BOMBSHELL: Report Released, Confirming Obama’s Treason

( Exclusive) – A lot of folks have been looking for someone to pin the blame on for the current disaster befalling the nation of Afghanistan, with tons of folks rightly putting it squarely on the shoulders of Joe Biden, while others have wrongfully blamed Trump.

You see, President Donald Trump was planning to pull troops too. However, that action was based on certain conditions being met first. Biden’s withdrawal was unconditional, which is totally the wrong way to carry out the order.

However, according to a report from WND, there’s one other person who deserves a big chunk of the blame for what’s happening in Afghanistan. And that’s none other than former President Barack Obama who released the Taliban leader who ended up being the mastermind behind the terrorist organization’s takeover.

Khairullah Khairkhwa is one of the five leaders that Obama released from Guantanamo back in 2014 in exchange for U.S. Army deserter and coward Bowe Bergdahl. Khairkhwa was actually part of the official delegation that was in negotiations with Biden and his administration to finalize terms of the withdrawal of U.S. troops, which helped to clear a path for the Taliban to then take over Afghanistan.

“U.S. intelligence officials regarded the Taliban Five as the ‘hardest of the hardcore’ and urged Obama to reconsider his decision to release them from the Guantanamo Bay prison. Sperry noted that Obama assured Americans the jihadist leaders would be transferred to Qatar and prevented from causing any trouble,” the report said.

“In fact, they were left free to engineer Sunday’s sacking of Kabul,” the New York Post’s Paul Sperry writes.

“After the release of the Taliban Five, the Obama-Biden administration then turned a blind eye to intelligence reports and the pledge of the commanders to return to fight Americans in Afghanistan. Using Qatar as a base, they made contacts with active Taliban militants in Afghanistan,” the report continued.

Khairkhwa recently stated at the peace summit with the United States that the prime objective of the Taliban was to establish Islamic law in Afghanistan.

“I started jihad to remove foreign forces from my country and establish an Islamic government, and jihad will continue until we reach that goal through a political agreement,” Khairkhwa went on to say.

“Sperry pointed out that earlier this year, Khairkhwa promised not to retaliate against any Afghans who worked with the U.S. military or the American-backed government in Kabul,” WND’s report noted.

However, new reports that are emerging from Kandahar and Kabul seem to indicate that the Taliban are currently going door-to-door with a kill list. Hardly sounds like a peaceful bunch, right?

Sperry then stated in his report that the Taliban leader previously served as the interior minister for the Taliban in Afghanistan, where his duties included oversight of enforcing Islamic-law punishments. You know, barbaric stuff like chopping people’s heads off and stoning them to death. Such a progressive bunch, eh?

Muhammed Arif Mustafa, a Taliban commander, recently conducted an interview with fake news kings, CNN, where he plainly stated the group’s ultimate objective.

“It’s our belief that one day, mujahedin will have victory, and Islamic law will come not to just Afghanistan, but all over the world. We are not in a hurry. We believe it will come one day. Jihad will not end until the last day,” he said during his interview.

One journalist for the network said the remarks are “a chilling admission from a group that claims it wants peace.”

“The Taliban does indeed want peace,” Spencer said in his report. “It wants the peace that will follow the world’s submission to the hegemony of Islamic law.”

“Earlier this year, Khairkhwa assured the administration that the Taliban would not launch a spring military offensive if Biden committed to removing all remaining American troops. He also promised not to retaliate against any Afghans who worked with the US military or the US-backed government in Kabul. But Khairkhwa showed no signs of remorse or rehabilitation inside Gitmo — if anything, he’s probably more embittered toward the United States. Why would they believe him?” The NY Post reported.

So, when you see all of the atrocities that are currently unfolding in Afghanistan, it’s not just Joe Biden’s fault. It’s Obama’s too. All so he could get points for saving a deserter like Bowe Bergdhal.

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  1. Obama bergdahl episode was a crime to all the fine military men who lost their lives of the injuries they sustained. Bergdahl wasn’t worth retrieving and not worth the injuries and death to real patriots.

  2. This just keep going! We have known for decades the government was behind 911! ANOTHER MONEY WAR! And their buddies made billions! Bush’s dad let the bin ladins fly when nobody else could cause they were all in the same business of starting wars! And his son stopped the taking of him in the tora bora mountains! Cheney gave himself the contract for the war and made a fortune! And the brainwashing media pretends they never knew a thing while they all got rich! We knew for absolute sure when they refused any investigation of the tower when 3000 scientist ‘s and engineers called bull shit! Trump was cutting their money string ! That is why they hate him!

    • The entire Bush family are sell-outs just like the Cheneys, Clintons, Obamas, Bidens, Pelosi’s, and likely 99.9% of the democRAT party and approaching 70% of the republicans! They hate Trump not only because he was cutting off their money but he was also collecting names and (prosecutable) information on them that would put them AND a good % of the “employees” of the 3 letter agencies away for life for their planning and participation into nepharious BS worldwide for decades!

    • America: How do you like the “FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE”….Obama promised “pre-pre-election” 2004? he “warned us”, time & again…..Demoncrats everywhere, “moon faced, toungue hanging out”, in an attempt to be one of the first to elect a black-skinned person”? { Really?}….:O{{{

    • “ Fundamental change “, Obama becomes rich by fraud and corruption while his bottom feeding liberal trash suffer.

    • When our “elected”officials commit treason against our country it is (according to our Constitution) punishable by military firing squad NOT prison! So I say do to them what they’ve done (and allowed to be done) to hundreds.. if not tens of thousands of innocent people around the world!

