BOMBSHELL: McCarthy Could Lose House Speakership

( Exclusive) – Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has found himself in hot water with his party and that could very well end up costing him what he treasures most: the speaker’s gavel.

Before McCarthy became Speaker, he endured a marathon voting session during which the most conservative members of the House negotiated terms that would win over their votes.

One of the concessions McCarthy made was a provision that would allow a single member of the House to put forward a motion to vacate the speaker’s chair.

The conservatives in the GOP were happy with the deal as it provided accountability for McCarthy but moderates feared it would weaken his hand.

Now, McCarthy would have had nothing to worry about if he wasn’t making deals with the devil. Unfortunately, his agreement with Joe Biden in regards to the debt-ceiling has upset many within the GOP and rightfully so.

NBC News reports, they’re rallying against him and even considering using the parliamentary tactic that would remove McCarthy from his seat.

During a conference call Monday night, Republican Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado, suggested to fellow members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus that it might be time to use a rule that would force a new vote for the House speakership.

Buck called the potential move “the elephant in the room.”

On Monday night he took to Twitter to lambast McCarthy’s deal with Biden, saying, “we need real fiscal change in Washington. This bad deal isn’t the solution. It’s the opposite.”

NBC divulged that not all Republicans were on board with taking a move as drastic as removing McCarthy’s from his leadership seat. However, the outlet spoke with one lawmaker, who it did not identify, who said that the budget deal is a “complete miss.”

“I’d say there are five or more who would be sympathetic to Buck’s position,” the legislator stated.

Back when McCarthy finally won the gavel, CNN disclosed the importance of his agreeing to the provision that would take only a single member of the House to trigger a motion to vacate the speaker chair. It noted, “this is significant because it would make it much easier than it is currently to trigger what is effectively a no-confidence vote in the speaker. Conservatives pushed hard for this, while moderates are worried it will weaken McCarthy’s hand.”

Many Republicans have not held back their disapproval of the McCarthy-Biden deal and on Saturday some took to social media to slam the package.

In a Twitter post, Buck called it a “debt ceiling surrender” that is “completely unacceptable.”

Texas Republican Rep. Chip Roy responded to a Twitter user’s plea to stop the bill from being passed in the House with a straightforward statement, “We’re going to try.”

Now it’s time for Republicans to prove that they’re willing to take the necessary steps to prevent bad deals from being successful. Are they willing to stand up for the American people?

If the Republicans can’t stop the budget deal, are they willing to take action against McCarthy? One thing is for sure, they’re right to take a stand for responsible spending in Washington. The Biden regime has done enough damage without the help of the GOP. Now is not the time to start conceding.

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