BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Supporter Sentenced To 35 Years To Life For Murder

( Exclusive) – A man from Corona, California (yes, that’s the town’s actual name) has been slapped with the maximum possible sentence allowable by law on Monday after being found guilty of murdering a woman during an argument concerning the 2016 presidential election.

A story from The Western Journal notes that a piece from Newsweek revealed 40-year-old John Kevin McVoy Jr. was convicted in November in the slaying of Susan Garcia, 33.

The horrific crime is alleged to have taken place on Jan. 10, 2017. McVoy was actually involved in a band with Susan Garcia’s husband, Victor, and they were practicing at Garcia’s place.

Prosecutors then stated that McVoy and Victor Garcia got into an argument concerning the 2016 election, which featured Garcia teasing McVoy about his support for Hillary Clinton.

Things apparently got rather heated and Garcia later demanded that McVoy “get the (expletive) out of my house,” according to prosecutors.

“After that, McVoy reportedly pulled out a loaded gun, shot Victor Garcia and seriously wounded him. He then took a second shot at Susan Garcia,” the report said. “The Press-Telegram said the shot struck her in the left arm before piercing her organs, and she died as a result.”

What makes this story even more disturbing is the fact that Susan Garcia had her two-year-old child in her arms at the time of the shooting, though the child was unharmed.

Ninaz Saffari, McVoy’s defense attorney, tried to argue that he shot Victor Garcia in an act of self-defense, according to reports from the Long Beach Press-Telegram.

“She said Garcia threatened to harm McVoy and picked up a can opener, and McVoy testified he thought it may have been a knife. Saffari said it was after that apparent threat that McVoy shot Garcia,” WJ reported.

As for the second shot, the one that killed Victor’s wife Susan, the defense attempted to argue that it happened while another of the bandmates was trying to wrestle the gun away from McVoy.

“According to the Press Telegram, the jury ultimately found McVoy not guilty on two counts of attempted murder relating to Victor Garcia and the child. They also found him not guilty of child endangerment relating to the killing of Susan Garcia while she held the 2-year-old,” the report continued.

McVoy was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison for murder, as well as getting an additional 20 years for bringing a loaded weapon into the Garcia residence, cocking it, and pointing it at Victor Garcia.

Victor Garcia wasn’t killed by the bullet that struck him, but he revealed that it did send him into a coma and led to the necessity of two brain surgeries.

“He added that physical therapy had allowed him to relearn some everyday tasks, but he still struggles with other tasks and is unable to control one foot,” the report stated.

“My son not only lost his mother, but also part of his father,” Victor Garcia said during the sentencing according to the Press-Telegram.

While his own hardships have been difficult, Garcia went on to say that the most tragic part of this whole incident is that it deprived the couple of the life they had planned together.

“I wanted to grow old with her and raise our children,” he explained. “She will never be able to see the fine young man my son is growing up to be.”

It seems that the folks who support Hillary Clinton and who are in some way connected to her, are all missing a few marbles in the bag.

This story revealed how Clinton supporter Ed Buck was convicted in connection with the meth overdose deaths of two black men at his apartment.

“According to Gateway Pundit, Buck really has a thing for injecting young black gay escorts with methamphetamine, a dastardly practice described by the mother of one victim as a ‘fetish,'” the report said (screenshot here).

Buck was originally arrested for the crimes back in 2019. He was found guilty on all nine charges, which included two counts of distribution of controlled substances resulting in death.

“The verdict came on the first day of jury deliberations in the case, in which Buck was charged with nine felony counts, including two counts of distribution of controlled substances resulting in death. The charges stemmed from the deaths of Gemmel Moore in July 2017 and Timothy Dean in January 2019 at Buck’s West Hollywood apartment,” NBC Los Angeles said.

“Buck, who has reportedly given more than $500,000 to mostly Democratic politicians and causes since 2000, was found guilty on all counts,” the piece went on to add, “Family members of the men who died spoke after the verdict was announced early Tuesday afternoon. LaTisha Nixon, the mother of Gemmel Moore, was among those who spoke.”

There’s just something about those Clintons that seems to attract all the wackadoos.

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  3. So, they were having a domestic issue, and he killed her. WTH does this have to do with Hillary Clinton? Was she there to urge the guy on? Did she call him up and tell him to kill someone? Are we now going to require every single murder trial to reveal the political leanings of the accused? This is the dumbest piece of crap I have ever heard of (at least up to this date, but I am sure things will get a lot dumber!)

    • Let’s see … how would the liberal MSM do ‘reporting’ on this? For hundreds of examples on “dumbest piece of crap …..” on a daily basis … tune into their broadcasts. Daily Kos: “Eager murderers: Trump supporters continue to kill Americans for the sake of a culture war of their own invention.”

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