BREAKING: CNN Hires Expert To Explain Gun Issues… Leftists Go Into Meltdown Mode

( Exclusive) – Radical leftists always make a big fuss about how tolerant they are, but when it comes to hearing a point of view that differs from their own, a special kind of hostility quickly emerges, expressed in a variety of attempts to shut that individual down and prevent that perspective from being shared on a large platform.

Such is the case with a new hire for CNN who has been given the task of coming on board the network and helping to break down gun issues. To say liberals are less than thrilled about this decision is an understatement.

According to The Western Journal, CNN has hired Stephen Gutowski, who is a firearms analyst who operates a website known as The Reload, which is focused on gun policy.

“Gutowski offers what he describes as ‘sober, serious’ reporting on gun culture and firearm ownership in America. The firearms analyst is critical of how the establishment media covers gun ownership in America, identifying a “severe lack of knowledge about guns” in the press,” the WJ stated. “Gutowski pledged to cover firearms with the goal of informing audiences in an announcement of his new CNN gig on Wednesday.”

“CNN has made clear to me that the goal is to produce nuanced segments to dig into the issues surrounding guns in a way that informs rather than inflames,” Gutowski went on to say of his plans at the network.

Now, keep in mind that Gutowski is not what you’d call a pro-Second Amendment kind of guy. He does cover a lot of legal intricacies concerning laws at the state and federal level in a way that draws the interest of gun owners rather than workers for establishment media companies on the coasts of the country who don’t exactly have their fingers on the pulse of traditional gun culture.

“This approach to covering guns is too much for some leftists, who argue that Gutowski’s coverage is too supportive of the Second Amendment and gun rights,” Richard Moorhead of the Western Journal wrote.

“A Democratic strategist decided to attack Gutowski personally, accusing CNN of ‘making friends with the scum of the earth’ by hiring him,” Moorhead said.

One of the individuals who turned on CNN and rabidly attacked the company was the founder of Moms Demand Action, a group that advocates for strict gun control laws.

“CNN has moved to balance its content this year, hoping to shed its reputation as a partisan instrument of the Democratic Party. New leaders of the network’s parent channel have moved to push out some of the most political personalities associated with CNN, such as John Harwood and Brian Stelter,” Moorhead wrote in the article.

A few folks in the conservative movement have pointed to Gutowski’s hiring as a good thing for the future of CNN.

Gun policy has taken a backseat in the public mind at the moment as the midterm elections draw near. People are currently more focused on the economy than they are anything else, as that is something negatively impacting them in a huge way. Inflation skyrocketing has led to serious increases in the cost of groceries and other goods people need to live.

And the current administration is doing nothing to alleviate the pressure, which has caused the Democratic Party to become very unpopular among the voters. Let’s hope that results in big wins for the Republicans come November.

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  1. Hi Chop.
    ‘Nah , I see you throwing your man pocketbook and screaming like a little girl .’

    Do the children scream then Chop? When the shooters come into their classrooms? Of course they do man. They scream like, well, children I suppose. Like children terrified of dying, and knowing that their adults betrayed them and sent them to school to die that day. Like I said, only in America. Thank God.

    • Like I said , you’re a european liberal man with TDS who knows NOTHING about America yet you act as a know-it-all . Yep , you’re definitely uninformed like most of today’s progressive trash.

      Btw gayboy…I don’t have a pocketbook…sissymen like you sure do .

  2. Hi Chop. How do I defend myself? With the same means that 99% of the rest of the planet does, the law, my fists, any weaponry that might be lying around. My point is that it’s only in America where people are generally scared of getting shot when going about their normal daily business. I know it’s what you’re used to, I’m just saying that for everyone else looking in it seems completely mental.

    • You don’t know squat about America, you’re NOT an American ,but you’re an expert on America?
      “ I know it’s what you’re used to “ , really LiBTurd ? Another expert opinion from a knowitall European .
      There’s plenty of reasons liberal trash should never have a firearm . That’s the truth loons always reject .
      Nah , I see you throwing your man pocketbook and screaming like a little girl .

  3. Hey man it’s up to you of course if you wanna give everyone military grade weapons to walk about with, but in my country the kids are not doing class shooter drills, they don’t feel the need to wear body armour in the canteen and are not particularly scared of getting shot, because it’s so rare as to be the absolute least likely way they’ll come to harm. They’re in more danger from Catholic priests than they are from guns. It’s because guns are rare where I live. Still, it’s how you guys like it, just leaves the rest of the world scratching our heads and wondering why?

  4. It doesn’t take much to trigger today’s progressive liberal filth in our society. Just read some of william lavoies stupid comments. Real loser in life indeed!


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