative of fraud. 67% error rate is not indicative of fraud, when the legal allowable limit is .0004%. And the list is quite literally endless.

    • You are correct John. Trump EVISCERATED Bidumb in the most epic landslide in US history. He made the most corrupt human being in memory look good. That is WHY the fraud is so easy to expose. There was SO much needed to overcome the epic disaster there was no time to cover it up. That continues now. Thousands have earned their time before the firing squad, which is what the Constitution of the United States lays out as punishment for TREASON.

    • Hey !!!! Low IQ !!!! Do you REALLY think that ANYTHING you post is taken seriously here ???? Your the same source of laughter now as when you posted here using a different name. Your STILL a nobody. I gotta axe y’all a question. What do you actually think your accomplishing by posting your propaganda here ???? Other than making an ass out of yourself more and more. Chopperpilot definetly has your number kid….

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