BOMBSHELL: Election Results For 2022 ALREADY Being Doubted

( Exclusive) – According to a new report from WND, it seems that election results from this year, 2022, the primary results, are now being challenged as inaccurate.

Oh boy, it looks like those Democrats are up to their old tricks again, doesn’t it? These folks never, ever learn. They are so corrupt they are willing to do whatever it takes to not only win elections, but to ensure they stay in power for a very, very long time, enabling them to complete their agenda, which is to tear the country down and replace it with the vision of Marx.

We’ve been given an almost inexhaustible list of reasons to wonder and worry about the accuracy of the 2020 presidential race, which President Donald Trump continues to maintain he won, but was cheated out of his second term thanks to voter fraud.

But what’s more worrisome than the results of that election, according to a report from Margot Clevelant of the Federalist, are the instances of election-rigging that took place.

“The election was rigged with every illegal drop box placed in Democrat-heavy precincts,” she went on to explain, and “when the Pennsylvania legislature unconstitutionally authorized no-excuse absentee voting and when Philadelphia clerks illegally inspected ballots and then told Democrat activists which voters needed to cure their ballots for their votes to count.”

The report then goes on to reveal that “when Wisconsin election officials ignored the state election code, telling voters they were ‘indefinitely confined’ because of Covid and that nursing homes could ignore Wisconsin’s requirement that special voting deputies oversee elections in residential facilities, “and “with every dollar of Zuck Bucks designed to get out the Democrat vote, and with every leftist activist embedded in county clerks’ offices to push such efforts while accumulating untold voter data to the benefit of the Biden campaign.”

There were many more instances that were listed by Cleveland in the piece, but I think you get the picture.

“Now VoterGA, a non-partisan, 501(c)3 organization created to restore election integrity in Georgia, announced it is challenging the results of the Republican Secretary of State primary on May 24,” WND reported.

“All 159 counties are named as respondents in the contest, that was filed in Spalding County by VoterGA’s co-founder Garland Favorito and attorney Todd Harding,” the organization stated in a report.

“Georgia law allows the same charge against multiple counties to be heard in the jurisdiction of one county. The contest alleges the Dominion vote count for the Secretary of State race is not accurate and that incumbent SOS, Brad Raffensperger, certified unlawful results when he declared himself the winner of the primary with 52% of the vote in a four-way race including Jody Hice, T.J. Hudson and David Belle Isle,” the report stated.

The organization wants to unseal the ballots to determine whether or not the count is accurate. The group has made the claim that the counties in question have violated Open Records Request law by not honoring a request for an electronic copy of the actual ballots.

The group then charged that it discovered the Dominion ballot images that were required to produce 2020 Fulton County election results were electronically altered before certification.

“The contest cites evidence collected from a VoterGA monitoring team during a June 6 Cobb Co. hand count audit. The team monitored most Election Day ballots in the Vinings 04 precinct and found Raffensperger received about 53% of the Republican Election Day SOS votes while the Dominion voting system awarded him 68.4% of those votes. Thus, the Dominion software attributed about 15% more votes to Raffensperger’s electronic totals than the actual paper ballots seem to show. Since county tabulators are prepped centrally under the jurisdiction of the SOS office and vulnerable to a single point of attack, there is a significant risk that all tabulators statewide awarded extra votes to Raffensperger which helped him avoid an expected runoff,” VoterGA went on to say in their report.

“VoterGA said counties in the state have had “several” counting problems with the Dominion voting system in this year’s primaries already, including when an election night graphic allocated 3,317 votes to a school board candidate in Fulton County who wasn’t on the ballot,” WND reported on the issue.

The group has charged that in a different location, the voting system has miscounted votes for candidates by a whopping total of thousands.

All we know for sure at this point is that the left participating in such a scheme does not, in the slightest, seem surprising. If there’s one thing Democrats are good at, it’s cheating.

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  1. What is it going to take to get the people and honest politicians to realize there is no more important issue than returning to paper ballots and restoring the integrity of our elections.

  2. The only reason the communists aren’t worried about mid-terms are because they’ve already figured out the steal. If they do it again, they better not think they’re going to pass any laws that people will abide by. This time they’ll pay a lot more than they would have if they would have done it right.


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