BREAKING: Cyber Ninjas Found So Many Issues With Voting Machines And Processes In Maricopa County, How Did Previous Auditors Miss Them?

( Exclusive) – The fight for truth in Arizona has been a long, arduous road for Republican lawmakers but now that their audit has just about concluded and a summary of the results has been released, we really have to wonder how on earth the auditors hired by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors could have possibly missed all the discrepancies.

It would certainly appear as though they missed them because they were told to miss them. Otherwise, they are truly just that bad at their jobs and should never be allowed to audit anything ever again.

Ben Cotton and his team have been part of the Republican-led effort to audit the Maricopa County 2020 election results. Last week, Cotton shared some explosive discoveries during a presentation to the Arizona Senate but the truly shocking part is that, somehow, the first “audit” missed all of it.

Of course, the only explanation is that the MCBOS picked the audit firms that they did because they knew there would not be an honest investigation.

Cotton and his team from CyFIR were selected by Cyber Ninjas to address the IT work related to the Maricopa County 2020 results.

What they discovered has been truly disturbing, though not surprising to anyone. They found out that Maricopa County, in their supposed audit efforts, did not use a forensically secure process to clone drives. This resulted in dates and times being altered. So much for the left’s concerns about audit security.

Cotton and his team also found that on March 11, 2021, someone with admin access to the election management system ran a script that produced 37,646 queries looking for blank passwords. The system has only 8 user accounts.

Windows Security Event logs from before February 5, 2021 are missing and every election admin account has the exact same password.

According to The Gateway Pundit, “the vulnerabilities that exist on the Maricopa election systems would take an average script kiddie less than 10 minutes to gain access to these systems.”

As was the case throughout the audit process Dominion refused to comply with auditors and provide any requested information, access, or hardware including ibutton key fobs that were used as the 2nd step in logins.

There were obvious cybersecurity problems as the election management system and network were essentially not maintained since being installed in August 2019.

There were anonymous logins at the system level that do not follow the pattern of normal Windows behavior, for example. Maricopa County has also refused to release the router data and has no ability to check on the configuration of its own election system without the assistance of a Dominion employee.

It would appear as though the two EAC audit firms hired by the MCBOS earlier in the year didn’t even bother to address any of the cybersecurity concerns that were glaring and obvious in the 2020 election.

Yet, leftists have the audacity to question the integrity and security measures taken by the Cyber Ninjas and their partners during their audit.

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  1. Treasonous Liberal corrupt Democrats. Flush the USA down the toilet just so they can get their Elite in power. Now with Fraudulent Biden and Fraudulent Senate/House wins the poor are now poorer… most of the poor vote for Democrats because their liberal leaders promised them free stuff. Their leaders lie and the Fake News lies to them, so they believe it all. Fuel prices doubled, building prices doubled, freight prices tripled, taxes and food increase dramatically! Idiot liberals who vote Fraudulent leaders in Power get nothing in return…. Just a bone every once in awhile.

  2. Time to look at who paid whom for what, in the state invoices and start arresting people for fraud…. Spillage of the proverbial beans will commence post haste…. ” Screw dis, I ain’t goin to jail for joe and nancy, yep they paid me to load those drives for the election, by the cheapest, fastest method, security be damned “, “Yep the back doors were intentional”, “yep that’s my invoice”, “with a grant of Immunity I’ll testify”….

  3. Every Democrat in the country must be bombarded with this information and must be asked if they have approved of their party’s behavior!
    Every State’s election should be audited at the expense of the Dem. party to get a clear idea of how much cheating has gone on.
    Dems may observe this proses but must not conduct or control any part.

  4. It truly shouldn’t surprise even a convict. What possible crime has such a elementary investigation. As the Clinton crimes are of such laxity. As goes our elections So they thought. And they want our arms. Understandable! I’m to the point of wanting a democrat hanging on my wall. As a prize!

  5. This looks like the inside fix with an “audit” performed by a firm that is on the take from the auditee….. the county voting administrator. A good lesson to be used in doing other real audits in suspected fraud precincts. i.e. Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee Atlanta etc.
    The Democrats are willing to cheat in the election and will continue to cheat in the audits if allowed. They are perpetrating a bloodless coup and will do anything to keep their apparatus intact throught the 2022 midterms. This is the election that will sew up the senate and house in perpetuity.
    They are trying to buy the needed votes with their destructive legisative efforts with “human infrastructure”…. a new handle for cradle to grave welfare….. and voting loyalty from the recipients.

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