BOMBSHELL: US State With Highest Vaxx Rate Sees Record Surge In COVID Cases

( Exclusive) – Well, well, well. It looks as though the left’s celebrated COVID-19 vaccine is not nearly as effective as they have sold it to be to the American people.

Is anyone surprised by this? Probably not anyone reading this article.

Vermont has the highest vaccination rate of any state in the United States, yet, they are currently experiencing a surge in COVID cases not seen since the peak of last winter.

The number of cases in Vermont has hit record level and hospitalizations are close to the records hit last winter. What’s more, the state hit the deadliest day and second deadliest day of the pandemic just last month.

First the federal government led by fraud Fauci said that the vaccines would stop people from getting COVID. Biden himself said that the people who got the vaccines would not be able to contract the virus.

Then, when that was clearly NOT the case, they claimed that the vaccine would prevent hospitalizations and death.

As Vermont is clearly proving, that is also NOT the case.

With over 69% of Vermont’s population being vaccinated as of Sept. 24, it’s pretty clear that a large chunk of cases, hospitalizations and deaths are attributed to those that have been vaccinated.

“I think it’s clearly frustrating for all of us,” Michael Pieciak, the commissioner of the Vermont Department of Financial Regulation who monitors COVID statistics for the state.

Infowars reports:

The state recorded the highest rate of hospitalizations per 100,000 residents on Sept. 30, breaching a record set on Jan. 31 last year. Eight people died of the CCP virus in Vermont on Sept. 13, the highest grim total recorded since the outbreak of the virus.

In late August, four of ten cases of COVID-19 in Vermont were among vaccinated people, according to a letter signed by 90 employees of the Vermont Health Department, including state Epidemiologist Patsy Kelso.

Gov. Phil Scott (R) lifted the state of emergency in Vermont back in June when 80% of the state’s population had received at least one shot of the vaccine. He has not indicated that he plans to reinstate the state of emergency in light of the declining situation.

“We can’t be in a perpetual state of emergency,” Scott said this week.

Vermont is not alone. The four states that follow them in terms of highest vaccination rates are also experiencing disturbing surges in the virus.

Massachusetts has the fifth highest vaccination rate in the nation and regional hospitals are reportedly seeing nearly 20 times more COVID patients than they were in June.

Meanwhile, in Connecticut, the second most vaccinated state, the legislature has recently extended the governor’s emergency powers to make coping with the latest spike in cases more manageable.

In Maine, the third most vaccinated state, there were 90 people in ICU care on Sept. 22, marking a peak in the pandemic for the state.

It would certainly appear that we are now dealing with a “pandemic of the vaccinated.”

It would be wonderful if COVID patron saint Fauci could provide a reasonable explanation for this.

It’s obvious the only variant is the “vaccine variant.”

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  1. I have just one question. Did President Sleepy Dementia Joe Biden actually get the “shot” or did he a placebo? If he got the placebo, then he knew all along that the “vaccine” was a lie. I believe that President Trump had good intentions when he started Operation Warp Speed to create the “vaccine”. Then President Sleepy Dementia Joe Biden screwed everything up.

  2. If I were to predict the cause of this outbreak and elevated death statistic, I would be willing to bet money that those who died had a BMI of over 30. I mean virtually all of them.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)
    Retired surgeon

  3. The Democrats get caught lying again!!!! Is there anybody still surprised???? And these are only the ones they are telling you about! Not the one they are saying had something else they could blame! And the brainwashed are still lining up like sheep to the slaughter to get the jab! With not one person willing to put their name on backing the results! NOT ONE! And the corrupt DOJ and FBI want no part of investigating who made and let this crap go! Cause we all know it was the Democrats!

  4. Now let me think about this. They are pushing a vaccine that is not a vaccine, but an experimental drug requiring all to submit.

    The information has been skimpy about the attributes or side affects of this shot, so let’s think about it.

    It does not prevent the covid-19 illness. Just as many cases of the illness, in spite of what the media say, are being reported either by the hospital , CDC or health departments.

    It does not prevent death of the fully vaccinated because these institutions are also reporting the deaths of fully vaccinated in generally equal numbers with the unvaccinated.

    This shot does not cure or prevent the spread of the virus. When contract as “vaccinated” people, because the vaccine does not allow our immune system to develop antibodies to destroy it, it stay in us and modifies our immune system making it unable to fight infections of other lethal illnesses. Researchers have found that vaccinated people are 20% more susceptible to cancer. And a vaccinated person is a spreader of the virus.

