BOOM: House Republicans Turn The Jan. 6 Tables On Nancy Pelosi… Issue Major Accusation

( Exclusive) – The one-year anniversary of the Jan. 6 so-called “insurrection” is upon us and there is little doubt that the Democrats and their mainstream media sycophants are gearing up to commemorate the ordeal as if it were the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

While Nancy Pelosi is still “investigating” the matter with her partisan sham committee, Republicans took a jab at her this week, accusing her of deliberately suppressing any information in regards to her own role in the events of that fateful day.

Republicans are making it pretty clear that Pelosi is far from off the hook and with the Democrats’ power in the House on thin ice as the midterms approach, she should be getting pretty nervous right about now.

It’s been obvious since day 1 that the sole purpose of Pelosi’s committee is to smear President Trump and demonize his supporters. Thanks to Republicans, however, we just may be getting another view into the Jan. 6 events.

In a letter released Monday, Illinois Republican Rep. Rodney Davis, the ranking minority member of the House Administration Committee, questioned Pelosi in regards to her repeated refusal to cooperate over the past year with requests for information from House officers who answer directly to the Speaker’s office.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters who refuse to comply with the requests of Pelosi’s little committee get indicted and held in contempt of court. Steve Bannon, for example, has been indicted by a federal grand jury for defying subpoenas from the committee.

Last month, the full House voted mostly along party lines to recommend a criminal contempt investigation by the Department of Justice into former Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows for criminal contempt for halting his cooperation with the committee.

Could the double standard be anymore obvious?

No consequences for Pelosi as she remains silent on her own involvement in the Jan. 6 events but for anyone with an R behind their name, it’s indictments and criminal contempt investigations.

Democrats are determined to make Jan. 6 the single biggest tragedy to ever happen in the US, bigger than 9/11 and bigger than Pearl Harbor.

Along with that, they want to carry out criminal action against their political opponents in a fashion this country has never seen. Anyone who dares refuse to cooperate with the sham committee will face political persecution to the fullest extent.

Except, Pelosi herself, of course. She is free to withhold whatever information she so chooses.

“There is irony in the fact that at the same time House Democrats are holding witnesses in criminal contempt of Congress for raising genuine questions of legal privilege, you continue to obstruct Republican access to House records relating to the security preparedness of the Capitol complex,” Davis wrote.

In the letter, Davis specifically asks Pelosi what decisions she made with the House Sergeant at Arms and the Capitol Police leading up to Jan. 6, 2021, what Pelosi did that day, and why House officers she controls are withholding information that Republicans are seeking.

“If you are truly interested in working with Republicans to improve the Capitol security posture, I demand that you direct all House officers immediately to stop obstructing our oversight,” Davis wrote.

Of course, we all know Pelosi is not “truly interested” in working with Republicans nor is she “truly interested” in security. As a matter of fact, we doubt very much that security is even one of the reasons behind the sham committee and its investigation.

This entire charade is about political persecution and it should concern and outrage every single American.

While Pelosi and her fellow partisan hacks pretend to care about the security of the US, it is, ironically, also them who have posed the greatest threat to it.

If Davis’ letter means anything, it means there’s coming a reckoning and Democrats have about 10 months to decide how to play it when it comes but make no mistake, it’s coming.

Copyright 2022.

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  1. It’s Time for PIGLOSI to go PRISON ! She knows that she is the Only One that Started with January 6, 2021 Insurrection at the Nations Capital. PIGLOSI Planned and Plotted it. POTUS Donald J.Trump asked PIGLOSI to have the NATIONAL GUARD be brought in and PIGLOSI reused. And PIGLOSI told CAPITAL POLICE to Stand Down. So who should be the One
    that should take the Fall for this ” PIG!OSI and the DERANGED and DEPLORABLE Democratic Socialist/Communist Party.

  2. Enough of the the RAT PARTY posturing and acting like they actually care about fairness and justice for all! THEY MOST CERTAINLY DO NOT! They LIE, they Cheat, And they STEAL!!!!

  3. Queen pelosi ( no capitals for common names) is crying insurrection ND MAKING HOOPLAW to direct attention away from her crimes in supporting and orchestrating her so called insurrection and the democratic twisting and distorting as they abandon the law. SHE IS LIKE A PERSON WHO has painted herself in a corner. She has the Truth at her heels, chasing her up the stairs and she is running out of places to run and strings to pull.

  4. First of all I CLAIM SENIOR CITIZEN ABUNDANCE on Jill & rage DemoRATE PARTY to have Joey run for office. Secondly Jan 6 I believe IT IS THE RHINOS & DemoRATE PARTY WHO PROMOTED “THE RIOT” LoL.
    “We the PEOPLE” ARE NOT THAT DENCE & STUPIED TO START what Capitol police & the DEMORATES started that day.
    Chaney & Kingsinger along with the rest of the RHINOS should be dropped out of the REPUBLICAN PARTY. I DO NOT CARE WHERE THEY GO BUT WE DONOT NEED THEM TO MAKE THE REPUBLICANS LOOK BAD.

