BOMBSHELL: President Trump Releases Letter From US Attorney Proving AG Barr Told Him Not To Investigate The 2020 Election Results In PA

( Exclusive) – Every day seems to bring new evidence of corruption regarding the 2020 election. On Sunday, during the CPAC event in Texas, President Trump discussed a letter that the US Attorney in Pennsylvania sent him recently in which he claimed former AG Bill Barr instructed him not to investigate any allegations of fraud or corruption from the election.

On Monday night, Trump released the letter for the world to see.

The letter from the former US Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, William McSwain, shared with President Trump said that “Attorney General Barr, however, instructed me not to make any public statements or put out any press releases regarding possible election irregularities.” (Screen shot here).

He also told Trump that he was instructed by Barr to “pass along serious allegations to the State Attorney General for investigation,” and noted that that was the same State Attorney General (Democrat shill Josh Shapiro) who had already “declared you could not win.”

McSwain admitted that he “disagreed with that decision,” but said that those were his “orders” and explained that as a former Marine infantry officer he has been “trained to follow the chain of command” even when he disagrees with them.

Earlier in the letter, McSwain tells Trump that he thinks he was “right to be upset about the way the Democrats ran the 2020 election in Pennsylvania” and called it a “partisan disgrace.”

Indeed it was. President Trump wasn’t the only one upset about the way the election went down in the state of Pennsylvania. Still, 40% of voters in the state have issues with how things went and don’t believe that their votes matter any no longer. That’s a massive problem.

Former AG Barr should be held accountable for this directive and his obvious role in protecting the fraudulent stolen election.

If Bill Barr specifically instructed US Attorneys to pass on investigating fraud allegations from the 2020 election that is not something he should get a free pass for. He directly contributed to the lies perpetrated by the radical left Democrats and their propaganda-pushing media sycophants that there was no fraud and that the 2020 election was the “most secure” in US history.

Not only did Barr instruct US Attorneys not to investigate any allegations of fraud and corruption, he also made excuses and justified the illegal chicanery that was caught on tape, like the hidden suitcases of ballots in Georgia and the middle of the night ballot drops in Michigan.

As far as the middle of the night ballot drops in suspicious unmarked vans at the TCF Center in Detroit, Barr told President Trump that it was all “entirely normal.”

Barr also ignored the numerous incidents of poll watchers and GOP observers being blocked from watching and observing not only in Michigan but in other states like PA as well.

Barr claimed that the Department of Justice had even looked into claims of fraud and that they had not “seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election.”

This was obviously a bold-faced lie as it is now apparent that there was no actual attempt to investigate any of the allegations.

When the truth, the full truth, finally comes to light, Bill Barr needs to be arrested and made to be held accountable for his actions, or lack thereof.

Copyright 2021.

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  1. Barr and so many other deficient character people betrayed the American laws, Constitution and the People. An oath to these people does not mean anything, but they forget that it is not only a promise they made before the People of this country, but more importantly before God. He always will hold them accountable.

    • Could not agree with you more. The lawlessness and corruption is everywhere…government, media, corporations, academia, church hierarchy, etc. No one (except a conservative) is held accountable for anything in this upside-down world.

  2. John, As much as i approved of PRESIDENT TRUMPS POLICIES, He did have one problem, He was not really great at picking Cabinet members
    both of his picks for AG were terrible and its their lack of performance is WHY we have the disgraceful mess sitting in the Oval Office now and the mess we have in our country now. President Trump is one of the best we have ever had, But if he gets back in office i hope he will seek better advice on cabinet selections.

    • In absolutely total agreement with you. Someone was giving him very bad advice when it came to picking cabinet members and heads of agencies. Trump fired Comey (great), but then replaced him with Chris Wray ( another total failure and deep stater!). Gina Haspell at the CIA – another bad choice. I do also hope that Trump will learn his lesson should he run and win next time. He may have taken some very bad advise from his son-in-law. Jared was great when it came to Israel, but ill advised Trump on many other issues and probably picks as well. Can Kushner ( a dem) and let Don Jr. or Eric advise. Or keep family out altogether!

  3. Barr is a deep state rat. Worthless POS who defended the FBI sniper who slaughtered Randy Weaver’s wife and child at Ruby Ridge, Idaho for no reason.


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