BREAKING: Biden DOJ Issues “Guidance” Threatening States Performing Audits Of Election Results

( Exclusive) – Biden’s corrupt DOJ is now threatening states in an effort to get them to decide against performing forensic audits on their 2020 election results.

This should be even more motivation for states to perform audits and investigations. The DOJ has absolutely no authority over state elections and their threats deserve to be challenged.

ABC News reported that on Wednesday the DOJ released “guidance intended to caution states embarking on so-called post-election ‘audits’ of vote counts for the 2020 presidential election that they must not run afoul of federal voting laws.”

The “guidance” outlines “federal statutes” that the DOJ says election officials must follow during audits such as “preserving all federal elections materials and making sure they’re not tampered with.”

“This document sets down a marker that says the Justice Department is concerned about this, and we will be following this closely,” a DOJ official told reporters during a conference call Wednesday.

Of course, the DOJ isn’t concerned at all about the allegations and proof of election fraud and corruption. Their only concerns are that of protecting the fraudulent Biden regime and ensuring Americans never get to the truth.

This guidance is reminiscent of the warning issued by the DOJ back in May regarding the Republican-led Maricopa County audit in Arizona. The DOJ expressed concern over the handling of election materials by the private auditing firm Cyber Ninjas.

After the DOJ sent a threatening letter, Arizona officials decided to abandon their plans to go door-to-door to implore whether or not voters had actually cast the ballots that bear their names.

The guidance issued Wednesday explicitly warns against officials engaging in any efforts that could “intimidate voters.”

The latest guidance from the DOJ comes as Republicans in several states have expressed interest in kicking off their own audits and investigations into the 2020 election, most notably State Senator Doug Mastriano in Pennsylvania.

The DOJ also issued a separate guidance on Wednesday addressing the range of federal laws that protect voting by different methods.

“It’s responsive to the fact that more Americans than ever are voting, not on Election Day in person in a polling place, but that are voting at voting centers or voting early or voting by mail,” one official said.

Why should Americans have so many avenues to vote when showing up in person at a polling place has worked for decades? It sure sounds like the Democrats are just desperate to make voting as vulnerable to fraud and cheating as possible.

An official said that the second guidance should be taken as “a note of caution to states that might be looking to roll back policies that expanded access to voting during the COVID-19 pandemic” and cited the election bill passed in Georgia as an example of such rollbacks.

Democrats exploited COVID-19 in order to make it easier to cheat. Republicans are right to curtail these expansions.

This latest guidance by the DOJ is just another attempt by the fraudulent Biden regime to protect the sham election results and maintain power and control and it’s pretty obvious.

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  1. Well, what can one say? Time marches in a merry pace, the shouts of fraud continue and still no proof is produced. How long can you seriously keep shouting that the Emperor has clothes on before it becomes obvious he has no clothes. ‘If Trump says it, it must be true, because Donald was chosen by God and God is never wrong’.
    For the rest of us though, we need to see proof, and so far? Nada. Zilch. Zip. Nothing. If it doesn’t turn up soon you’ll all just have to carry on as if it was true and hope something turns up.

    • One can definitely say you’re nothing but progressive liberal trash with Trump Derangement Syndrome fake teacher.
      Is that a fair statement loser ?

  2. “Attorney General Merrick Garland says it is “dangerous and unlawful” for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) to stop the federal government’s bussing of border crossers and illegal aliens into the interior of the United States.”

    It is out in the open , in flashing neon lights the criminal behavior of the injustice department and Garland to wholesale VIOLATE our immigration laws, and he condemns the American People for attempting to demand that the laws be followed and not walked all over by covid positive illegals invited to violate our laws at the American People’s expense.

    Garland is involved in criminal activity but condemns the American People who want our laws upheld? INTERESTING!

  3. Now the insanity has been increased. Biden says “This is an American tragedy. People are dying, and will die, who don’t have to die,” Biden said. “Right now, too many people are dying or watching someone they love dying, and saying, ‘If I just got vaccinated.’ It’s heartbreaking, and it’s complicated even more because it’s preventable.” Yet what the hell HE IS BRINGING THE CARRIERS OF THE VIRUS ACROSS THE BORDER. MILITARY AIDING IN A CRIME OF ILLEGALLY BRINGING ILLEGALS ACROSS THE BORDER AND DEPOSITING THEM ACROSS THE BORDER THAN BIDEN “Then it is reported that “Biden ups ante on vaccine mandates as DOD declares COVID-19 national security threat”

    Who is causing this security threat but the Biden criminal enterprise! ! ! ! ! !

    • No, the virus is being spread by unvaccinated people who are stuck in the Middle Ages and think all medicine is witchcraft. The unvaccinated make up 99% of hospital cases now and virtually all deaths. You don’t need immigrants, just enough selfish people to refuse to do the right thing and voila, America tops the Covid charts again. You really couldn’t make it up but there you go. It’s literally Darwinism in action.

