BOMBSHELL: Trump Won Pennsylvania By A MASSIVE 6-8% Margin

( Exclusive) – President Trump won the 2020 election. We all know it and the Democrats know it. They know it was statistically impossible for Biden to win and that’s why leftist operatives had to spring into action to steal the election from the American people.

Ever since the stolen election, Democrats have been doing everything in their power to downplay and discredit election fraud allegations and stand in the way of legal audits taking place all over the US.

The left’s media cohorts have repeatedly regurgitated the real “big lie” that there was “no fraud” and that the election was the “most secure” in US history. Then there was the military inauguration of Joe Biden that officially ushered in the fraudulent, criminal regime.

Despite the fact that there has been evidence of fraud and corruption since the beginning, it’s now thanks to the tenacity of American patriots, like the Arizona State Republicans, that we have measurable, concrete proof that the election was anything but fair and secure.

The left can’t deny the evidence that has come about from the Arizona audit and now other states are working to audit their own election results. So what is the left to do now? Go on a campaign against “misinformation” of course.

While their efforts to curb online “misinformation” has been primarily focused on the covid-19 vaccine, it’s all an effort to control the American people, subvert free speech and maintain power.

We cannot lose sight of the reality, however, and that is that Joe Biden did not win Arizona. He did not win Wisconsin. He did not win Georgia. And he most certainly did not win Pennsylvania.

Not only did he not win Pennsylvania but retired Army intelligence captain and former baseball analyst Seth Keshel believes Trump won the Keystone state by 6-8% and he has the stats to back up this claim.

Keshel joined Steve Bannon on the War Room podcast Monday night to discuss the latest analysis of the 2020 election.

Keshel says that Trump won PA by 6-8% based on statistical models, predictions and over 75 years of history.

Just one little fun fact that indicates there was no way Biden could win PA was the fact that Republicans out-registered Democrats in the state 21 to 1 during Trump’s time in the White House between 2016 and 2020.

That’s a staggering number. Clearly Pennsylvanians weren’t registering as Republicans so they could vote for Joe Biden, or any other radical Democrat for that matter.

It was likely this surge in Republican registration that flagged Pennsylvania as a prime target for election fraud and chicanery.

Despite the fact that PA has a Democrat governor, it’s a red state through-and-through. It’s made up of blue-collar, union workers and anyone paying any attention during the 2020 campaign could plainly see that Biden would be a disaster for PA.

Pennsylvanians saw that clear as day and that’s why President Trump had a commanding lead of over 700,000 votes on Election Night before the dead of night ballot drops for Joe Biden.

Keshel discussed the predictive models in the state of PA for the 2020 election with Bannon. He noted how several counties miraculously outperformed for Joe Biden when there was no reason at all to believe that should have been the case.

The trend lines indicated a massive win for President Trump was coming (screen shot here) but in the end, somehow, Joe Biden pulled off a statistically impossible win.

What happened in Pennsylvania will be uncovered when the audits begin and we can only hope that’s any day now.

Copyright 2021.

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    • LOL ,It doesn’t matter how many times you change your name Low iq , you’ll always be the “Low iq “ little queer man troll on here .

      Pat yourself on the back though, you earned the “ Low iq “ title .

  1. Get the Orange man into the that House Speakers chair.
    Oh the havoc upon Progressives he may wield then….
    It is to be savored like a fine wine.

  2. Has America forgotten that Biden told America in a television interview that Obama put together a massive and all inclusive voter fraud organization?

    The mainstream news media is not going to report this, Its time for those conducting these audits to put their findings out there for the people to see. IF there is unquestioned evidence of fraud its time to put in out there, present it to the courts and demand action be taken to punish those responsible, If it cant be proven then its time to move on and concentrate on MID-TERMS and remove BIDENS support from Congress. Im a TRUMP supporter i did not always agree with some of his comments, But i did and do support his policies for America and would vote for him again, But the facts are simple if evidence is found and can be proven its time to put it out there and prosecute those involved or its time to move on and do what we can in 2022 to limit the damage BIDEN and the Democrats are doing to our country. I personally do not believe BIDEN won this election but until its proven otherwise its not going to change. This entire election needs to be investigated even in the states TRUMP won. MAYBE the RNC could use the 200 million dollars they raised to investigate this election which was their claim when raising this money and thus far have done nothing could be used for a COMPLETE FORENSIC AUDIT ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY TO EITHER CONFIRM election fraud or not but its time to end one way or the other.