    Thus what does this shot do no matter which version of the shot you receive. it causes heart damage, inability to prevent blood clots, and as stated, it modifies the immune system so your body does not form antibodies to fight of other lethal diseases.

    So why the mandate? Do they want an army unhealthy so it is unable to defend out country? Do they want to put people out of work who question the validity of the shot so our economy and community services, such as medical services , fire fighters, and other local and national services fail?

    What do they (Biden) tell us? That it will keep us from getting sick. That doesn’t work.

    Keep the illness from spreading? That doesn’t work either.

    End the pandemic? That after 18 months hasn’t worked.

    Enable people to go back to work without fear ? That is not happening.

    Strengthen our Constitutional freedoms? Those freedoms are being evaporated or denied.

    Well is there any other therapy for this virus? Yes. India eradicated covid-19 with the treatment of Ivemectin which was developed for people before it was used for parasite treatment in animals. Also hydroxychloquine has been used for people with lupus for years and they are not dropping dead in the streets.Speaking of parasites who are mandating this shot. . . ., but we are not allowed to seek it out. Our doctors and hospitals are political science followers and refuse to administer even with a court order( in one case) allowing the patient to die .

    So what is the benefit of this shot?. . . . . Good question!

    Allow tyranny to flourish? WOW! That has been the only aspect of this shot that is working!

    • It looks to me like this is a way to depopulate the world. For years these governments have been saying that the world is over populated so could these vaccines be a way of fixing this problem in their minds? Seeing what is now going on in the world I am not putting it past them. Trump’s intentions were good but with these pharmacy companies only interested in money and with government encouragement they have produced these vaccines to fix that problem.

  5. The truth is put in the open, that the spiritually bankrupt people attempting to create a monster world global government. They have been drunk on human power, forgetting that their next breath is in God’s hand not their own. They are deluded by the lies of the snake who promised knowledge of good and evil then later offered Jesus the world as His dominion when this is already His as a obedient Son of God, His Father. How stupid is the rebellion and pretending that these mere men are up to the task of ruling the world.

    They have orchestrated this fear of an illness /virus that true medical science has provided the means to defeated human life with medications and treatment which the left/democrats have been demonizing making the hospitals, medical and most personnel the followers of political science not true medical science leaving tens of thousands to die needlessly. This so called and wrongly identified vaccine is a fraud. It has been the source of NO cure or protection. It has been a manufactured lie and is used to only propagate the virus. Those that have been telling the truth are silenced with intimidation or like the January 6th victims are locked away as apparent vindictive act of Pelosi who is does not like decent from her will. How sad this behavior is accepted in congress.

    These bullies who perceive themselves as the people in power abandoned the Americans at Benghazi, leaving them to die without defense. They have abandoned thousands to die of a virus they orchestrated to cover the world. They abandoned thousands of Americans in Afghanistan. What deluded thinking of a lie would lead us to think that they with the stolen power of our country are working to make things better. They are in the process of opening the borders to disease and crime and poverty for us, in essence abandoning America again for a snake contrive delusional ambition of dominance all the while denying us the freedoms they swore to defend and protect. They lie !

    We will not survive their evil ambitions if we do not hold their feet to the line of the standards of the Constitution which they have been erasing and now ignore and are in the process of substituted law with their “wants” which in their deluded mind is the law because they are the ones with the power of the bullies in America and they are willing to fulfill the bully role.

  6. Let us ponder this! Is it it really Covid 19 or the Flu? Are the PCR Tests correct or are they forcing FALSE positives to support their narrative?

    Time to round up the vaxholes and out em in camps so they can die without infecting the rest of us.
    Fuck em….

  8. I believe this is what O was talking about in his post.
    Here is Faux Chi Moreon and friends discussing how many people they must MURDER in order to create enough panic to force mass vax of the globe !!!!!
    thegatewaypundit dot com/2021/10/explosive-video-emerges-fauci-hhs-officials-plotting-new-avian-flu-virus-enforce-universal-flu-vaccination-video/

  9. Those in control of our lives have gone mad!
    Fauci and others in 2019 at a filmed conference with the back ground with the “Milken Institute” talked about how they would release a new virus that would give control to side line laws and give control of world populations. He described exactly what has taken place. They describe how people would be forced to relinquish their freedoms snd submit to vaccinations. Biden equates the other vaccinations which are true vaccinations with the so called vaccination required in his mandates. Science, true science identifies this so called vaccination as a shot that modifies the immune system so it is unable to function against illnesses. They have gone mad!