  3. If you remember it was only a matter of weeks after their release that they went AWOL from Qatar, as they were not being watched. That was planned. Oblamo is a traitor, no question about it. He spent 8 YEARS sucking up to every muslim he could wrap his arms around, all while dissing Israel and spending $300k trying to keep Netanyahu from being re-elected.
    But, did you really expect anything less? He grew up a muslim in kenya, where he was born. THOSE videos were on utube. Both he and his husband wife stated NUMEROUS times he was born in Kenya.

  4. One Kenyan raghead exchanges five Taliban ragheads in GITMO for an American deserter, and after a few short years we find ourselves where we are now! Some heavy dues will soon be paid by certain sinister and well-known individuals! A few strategically placed MOABs (followed by a few tactical nukes after all Americans and Afghan refugees as can be are evacuated successfully) and wiser heads perhaps will prevail! The rest of the world will DEFINITELY sit up and take notice!

    • In 2009 , their hero , Hussein Obama told the world he would stand with his Muslim brothers …
      He’s no patriot…

    • Members of congress should have stood up and run Obama out of town when he released our enemy.

      Members of congress who pretend or think of themselves as honorable people should be running Biden our of town and openly analyzing the voter fraud that put them in office.

      But true to their dysfunctional character they posture themselves as if they were honorable people and follow the dementia and criminal administration like the mice following the pied piper.

      Congress members who do not stand up and use every ounce of integrity they might have left to remove this farce in the WH and the other traitors are just as mentally deficient as Biden is, or they are just enemies of America.

  5. “In 2018, Trump helped Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar get released from prison, in 2020 then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with him, and in 2021 Baradar was set to become the new “president” of Afghanistan under Taliban rule.”..

    • What is your point, “Patriot”?

      Reading from the Daily Beast, are we? Try including the context of this supposed blast at Trump when you half-ass write half truths. Yeah, Pompeo and others were negotiating with the Taliban to negotiate a peace treaty and pullout until this incompetent moron Biden, and his commie, worthless cabinet FRAUDULENTLY ASSUMED CONTROL OF THE WHITEHOUSE.

    • Patriot ain’t nothing but a cross dressing oBama worshipper John . Harmless as his cousin Low iq Doc .

    • Why don’t you stop playing your imbecilic games you half witted anti-American, Bergdahl supporting POS! You and your entire CNN ass kissing party have your heads so far up the communists assess you wouldn’t be able to see OR speak the truth if it was to save your mothers life!

  6. FOLKS we have NO IDEA who is running this WHITE HOUSE but it is obvious that whomever is in charge HAS NO IDEA what they are doing
    Its just one BLUNDER AFTER ANOTHER, and this latest one is is a disaster. NO ONE with the slightest bit of common sense would have pulled troops out of a combat zone before civilians were taken out first
    We dont even know for sure how many American citizens are left stranded without any protection a total disaster. The DEMOCRATS LOVE TO USE IMPEACHMENT maybe its time for REPUBLICANS TO SUGGEST THIS PRESIDENT should be impeached for DERELECTION OF DUTY and failure to protect American citizens. Of course we all know REPUBLICANS dont have the backbone to take any action they will be all over cable tv with useless talking points while the world is on fire, The BIDEN ADMINISTRATION IS COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT and there is little doubt that AMERICA has been damaged around the world.I have serious doubts that we as a nation can survive another three years of this administration. Our MID-TERM ELECTIONS are more important now then anytime in our nations history we cant sit home on election day we must get out the vote and remove from office those that are supporting this incompetent administration and that includes many Republicans as well. There is NO DOUBT that JOE BIDEN and HARRIS are not up to the job and no idea what they are doing.

  7. And, it is still my belief that Obama was the “mastermind” who called the shots on this latest debacle. He likes to play it “cool” with anti remarks about something Biden has done, once in awhile, just to make people think he doesn’t have anything to do with “ruining” the country since Biden has been in office. Biden is not competent enough to have this office, and they knew it. I don’t know who all concocted this idea, but I wouldn’t count NP out. What do people think he has been doing since he, very noticeably, decided to stay in DC? He didn’t stay because he liked it. I hope I am not the only one who has picked up on this evil maneuvering of votes in the election and their evil intentions.

    • “In 2018, Trump helped Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar get released from prison, in 2020 then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with him, and in 2021 Baradar was set to become the new “president” of Afghanistan under Taliban rule.”

    • “Patriot” using a new handle here again …… just an A-hole troll using a ‘cover’ name for his/her/it childish foray. Stupid, much like the moron called Biden.

  8. Obama is a Muslim and there is no surprise that he lives on an island surrounded by water in a compound. AOC is a Muslim dismantling America piece by piece. Twitter CEO too. They want America to become a Muslim country and our cities are primed for it to happen. Americans need to come together, forget you political affiliations and demand our borders be closed and the police funded.

    • John Brennan, the disgraced former CIA director under Hussein is a converted Muslim. Little wonder both harbor so much hate for America and her traditions .

    • Those two would be literally headless in Afghanistan with Obiden’s decision to carelessly leave .
      Most democrats are somewhat headless anyway .

  9. And once again NOTHING will happen to these criminals! WHAT A SURPRISE! And when the people start doing the job of the corrupt government and punishing these criminals! They will scream WHAT ABOUT THE LAW!!!! The very thing the parasites and the media have always ignored! When Democrats are involved.

  10. Who else would trade a traitor to the United States of America for 5 well documented terrorists… another traitor Hussein oBama.


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