BOOM! Judge Allows Inspection Of 2020 Dominion Voting Machines

( Exclusive) – Though the left and their mainstream media sycophants have done everything in their power to block any investigation into the 2020 election, there are still freedom-loving Americans who aren’t willing to let it go so easily.

Now we might be one step closer to uncovering the truth about what happened during the less than fair election. A judge in a Pennsylvania court has ruled that a county’s voting machines can be inspected.

The ruling went in favor of the Amistad Project which has been fighting for election integrity before the 2020 election ever happened. The Project announced that the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania is allowing them and Fulton County to send the county’s Dominion voting machines to the state Senate for inspection.

“The court recognized that it was improper to demand that the county – which owns the machines, and has the responsibility of running the election along with the legislature – can’t determine whether the machines worked properly,” said Phill Kline, director of The Amistad Project. “As the judge noted, there’s no justification for preventing the county from looking at their own machines.”

The inspection had been scheduled for earlier this month but the state Attorney General Josh Shapiro along with the Secretary of State sued to prevent the inspection. You really have to wonder why on earth leftists are so hell-bent on preventing any kind of closer look into the 2020 election results.

If Joe Biden really won, what does it hurt to affirm those results. Of course, we all know that the reason they’re fighting so hard to stop these types of investigations is because they know Joe Biden did not legitimately win.

Pennsylvanians need to keep this in mind when it comes time to elect a new governor. AG Josh Shapiro is running and given his shady conduct concerning the 2020 election, Pennsylvanians would not be doing themselves any favors by electing him to the state’s highest office.

Now the inspection is set for Jan. 10 and it doesn’t seem there will be any way for Shapiro and the state’s Democrats to stop it this time.

The judge rules that the review must be allowed to go on with a short delay to allow experts from both sides to come up with a formal protocol for the inspection. What’s sad is that this issue has two sides. Whoever thought we’d see the day in America when election integrity would be a two-sided issue?

“Executive branch officials were trying to stop the inspection altogether, but the judge did not grant their emergency motion to stop the inspection,” explained Amistad Project attorney Tom King. “They did not go to court seeking a delay; they sought to stop it, and they lost.”

Thankfully we can still have a little hope in the judicial system in America. The Amistad Project has been fighting for election integrity since 2018 and now reports it has ongoing litigation “against a shadow government that interfered with the 2020 election.”

That “shadow government” has been controlling the Biden regime since Day 1.

We can only hope that the election machine inspection turns up some kind of tangible proof that the election was rigged.

Phil Kline noted on social media that Jan. 10 is shaping up to be a pretty important day.

The 2020 election was rigged using so many different tactics, it’s about time the leftist shenanigans were exposed.

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  1. Ask Hillary if she knows what a commodity tax straddle is. She said she made her cattle bundle by reading the WSJ. Astronomical odds of so doing.
    ex-commodity broker & Infantry Mustang – No lying allowed.

  2. The Only FACT I know to start Year 2022 is THIS:

    We have a dnc progressive liberal socialist democratic marxist potus joe biden who is demented; deranged; dangerous dictator ***************************************
    Let’s Go Brandon F46 #EmptyShelves joe biden
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>AMEN & AMEN<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    • Biden is only a puppet and it is Obama, Pelosi and Schumer who are pulling the strings! Biden is so far gone he doesn’t even know how to pull up his pants after he takes a sh$$t. We all know Trump won the election so of course the liberal democrats will fight to block anything that would prove it!

  3. Pennsylvania has a very Corrupted government especially Philadelphia areas.We will see what happens when they check the machines just like the other States like Wisconsin, Arizona, Texas and other States that are finding Fraud.

  4. Frankly, the entire “election” was a sham and the entire country, that bothered to watch on election night, saw the results as they came in. Trump had massive, insurmountable leads, despite all the ballot stuffing and skewed vote tallying in most, if not all, states.

    At this point, it’s over and the damage done. No matter what may be revealed, truth will never be allowed to be told. There was not one court or judge anywhere that actually considered any allegations in a lawful way. It won’t happen now. Intimidation and fear rule the legal system. Attorneys are threatened, judges bought off, etc. Not one witness was allowed to speak in open court anywhere. Lots of TV talk, press conference statements and so on – but nothing was actually done. Par for the course in our corrupt political, legal and social fabric.

    • The Clinton regime rigged the legal system , FBI,CIA, JUSTICE DEPT, and many state legal systems are corrupted by the democrats, and even many judges are bought and paid for by George Soros and the deep state funded mainly by China.

    • Well said CEV’s democrat trash will never agree with you of course, but your common sense is appreciated by most .