    Fauci in 2017 mentioned on film that this pandemc would take place during Trump’s administration, then he tells this group how they are doing in 2019

    Now they have raise the debt limit which we the tax payer have to pay to the amount that is the amount spent this year to support the illegals coming across our border. They have gone mad!

    • Here’s the video;
      discussing how many people they must MURDER in order to create enough panic to force mass vaccination of the globe !!!!!
      thegatewaypundit dot com/2021/10/explosive-video-emerges-fauci-hhs-officials-plotting-new-avian-flu-virus-enforce-universal-flu-vaccination-video/

  10. Fauci is a communist shill. He’s also a gutless charlatan who is so addicted to fame and power that he will continue this farce as long as the people listen and responds to his complete quackery. I saw him for what he is from the first time he slithered up to the podium and began his arrogant nonsense. I refused to wear the muzzle, I mean mask, and have yet to be jabbed with his poisonous vaccination. I hope he pays for his sins against humanity and I hope it’s soon.

    • He’s a serial mass murderer. Torturing animals is a trait of serial killers.
      He did it during the AIDS outbreak (still waiting for that vaccine) and is continuing during the NIHCCP outbreak. He’s now going for children.

  11. Has it occurred to anyone that people are turning themselves in the second the test shows positive to get hospital treatment. Remember at the beginning we were told to stay home for 14 days and don’t go to the hospital unless you get seriously worse. Well, get seriously worse, 14 days is too late for hospital treatment. Hospitals were closed down only for covid patients, any body sick stayed home because they were terrified to go to the hospital and get covid, it was only for covid. Now the hospitals are staying open and people know there are treatments for covid now and head for the hospital for treatments. The flue has a better chance of killing you than covid because people figure it’s just the flue and I got the flue shot and the flue has killed more people than covid at this point any ways and millions do not get the flue shot every year and the govt doesn’t worry about the flue shot that kills all ages and spreads among all ages. If there is a jump it’s mainly due to illegal immigrants having 20% covid among themselves and being immediately released to wherever they are bused to. This country is bringing in other country’s covid and having to put up with a resurgence of covid.

    • Also in 2020 there were less than 2,000 people reported to have the flu! Where in an average year reported flu cases were over 200,000. So my guess is that most of the normal flu cases were reported as covid cases. Just as if someone died from other causes but showed that they had covid it was reported as a covid death! We are all being played, when are people going to wake up to this farce. I am seventy six and I will NOT get one of these vaccines. I don’t know of anyone who has gotten this virus and they don’t now of anyone either.

    • It’s the ventilators that are killing them. Stay away from hospitals if you test positive. There are treatments available that don’t require going there.

  12. The so called vaccine is not a vaccine but does not protect and makes the vaccinated a shedder of the virus. When will the medical profession stop following the political science and do what they were trained to do ….follow the MEDICAL SCIENCE?

  13. Less then one percent have died from COVID 19 !! the rest is from government hot air greedy states looking for federal funds.

  14. Fuck that lying piece of crap he should hang right along with the rest of the liberals that support these communist a holes

    • READ THIS COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA …….Fauci now talking like Chairman Mao, says individual rights must be surrendered for the “good of society” … Career criminal Tony Fauci is blabbing his annoying mouth again, this time in promotion of communism.

      According to the government troll, who has been on the taxpayer dole for the past nearly 40 years, all Americans must “give up” their constitutional rights by getting “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) and wearing a mask – because doing this, he says, is necessary for the “greater good.”

      “But you are a member of society,” Fauci whined during a mainstream media appearance. “And as a member of society, reaping all the benefits of being a member of society, you have a responsibility to society.”

      Fauci went on to say that he personally feels as though the Constitution should be scrapped because of “a pandemic that’s killing millions of people.” (Natural News)

    • John, you talking about the pandemic HE created? Fauci and friends are RESPONSIBLE for these deaths. Don’t believe me? WATCH THIS VIDEO
      Here is FauxChi and friends discussing how many people they must MURDER in order to create enough panic to force mass vaccination of the globe !!!!!
      thegatewaypundit dot com/2021/10/explosive-video-emerges-fauci-hhs-officials-plotting-new-avian-flu-virus-enforce-universal-flu-vaccination-video/

    • Good one bubbajoe … also, everyone needs to watch Monopoly: Who Owns The World at stopworldcontrol dot com … a lot of credible, enlightening info to digest and pass on.


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