BOMBSHELL REPORT: In 3 Weeks, States Can Destroy Their 2020 Election Evidence

( Exclusive) – The 2020 presidential election was brazenly stolen by the Democrats and their powerful allies. The world knows it and Americans know it no matter how much the Democrats want to pretend otherwise.

Joe Biden is a usurper and illegitimate president. Millions of Americans know this and refuse to accept the narrative that the 2020 election was somehow safe and secure and totally normal.

It doesn’t appear there will ever be any justice for the 2020 election and to make matters worse, all the evidence from that election will be destroyed in just three weeks.

We are still dealing with the aftermath of the stolen 2020 election and life for Americans, and even for people around the world, has gotten a lot worse not better. There doesn’t seem to be any relief in sight, especially since the Democrats got their way with the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” that is sure to make the US economy much worse.

Americans can expect to continue dealing with raging inflation and soaring gas prices for the foreseeable future.

The worst part about the whole 2020 election is the fact that the left used a senile elderly man suffering from dementia as their candidate and still managed to pull off the steal.

It was so brazen and in our faces. We all knew Joe Biden didn’t have a real chance at winning and there’s no way the man who campaigned from his basement and couldn’t attract gnats to his bizarre socially distanced rallies won 81 million votes.

It defies logic, common sense and the reality itself.

Nonetheless, the left and their powerful allies in the establishment, Big Tech, the FBI, DOJ, and the media have all worked very hard to cover-up the stolen election.

While Trump tried to stop the whole thing, he was in over his head. No one could have ever imagined just how deep the corruption ran. We aren’t talking about powerful individuals, we’re talking about massive industries and entire agencies. The corruption is massive and it’s going to take more than just one man to root it out and destroy it.

Meanwhile, evidence from the election has been destroyed and no one has been charged with any of the obvious election tampering and rigging that took place. Instead, patriotic, freedom-loving Americans have been hunted down and prosecuted, charged with nonsense “crimes” and made to be the example of what happens when we, the people, stand up to the tyrannical government.

Attempts were made to get to the truth but they were all shut down in one way or another by corrupt individuals who are part of the bigger, criminal enterprise that has become our federal government.

The reality has sunk in. We are stuck with Joe Biden and his fraudulent regime until 2025 and we can only hope that Republicans take action to stop a repeat of the 2020 election or we will be stuck with someone either as bad or worse than Biden.

Soon, all evidence of the stolen 2020 election will be gone. Destroyed by those eager to put it in the history books.

The law states:

Every officer of election shall retain and preserve, for a period of twenty-two months from the date of any general, special, or primary election of which candidates for the office of President, Vice President, presidential elector, Member of the Senate, Member of the House of Representatives, or Resident Commissioner from the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico are voted for, all records and papers which come into his possession relating to any application, registration, payment of poll tax, or other act requisite to voting in such election, except that, when required by law, such records and papers may be delivered to another officer of election and except that, if a State or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico designates a custodian to retain and preserve these records and papers at a specified place, then such records and papers may be deposited with such custodian, and the duty to retain and preserve any record or paper so deposited shall devolve upon such custodian. Any officer of election or custodian who willfully fails to comply with this section shall be fined not more than $1,000 or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.

September 3, 2022 will mark twenty-two months after the 2020 election.

Americans can, however, take action and petition the courts to have the evidence preserved and saved for historical purposes. Despite the left’s insistence that there is “no evidence,” more and more gets uncovered every day.

You can take action right where you live by working to keep the evidence from being destroyed until proper audits and investigations can be done, which will hopefully be after the midterms when Republicans take control.

Copyright 2022.

Overturn The Election

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  1. Les Roberts: defender of oBama is just another progressive European piece of trash with a serious case of Trump Derangement Syndrome .
    A whiny queer one at that!

  2. No denying the 2020 election was stolen by the low life progressive liberal filth on the democrat party of loser .
    Americans never wanted this corrupt sleepy Joe Biden as their potus .

  3. I do deny it. When he first came on the scene I thought trump might be a breath of fresh air, maybe just what your country needed. But after watching him tell one lie after another, starting with his inauguration crowd no sense and going steadily downhill from there I realised what a crook he is. As I’ve said before, you can lock Obama and all the rest up and throw away the key for all I care. Corporate shills the lot of them. Trump is as bad or worse though. He has big oil and big pharma money coming out his ears. He’s a psycho rich boy, terrible at business and worse at politics. It’s not so much trump derangement syndrome as an ability to spot a con man. And this idea that ‘the world knows the election was stolen’? Total horse shit. Only American conservatives believe this, and many of them actually don’t believe it but are too scared of trump’s deranged followers to say it out loud. Everyone not in America can see crystal clear that he lost fair and square, then couldn’t take being branded a one term loser so he’d rather destroy your democracy than admit what he is.