  5. Chopperpilot: William who? Sorry you’ve lost me there. Shame this website is anti debate and run by anti free speech conservative snowflake types, or we could actually talk like grown ups. As it is we just have to check the whole list of posts to see if there are any replies. But William Lovoies? Don’t know who that is, sorry man.

    • William lovoie the little queer man , surely the fake teacher knows this scum . You know everything else don’t you fake teacher ?

    • Consider yourself a debater, eh? Meanwhile you post this snooty bit of advice: “Just Google them and add ‘fact check’ after each search.” Here you naively declare from where you get so called, FACTS and TRUTH? Fact checkers? HA. Please try and keep up. Read these words from the mouth of the election tampering commie, Zuckerberg …. FACEBOOK ADMITS IN COURT THAT ‘FACT CHECKS’ ARE JUST OPINION. OH OH! you will need to look elsewhere in the democrat playbook for other phony sources of liberal, fake info.

      BTW, … Now please explain again the errors of my ways … tell me this is ‘easily disprovable conspiracy theory’ again …. A former federal election official on Thursday called the $400 million-plus that Mark Zuckerberg spent to help finance local elections a “carefully orchestrated attempt” to influence the 2020 vote — One more time … Zuckerberg’s election spending was ‘carefully orchestrated’ to influence 2020 vote: ex-FEC member ….

    • Let’s not use facts with fake teacher John … it knows everything about nothing ,and nothing about everything.

    • Right on, Chopperpilot … this sen teacher thing is no different from all the other low information, liars-of-the-media believers … they cling to what the Rachel Maddow types and the other PROVEN media liars TELL them. Bolstered by their arrogance, these socialistic disciples become completely oblivious to the mind control directing their easily manipulated thoughts. Stalin/Lenin called them useful idiots … propagandizing for a cause without fully comprehending the cause’s goals.

      Can anyone, assuming a rational brain, jump on the Biden band wagon today and declare his regime is about making America better? Or destroying evidence, fighting with all their might to oppose transparency in America’s election process is normal or good for America? Blindly adhering to the scripted propaganda of the failed liberal agenda, these pseudo intellectuals, young and impressionistic, flaunt the BS … they cannot see that which is controlling their mindless obedience.

  6. John: your list of supposed evidence is a litany of easily disprovable conspiracy theories that don’t stand up to the slightest testing. They’ve all been debunked by people who know more than you or I about the law and the required standard of proof. Google it. The courts have looked at this stuff repeatedly. Conservative judges appointed by trump himself have thrown it out time after time. If it was as you say, any prosecuting lawyer fresh out of law school could blow the thing wide open. They don’t though, because the things you mention don’t stand up. Just Google them and add ‘fact check’ after each search. You’ll see a whole new world where people express different opinions to those you’re used to hearing and maybe you can start the difficult journey back from that place of anger and resentment you seem to have chosen to live in. I apologise for not replying directly to your post, but for some reason this website doesn’t encourage open debate.

    • Where have you been fake teacher. . William lovoies basement apartment ? I see you two have identical problems .

    • SEN Teache … “litany of easily disprovable conspiracy theories”, you state. That’s rich! You are obviously overwhelmed by the sand in your eyes that also buries your head. You blatantly claim, for instance, 1.110 criminal convictions are ‘conspiracy theory’?? And you wonder why there is no “debate” to carry forward! HA HA!! Next you are going to tell me The Heritage Foundation made that all up?! Perhaps you need to expand your awareness a bit, and not classify your limited personal beliefs as fact. Your claims, again, hide behind the courts “decisions” …. Name one court that has thrown out a case AFTER HEARING ALL the arguments, and didn’t retreat under the coinvent “no standing” rule.

      “The list contains 1,285 cases of voter fraud, at least 220 of those listed cases involved absentee ballots. The list includes:
      • 1,110 criminal convictions
      • 48 civil penalties
      • 95 diversion programs
      • 15 judicial findings
      17 official findings”

    • guess we’ll see soon enough, the voting machines are easily tampered with , that’s why Texas turned them away . If we could only have in person voting and simple voter ID and paper ballots that is the only way voting is full proof . I guess the left calls that racist even thought every human in America has to show ID at every bank to cash a check or acquire an account

  7. Prior to the election AG Josh Shapiro stated that Biden would win the election. How did he know that? Did he help in rigging the PA election? Should he be elected as the governor of the state? I hope the voters see him for what he is.

    • Er, it’s a 1 in 2 chance of being correct. Most gamblers would take those odds. I don’t think the lizard overlords were necessarily involved on this one.

    • Don’t ever take advice from progressives trash, particularly with fake teacher . It’s full of human excrement !