  4. Attorney General of Pennsylvania JOSH SHAPIRO has abandoned his oath to uphold the Constitution and instead has vowed to act as the public defender for those who have perpetrated voter fraud in PA. Yes that’s right ! The elected public official who should be leading the investigation into this criminal activity is instead attempting to sweep in under the carpet and condemn any other officials who are forcing a forensic audit !! WTF , how the hell do these crooked bastards like Slimy Shapiro get into these positions of such great power and responsibility just to go along with a big fix !!! Resign NOW HOG WASH JOSH !!! Or be removed from your office in disgrace for ABUSE OF POWER and PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT that borders on TREASON!!!!!

  5. They need to find the bastards who had their foot on the scale and stole and lied and gave m.r. ByeDense the electorial vote and cast Pennsylvania, Az, Mich, Ga and the rest and put them in front of a Military Tribunal and then execute them PUBLICLY TELEVISED including mz. Pisslousy, Schlummer, Waters, Soros, finestains, and we know Adamn Shitfz was in on it and gerald noNadsLiar and oDUMBo along with killary klinton. They didn’t need outside interference, they had the keys to the machines, the DEMONCRAPS ARE THE INTERFERENCE.

  6. Audit every single state , Republicans and Democrats must form a Patriotic bond to stop this Communist style election coup from being accepted and demand that those responsible for these treasonous atrocities be brought to Justice! “ HANG EM HIGH “

    • Hey because,,,,, this is for you. YOUR the one that’s funny BECAUSE this audit is the beginning of the end. When the dust settles it will be YOU that joins the “cult” of those that will shit and bark at the moon. And by the way. I’ve read your posts and come to the determination that your just another intellectual “wanna be” that expels absolutely nothing viable substituted with low grade vitriol.

    • Hey Doc , no need to tell you it’s the Low iq troll with multiple names like his hero Hussein oBama . Same tooth dragging POS .

    • I don’t doubt it a bit. I know for sure that the poster who goes by the name of iq used a different name previously but I can’t remember what it was. The reason I DO KNOW WHO HE WAS is because he carried identical language from then to now. I’ve been a poster on this site for more years that I can remember. By the way,,,, I was a door gunner on a medevac in Cambodia and STILL today I’ve a passion for “helos”.

  7. Now that the Pennsylvania election has been proven to be a fraudulent win for J. Biden, what action will the Tea Party take to certify D. Trump as the winner in PA?

    • If the Tea Party had the power the left’s hero Hussein oBama would be serving time in a secure federal prison with the other democrats who committed these crimes.
      Unfortunately they’re still on the outside supporting criminals.

  8. Impeachment is not enough he is the mouth piece for the communist party USA other wise know as the democratic party with a great part of the NRC. He is not President!! You must be elected by majority vote of American people and he was surely not. President Trump Is the elected President and must be reestablished in Office. Nothing else will do!! It must be done now before our country is literally destroyed by this communist agenda. If we have any leadership at all left to us in politics and in our military to call the people together to tell our enemy stand down or be put down before it is to late. If we wait for them to finish destroying our military with this Racism, homosexuals, transgenders, women in combat units, and any other weapon to destroy the balance and effectiveness of a combat unit it will be too late!! These people that are running our country into the ground belong before a firing squad!! They are the same enemy we have been at war with for more than a 100 years!! Stop them now !!!

  9. As a sane American I could never see any other answer but a vote coup has happened and that the Democrats are America’s avowed enemy hell bent on destroying every American institution that makes America great. Now is the time for punishment and laws made to make sure this never happens again. This needs to be Focused on education, journalism, and election integrity. Find the criminals! Punish the criminals! Remove all foreign interests from our government and our media no matter how rich the individual is

  10. Every action of Biden and his criminal enterprise should be disregarded. He is not the President of the United States. President Trump is the president and he will return us to a constitutional government , not this communist under the carpet run by Obama and Soros disaster. To betray or erase the laws of the land. Make Biden and his enterprise are unlawful and these frauds should be put in jail NOW!

    Dems tell us that the virus is in an upswing as they have the military fly tens of thousands of covid carrying illegals all over the country. Arrest this criminal enterprise for enabling an invasion, abandoning our laws and endangering the country, money laundering, selling our country to our enemies and using our tax money to deconstruct our laws and country.


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