    • We certainly don’t want him Kinsinger in north central Illinois…won’t show his face around here!!

  5. No one seems to be interested in the real insurection which happened a month before when blm/ antifa attacked the White House, President Trump had to be taken to the bunker along w 50 secret service agents being injured. Have the banks volunteerily given the corrupt fbi everyone’s banking info who might have been there? Where is the fbi and capitol police investigations on this insurection? People where hurt & property was destroyed only silence from everyone!!!

  6. FOLKS, We can only hope that the DEMOCRATS are completely destroyed in NOVEMBER, But i would not count on it, A good example is NEW YORK CITY just look at what the newly elected DA has now said about prosecuting criminals in the city of NEW YORK, He does NOT INTEND to hold the criminal element accountable, And the alarming part of all this is that he made that VERY CLEAR even before he got elected by the citizens of NEW YORK CITY, We cant have it both ways. We cant have safe cities and protect our citizens by electing insane officials to public office, Why would anyone vote for someone that told you what they were not going to prosecute criminals and you vote them into office anyway
    We have to WAKE UP in this country, We have to take back control otherwise soon and very soon our country. Our freedom and our Safety will be gone, There is NO DOUBT we are at a very dangerous point in our SOCIETY. These people we are electing are a danger to our country. When a DA tells you up front he will not arrest or prosecute criminals and you vote them into office anyway you have only yourselves to blame, These people are serious they intend to destroy our country. ITS TIME TO WAKE UP AMERICA.

  7. Repukes should appoint non other than Ric Grenell to lead the investigation. Let the bull loose in the china closet and ensure all those involved get prosecuted. I guarantee you Pelosi and many others would be spending their final days in orange. Where they belong

  8. Trump Derangement Syndrome is still alive and well among the Democrat party and RINO’s like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger who are the only two Republicans on Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th commission. Wonder why? These two RINO’s are Trump haters. We need Republicans to take the majority in both houses of Congress. Then they should prosecute those who continue to corrupt our highest level of government.

  9. I think if their found guilty of any bad deeds after they leave office…they should still pay the piper…And the dept. of justice better have the books open on this too….no delays!!…They wanted to move in swift-time on Mr. Trump…WELL BY GOD!…same rule applies…Whats good for the goose…WILL BE good for the gander!

  10. Wonder what lies the democrats will lie about tomorrow on the J6 democratic corruption! How about Ray Epps and the Antifa who broke down the fences and assaulted the police! The democrats continue to undo the will of the American people for the November 3, 2020 election and the Senate races that got fraud Biden & fraud company, fraud Ossoff and fraud Warnock in! Democrats want to continue to overthrow America in all their corrupt treasonous crimes!

  11. Make SURE you subpoena the OLD HAG Pelosi forever . . . and DON’T forget to IMPOUND her BROOM to PREVENT her from ESCAPING – NO flight CLEARANCE! One Enlightened patriot.

  12. We Americans must demand why Pelosi didn’t have any extra security and why Capitol police left people in. There’s going to be a lot of changes coming for Democrats that’s why a lot of them are quitting.

  13. What about the prisoners who have been held in such horrible conditions for SO LONG without a trial ? WHY ??? And who gave the orders to hold these men ? to abuse them ? Someone must answer for this Un-American abuse of power !!!!

    • Absolutely!! Where are the republicans? Seems only MTG and Matt Gatz care about the absolute madness from the POS obama judges allowing the despicable treatment. Sickening to watch this democrat, CCP party of rats abuse the constitution, and only two patriots sounding the alarm.

  14. Look up Socialist Workers Party and the first thing that pops up is NAZI. I hope that USSR never happens United States Socialist Republics!

  15. I’m, and quite astutely I might ad, with the crowd that has the feeling that Blowsme will step down before anything can happen to her or before the mid-terms because,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, she HAS TO KNOW,,,,,,,,,,,,,, that the mid-terms will be fatal for the left. The proof is out there to be seen by all. The amount of Dems evacing out of the toilet known as Washington DC is near or surpassing a 20 count. Covid restrictions and regulations are fading away like a fart in a wind storm (as in what emanates from leftists oral cavaties) because they, Biden et al, KNOW that the populas sees it as what it all is. A HUGE SCAM. Just like the racists problem brought into light by Al “not so sharp” Sharpton and Jesse Jackson which we really DO NOT HAVE. The big ride that the left is currently on is nearing the end of the line. I believe that all will be exposed soon and the democRATic party will be severly damaged for at minimun a generation.

    Be patient y’all,,,,,,,,,,,, we’ve waited long enough.

    LET’S GO BRANDON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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