    • “Defender of Liberty” my ass!

      This post is a grand canyon-sized crock of shit from someone who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him in the crotch!

      First of all, Joe Biden is the biggest liar, fraud and plagiarist in human history. The Democrats have NEVER told the truth about anything since they, Hillary Clinton and the FBI ATTEMPTED TO RIG THE 2016 ELECTION by smearing Trump as a traitor and a Russian agent using a garbage dossier they paid a disgraced British spy to produce.

      After Trump won, the Democrats with their boot-licking Media launched a 4-year insurrection to overthrow the government by trying to take out the 45th President by any means possible.

      They tried the phony Mueller investigation putting the nation through 2 1/2 years of hell. When that failed, they had bogus impeachment #1 where they falsely accused Trump of doing what Joe Biden actually did: use American aid to blackmail the President of Ukraine. In Biden’s case, it was to get the prosecutor fired who was investigating his son for corruption. With Trump, Democrats tried to claim that by asking the new Ukrainian President about that incident, he was asking for dirt on his chief political rival – which couldn’t be Biden since he hadn’t even announced he was running for President.

      Now, compare that bullshit to Joe Biden weaponizing the DOJ to waive Trump’s executive privilege – which the demented idiot doesn’t have the power to do – so they can sic the FBI after Trump with an unconstitutional warrant (aka, fishing expedition) who is his political rival if Biden runs again in 2024 and then Biden lies about it to the public and goes off on vacation again.

      Also compare the bullshit “crimes” they claim Trump committed to the thousands of real crimes committed by Hilary Clinton and the upper echelon of the FBI in Comey, Strzok and McCabe. Trump as President has the sole authority to declassify anything while Hillary had ZERO authority to hide and then destroy 33,000 classified emails on a server in her home.

      After Impeachment #1 failed and realizing that Trump would be re-elected in a landslide, they plotted to steal it away from him by altering the vote counts in five swing states BEFORE Election Day with ballot stuffing and ballot harvesting and AFTER Election Day using preprinted Biden ballots and counting them multiple times enough to tip their electoral votes from Trump to Biden.


      Stealing the election was not the only thing they did, either. They expected that Trump and his 75 million supporters would reject the outcome and launch a protest, so they had the FBI and Capitol Police to entrap his supporters in a false flag operation to make it look like they were taking over the government when the whole idea of that was a joke – except for all the “serious offenses” they manufactured to throw innocent people into solitary confinement without charging them.

      You need to pack your bags and move to a real Banana Republic since you have no problem with your fascist party turning America into one!

  4. The supposed ‘evidence’ so far has been one joke after another. Remember Mike a Lindell’s cyber symposium? He was going to blow the whole thing wide open but the only thing he blew was what was left of his reputation when his own cyber experts said the ‘evidence’ was a pile of crap. Remember Cyber Ninjas and the Arizona ‘audit’? Again nothing, despite millions of tax payer dollars being wasted the ceo of Cyberninjas himself said they found nothing. The ‘suitcases of ballots taken out from under desks’? Standard ballot containers in use everywhere. The flood of Biden votes later in the vote count? Legitimate early and mail in votes counted and put in late. The bamboo in the paper? Bullshit. They found nothing. Every hand recount that has been done has confirmed there was no fraud. Former President trump started saying the election was going to be fixed months before it even took place, putting an alibi in place in case he lost. None of this even touches on the illegal shit they all tried to pull AFTER they lost the vote. In short, the whole ‘stolen election’ is a massive pile of steaming horses hit cooked up by a psychopathic sore loser and believed by millions of people desperate to fend off the modern world and go back to the 50’s when they preferred to be alive. Well, you can’t go back folks. The country has changed and the days of minority conservative rule are coming to an end. That’s why you’re all so scared and angry, I get it. But all things change, it’s just the way god meant it to be.

    • The “JOKE” is on our Whitehouse, you know , your hero’s former Vice President and the first gay half negro potus Brock obama. Surely your cult of losers will ever admit though.
      There’s one thing your cult ALL suffers from is Trump Derangement Syndrome. You CANNOT deny that .


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