    • Fake teacher: O doesn’t need nor take advice from progressive liberal trash such as yourself you know ?
      Do you still give blowjob lessons ?

    • god your such an hysterical lady , relax stop trying to garner information on complete garbage site like this , that masquerades as a factual news , it’s the most mendacious website in existance

  4. Doc: Did you watch the results of the last election come over the TV? I did and what I saw, more than once: totals for both Trump and Biden, 20 minutes later, the totals had been reversed, Trump lost a number of votes and Biden miraculously gained that same amount of votes EVER LOST VOTES? Well Trump did that evening, as I said it was on National TV several times. SO, you might want to rethink about voter fraud. Nevada sent 128,000 items of suspicious nature, but rhino sos civaskie (sp) said, there was no fraud: signed legal affidavits no less of observed voter problems. I have observed that the only way a Democrat can win is by cheating, lying or stealing what they want.

    • You’ll never convince that Low iq idiot of anything . He’s an oBama cult worshipper you know ?

    • What you saw was just the natural glue of the count when votes from different sources like mail in, early voters, later registrations etc are taken into account. It’s always like that and has been explained many times. If this is still the basis for the fraud claims it’s no wonder they still haven’t produced any proof. It’s starting to look even sadder than it did before. A word of advice my friend; just because you saw it in the internet it don’t make it so.

    • Doc- if you are on the tea website, you must be reading the daily and numerous articles explaining the fraud occurring in the various swing states ( and recently including Maryland and Texas.). Where have you been? Just a disgrace that the MSM ( the propaganda arm of the Left) will not report on it. That does not mean it doesn’t exist. This Justice Department is the most crooked, hypocritical and corrupt in decades. You should be ashamed to support this administration.

    • Hey Doc,,,, you didn’t answer my question. Typical liberal way out of a jam.
      your trying to change things around but here it’s different Doc. Your going to answer my question because you HAVE FAILED.

    • Don’t worry John, I’m sure they’ll point you to the evidence ASAP. Actually I’ve been asking to see some evidence on here for months but strangely all I get is easily debunked and error strewn attempts to make something out of nothing. It seems that the faithful are so desperate not to face the grim truth, that Donald was less popular than sleepy joe with the American people that they will believe literally ANYTHING if it supports their need for validation.

  5. Well, well, well !!!! And then,,,, Doc,,,, we have propagandists such as YOU,,,, Doc,,,, that are attempting to tell us knowing conservatists that what we actually see and hear is not real. What we ACTUALLY SEE and HEAR. It’s theorem,,,, Doc,,,, theorem. Something that you CANNOT alter.

    So now Doc,,,, I’ll leave you with a question that you’ll just have no choice but to answer truthfully,,,, being: How did I fail so miserably ???? But you’ll never be able to do that,,,, Doc. liberals CANNOT handle truth,,,, Doc….

    • lol todays Republican cult wouldnt know the truth if it hit them in the face keep trying 1 day you may join the real world where everyone knows tRUMP LOST!!

    • Doc Husser; so for the quintillion that time, can you direct me to the proof that has convinced you? I know you won’t, but I’m the spirit of balance I have to keep trying. So many people are convinced, and speak like you do as though it’s all out in the open and obvious, yet when I ask to see the proof there ever is any, just hints and conspiracies that there is no evidence for. Every time something comes up, missing votes, deleted data bases etc you all talk like it’s really the proof this time but then it gets looked into and every time it’s nonsense. This doesn’t seem to stop you believing though, so where’s the proof please? If you can’t show me then I think we can both agree that trump lost fair and square, despite his Russian collusion and his and his followers’ criminal attempts to subvert democracy.

  6. it is sites like this that keep perpetuating tRUMPS BIG LIE OF ‘FRAUD” and you wonder why the country cant move on from 2020!!

    • It is people with very small brains containing minimal intelligence perpetuating the fairy tale of election perfection. Propaganda parrots of CNN like Doc here, afflicted with brain damage like his racist idol, Joke Biden, continues to believes all is well in light of mass amounts of evidence to the contrary. Simpletons will always be the last to be enlightened with knowledge.

    • you are what is wrong with this country…and you KNOW the BIG LIE is itself a LIE. You know the demonrats cheated. you know the election was fraudulent. and yet you pretend to be so high and mighty as to chastize those of us brave enough to call for transparency. you and your schtick are wearing thin. and everyone can see the mask about to slip off the face of you and yours, to reveal a willfully ignorant bunch of lying fools. spread that shit somewhere where people want to hear that nonsense.

    • Doc is a low iq progressive liar who can never spell the greatest president ever Donald John Trump’s name CORRECTLY !

    • Do you really think Joe Biden got the most votes of a presidential candidate in history? More black votes than Obama? Trump got more than any other candidate and supposedly lost to the Joe Biden!! I don’t care whatyou democrats come up with, you know this didn’t happen. Is this the country you want? It is third world kind of corruption that ends with blood in the streets. Just because democrats crave power. Schumer said ” whatever it takes ” we have no justice department or FBI


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