    • Chopperpilot, Look, sen teacher is positing about lizard overlords now. Shall we debate? Straight out of the cartoon network, but don’t forget to FACT CHECK the ‘overlords’. The current overlords are members of the freaky Biden regime of course, reptiles do have an eerie resemblance to the Biden clan of misfits. Not to mention the incompetent ‘cabinet’ of weirdos.

    • John, fake teacher finally said three honest words in a row ..”I don’t think “.

      It’s the TDS driven progressive liberal filth in our society who think their stench comes from others , fake teacher is obviously one of them .

  8. You only allow the comments from the true believers who can’t stand the thought that the election results might be accurate!

    • If they’re true and accurate, WHY are they fighting so hard to keep an inspection from happening? WHY would you spend millions of taxpayer dollars trying to keep the truth hidden, if there is nothing in the truth to say the results are improper?
      That’s just stupid.

    • First it was the Arizona ‘audit’ where the Cyberninjas has CEO admitted there was no fraud. Then Mike Lindell said he had the proof, only for the cyber expert he personally hired to say his ‘evidence’ was a turd. Then they look at the machines and find nothing. Oh but wait, it’s because they didn’t look at THOSE machines. And when they do and again find nothing it will be because they didn’t look in some other place.
      All this while completely ignoring and refusing to explain all the mountains of evidence that show the election was fair. They can’t change round here mate because they have invested literally everything in the idea of a stolen election. It’s to the point where through voter suppression and getting enough conspiracy theorists into important election office positions they are actually preparing to steal the next one. It turns out that the famous Republican love of ‘freedom’ was a lie all along. Many Americans would be more than happy to live in a dictatorship, as long as it was them manning the guard towers. You won’t get truth round here mate, they’re too far gone down the rabbit hole, but I wish you luck in the attempt.

    • Conservative who wants the truth and the rule of law = TOTAL BS! If you have had your head in the sand since 2020, then you can claim ignorance … otherwise, you display a low information intellect, no critical thinking abilities, are blind and deaf, and no doubt are just another whacko liberal troll here.

  9. I do believe the machines were tampered with I do believe there should be more American patriots than un American Democrat pedophiles in the world I certainly hope

    • This only works art the Machine were impounded and under guard since the election. because if they went back to dominion they will be as clean as the driven snow and in that case it was the courts in line with the scam.

    • Imagine how many people would have to keep quiet for the rest of their lives for your theory to be true. Seems a bit unlikely, or even impossible. It’s far more likely that Trump just lost. It happens. Voting analysis showed that in Arizona it was actually Republican voters voting Republican all the way down the ticket but NOT for Trump at the top. Many found him scary and divisive. It’s got to the point whereby it’s actually physically dangerous to voice anti trump views in some formerly sensible company so people keep quiet. It was him though. Him who lost it for you, because for every die hard trumpet there’s someone else who is turned off by his weirdo ways. Now he’s promoting the vaccines we’ll see how long his base holds up though.

    • SEN Teacher ….. Far more likely is that you are a whacko fool being paid to troll around here … because you have yet to ever make a REASONABLE argument … never have made any sense and just parrot the talking points of the WORST ILLEGITIMATE LIARS to ever infest the white house … or wherever the freaks, queers, trans and perverts are ‘filming’ from.

    • Despite the fact that we have videos of election inspectors being denied access to verify signatures; videos of hidden crates of ballots being removed from under tables and counted by some election officials after the counting was officially shut down; ballots having been sent to dead people and illegal aliens; voter deadlines illegally extended by partisan officials; illegal ballot harvesting; and a lowering of the threshold to verify signatures, we are supposed ignore our lying eyes and listen to the media telling us that these dilutions of voter safeguards never happened.
      The media engaged in a continuous moving of the goal posts, gaslighting, as experts provided specific examples of cheating. First it was said that there was no fraud at all. That morphed into, “Well, if there is fraud, it is not widespread.” Then it became, “It’s certainly not enough to tilt elections.” They were wrong. Then we have the Heritage Foundation published a searchable list they describe as a sampling of voter fraud. The list contains 1,285 cases of voter fraud, at least 220 of those listed cases involved absentee ballots. The list includes:
      • 1,110 criminal convictions
      • 48 civil penalties
      • 95 diversion programs
      • 15 judicial findings
      17 official findings
      Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, M.I.T. PhD … The Arizona audit findings were released on September 24 at 4 p.m. The most surprising discovery came from examining signatures. His team found 34,448 duplicate ballots in the 2020 AZ general election. This implies that the results contained at least 17,224 votes that were invalid owing to duplicate or triple voting by the same person.
      Providing any more facts concerning election fraud in AZ to lefties will be a meaningless effort. They suck in the lies and out of context BS from the media like it is TRUTH … but they are shamelessly ignorant.


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