BOMBSHELL REPORT: The Latest Joe Biden Revelation From Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is Raising Eyebrows

( Exclusive) – Hunter Biden’s laptop has been a treasure trove of corruption, exposing the Biden crime family for who they really are. But who are they really? Is Joe Biden the one who is actually a Russian agent? At the very least, does he want to be?

New information found on the laptop has revealed that Joe Biden has used the pseudonym “Peter Henderson” in emails to his family members, according to a report by the New York Post.

Joe Biden has attempted to make himself a double agent, pretending not to know anything about his son Hunter’s business dealings while also actively participating in them. Could he be a real-life double agent for Russia?

The name “Peter Henderson” comes from a character in a Tom Clancy novel who was a spy for the Soviet Union who infiltrated the US government.

Joe Biden used the name in an October 2016 email in which he forwarded a YouTube video to Hunter Biden, his brother Jim Biden, his daughter-in-law Hallie Biden and his sister Valeria Biden Owens.

What an interesting time to use the name “Peter Henderson” when President Trump was running for office and Hillary Clinton and her cronies started the whole Trump-Russia collusion lie.

The Post reported that the email address used had a username of “67stingray,” an obvious reference to Joe Biden’s 1967 Corvette Stingray which he loves to brag about.

He used the pseudonym yet again in November 2016 and on Jan. 3, 2017, as his time as Vice President under Obama was coming to an end.

“Keep in touch,” Joe Biden wrote Hunter at that time. “Love Dad.”

One email discovered by the Post revealed more nefarious activities in which Joe Biden agreed to pay more than $800,000 in bills for his son Hunter.

Among those bills were debts from Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings but Joe Biden didn’t know anything about that, right? Sure.

The Post wasted no time pointing out that this was pretty solid proof that Joe Biden did, in fact, know about his son’s international business dealings.

“You can now officially file President Joe Biden’s claim that he’s ‘never spoken’ to his son Hunter about his business activities with his claims that inflation is ‘transitory’ and the border is ‘under control,’” the Post asserted in an editorial.

After citing its recent report, the editorial said that “This comes on the heels of revelations that Hunter alleged his father was taking half his salary.”

“It would be literally impossible to set up these arrangements without talking business,” the editorial noted.

Impossible indeed, but we’ve all known Joe Biden has been lying about his knowledge and involvement in Hunter Biden’s business dealings. Joe Biden and his family are world-class liars.

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  1. A corrupt democrat, NAH, how about a corrupt government? We the people aren’t being represented in DC. We just put slimy bastards that want to pad their bank accounts with the least amount of labor in office with the hope this one will be different. It’s gonna stay that way until these jerks are held accountable. There should never be a term limit for any of them over 4 years and they should never be allowed more than 2 terms. That, as well as removing lobbyist from the equation might make this country what or founding fathers had envisioned.

  2. FOLKS, We should not expect anything to be investigated or any charges filed on any of these corrupt people as long as the Democrats are in power in our country and to be honest i doubt the Republicans if they win back the house and senate will have the backbone to stop the insanity in fact there are numerous Republicans that have joined in with the left. The only way to stop the madness and corruption is for we the people to clean out the corruption we must get out the vote in November and remove the lifetime useless corrupt self serving politicians from office and that includes those from both parties, If there was ever a time for a major housecleaning its now, Its past time to WAKE UP AMERICA.

    • They will never be arrested. They are protected by the men and women who swore to uphold law . In other words the traitors are protected by traitors.

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