BREAKING: AZ State Sen. Wendy Rogers Has Launched A Petition To Decertify Results From 2020 Election

( Exclusive) – Arizona State Sen. Wendy Rogers is proving that she’s a true American patriot by taking a bold stand for election integrity during this whole forensic audit that has been happening in her home state.

She’s led the charge for taking action based upon the early reports the Arizona Senate has received from Cyber Ninjas, helping to get the ball rolling in rectifying the horrific amount of voter fraud that occurred last year.

According to the Gateway Pundit, Rogers is not only calling for the results of the election to be decertified, she’s actually launched a petition to make it happen. We desperately need more patriots out there standing up like this for election integrity. If more folks continue to stand, then we can create the change we desperately need.

“President Trump knows I am fighting hard for election integrity, which is why he quoted me twice in the same week,” a message from Rogers said, adding, “If you agree with me and President Trump that we must recall our electors and decertify the 2020 election, add your name and let’s get this done!”

Here’s the link to the petition.

This is what it looks like to fight back against the Democrats and their assaults on our liberty. Every state senator in this country who is concerned about preserving free and fair elections for the future needs to follow this woman’s lead.

As stated earlier, Rogers has been calling for this decertification for a little while now. She even took on Fox News host Brett Baier and gave him a switch to the backside for pushing some fake news related to the election.

A few weeks ago, the Cyber Ninjas team, the folks who are carrying out the current audit in Arizona, told the Senate during a hearing that they found 74,243 mail-in ballots that have no clear record of ever having been sent out, with 168,000 ballots incorrectly printed, and 11,000 voters added to the rolls after the election was over.

Brett Baier dismissed all of these findings, and Rogers smashed him for it.

Again, we need more like Rogers out there to help fight the evil of election fraud and preserve our liberty for future generations.

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  1. The only way at this point to take back our Country is for some kind of violent Resistance I’m Afraid. The Democrat Party has embraced Communist/Marxist Ideology. If you haven’t noticed them slowly taking away the little freedom left in America you had better open your eye’s And vote Republican like your life depends on it because it just may

    • White conservative Americans are some of the most privileged people on the planet. This constant snowflake whining about how oppressed and hard done by they are would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad. Wake up mate, look around you. Revolutions happen in countries where probable death is preferable to carrying on under the system. What do you think is going to happen? All those very comfortable and very well fed looking militia types we see hanging around trump rallies are going to suddenly give up their cushy lives living at the top of the social tree in the richest country in the world and throw it all away getting shot over something most conservatives don’t even believe anyway? I don’t think so. Every time there is any sort of standoff with the authorities the comfortably off fat guys see sense after about 10 mins and go quietly home to their families. You think fat, well fed wealthy Americans are going to give up their privileges and fight against atheism government? Dream on mate, why would they do that? It’s just something people say to make themselves sound tough.

  2. Will the just released Admin Password open ALL Dominion voting machines? I hope so. We the People have endured this usurped government long enough!

    • Why would anyone give cyberninnies access to confidential voter information? They’ve already shown they don’t have the technical skill or knowledge to do a proper audit, you want them to also have information that can affect peoples’ lives? No thanks. I’d never trust Logan with sensitive information about American citizens. He’s completely inept and it will get compromised. They just don’t have the skills or experience required.

    • Ok, so all you have to do is find some proof that fraud took place. So far no one has but that doesn’t seem to stop some folks believing it. It’s almost as if they are operating on an emotional level and have no need of proof, thought or honesty.


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