BREAKING: Hospitals Beg Fired Unvaccinated Nurses To Come Back To Work

( Exclusive) – After the vaccines came onto the COVID scene, the mandates weren’t far behind. All around the world, hospitals have fired medical workers for not being vaccinated. Now, it looks like many of these healthcare facilities suddenly remembered they are in the midst of a so-called pandemic and are scrambling to re-hire the staff they just previously fired.

The world is a circus.

Hospitals are reportedly being overrun thanks to the staff shortages they created. We can’t help but be amused by the fact that now these hospitals are desperately trying to get their terminated staff back after demoting them from heroes to zeroes.

In one video that has gone viral on social media, a nurse describes her “true story” about the hospital she previously worked for asking her to come back.

“November 15, I was terminated from my nursing job because of mandates. This weekend, on Dec. 18, I had a message from staffing asking me if I could work this weekend all through Christmas and all through to the New Year. They’re so desperately short,” the nurse explains.

In another viral social media post, a fired nurse puts the Oregon hospital that fired her and other unvaccinated staff on blast for turning around and hiring traveling nurses to counter the staff shortages. The kicker: the traveling nurses don’t have to be vaccinated.

On Monday, the CDC revised their COVID-19 quarantine guidelines from 10 days to 5. This happened at the same time as desperate healthcare providers started begging for their unvaccinated staff to come back.

This trend is happening all around the world as hospitals are beginning to realize they shot themselves in the foot with their vaccine mandates during the so-called pandemic.

A viral post appearing on Facebook documented how another hospital worker fired for being unvaccinated was now being begged to return to the front lines.

“I received a surprising email today,” the post described, adding, “Us coerced and shamed ones are allowed to return to work on January 10th!!!”

“While there is part of me that would LOVE to return [I LOVED MY JOB and the people/patients/residents I worked with SO MUCH] it would be like returning to an abusive relationship,” the healthcare worker asserted.

Can you blame her? Who’s to say the hospital won’t just do it all again?

Hospitals in Quebec, Canada also decided to ease up on their COVID rules for workers allowing workers who test positive for COVID to come back to work.

Political commentator Peter Sweden documented a similar occurrence taking place in another Canadian province.

“Hospitals in Alberta, Canada put 1400 health care workers on leave before Christmas for being unvaccinated. Now they are begging them to come back to work because of the Omicron surge,” noted Sweden.

Meanwhile, the same thing is happening in Italy where hospitals are asking unvaccinated workers to come back (screenshot here).

“With this new wave of hospital admissions we are at the end of our tether. The paradoxical situation is that the removal of the unvaccinated colleagues weighs even more heavily on us, on the people who have to fight the epidemic every day,” the head of the Angiology department at the Padova Hospital, Giampiero Avrucio, stated (screenshot here).

A hospital in Melbourne, Australia, also reportedly asked unvaxxed staff to return.

It’s time for all hospitals and healthcare providers to realize they were wrong to demand their workers to get vaccinated.

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  2. No problem. Give them a 20% raise and guarantee in writing that they will not be fired for not being vaxxed. These morally virtuous hospital administrators are idiots that cannot foresee beyond the end of their noses.

  3. Public apology. Forum with Dr. Peter McCullough, foremost expert on vaccine’s, with Dr. Fraud Fauci. Let Dr. McCullough ask Fauci some REAL questions. Full back pay. Bonus for coming back. If testing required, company pays for it. Signed contract, guaranteeing full time status for ten years. CEO’s who mandated vaccine or job loss, give up your pay for one year, no bonus, no stock, no nothing.

  4. I think I would tell them to go to hell. The medical staff is suppose to understand science and lying and tell the difference. Not be lemmings and go over the cliff with fauci and the corrupt medical authorities.

  5. Our nurses were not “bullied”, they simply had to sign an exemption form for not taking the vaccine . Our nurses quit because of the nurse patient ratio. Even on your best days, taking care of 8 patients with no nursing assistants, who are tremendous help, is overwhelming. The other “competitioning “ hospitals offered larger bonuses they drew ur nurses away. Traveling has become the new norm. We re simply trying to hang on with no help
    In sight.

  6. The healthcare institutions who fired their unvaxed employees are just as hypocritical as our current federal communist commissars who gained legislative office through ELECTION FRAUD! If I was one of those unvaxed employees I’d tell my hospital to stick their plea in a dark place where the sun don’t shine!

  7. Return bonus, compensation for any loses associated with lack of benefits and the most important, no accountability same as the vaccine manufactures get.

  8. It may be time for we the people to make it clear to big government, big business and big tech, that they need us more than we need them. None of these work without people who are willing to do the work. This is a wake up call. They are just beginning to realize that their power depends on our willingness to support them. To all the front line workers, thank you for what you do. To all those front line workers who stood up and refused to bow down to the tyrants in charge, make them feel the pain before you agree to go back. Make them pay. Get your just due (raises, work guarantees, no mandates, extra sick time …) you deserve it.

  9. it is time the people say if all back pay is brought up to date and benefits along with 30 percent raise in wages and 300. dollars for the stress. I will consider it. Because of the Illegal mandates the government should be sued and should pay all

  10. Tell me what is the difference?
    I taught WWII history and would take my AP students to the Holocaust museum and we would read and see how the German doctors experimented on the prisoners with experimental medicines and surgical procedures and other grizzly procedures costing thousands their lives. Now this shot they call a vaccine which does not protect but makes people a mobile spreader of the virus, is experimental. This “shot” is experimental and being FORCED on the American citizens, not illegals because the pharmaceuticals do not have coverage for liability with a EXPERIMENTAL STATUS. So Americans are held hostage via loosing their jobs, social isolation etc. unless they submit to an EXPERIMENTAL SHOT.

    I see no difference to what tool place during WWII experimentation of political prisoners and economic prisoners INFUSED WITH FEAR. So what is the difference?

    Now the ability to use an experimental drug is contingent on nothing else being available, BUT THERE HAS ALWAYS BEEN OTHER SUCCESSFUL NON-EXPERIMENTAL TESTED TREATMENTS TREATMENTS AVAILABLE.
    THE CDC AND NIH COUPLED WITH THE PHARMACEUTICALS and MEDA have silenced studies and doctors with threats and removing their studies and reports that document these medications use with 100% success. So what is the difference between the experimental testing of WWII and what the NIH and pharmaceuticals are doing now with Fauci as the captain of the operation? No difference at all.

    • fauci’s wife (christine grady) is the head of Human Subjects Research for the nih. She is also accredited as inputting on “Informed Consent”. Perfect pair of nazi like midgets. Oh, and she also makes recommendations to pass drugs to the fda! Conflict of interest anyone? Both in my opinion are nothing more than human excrement one would scrape off a shoe!

  11. the bigger problem here, is that these admissions (of people to er) are due to adverse effects of the “vaccine”, NOT due to omicron.
    It’s because of the DRAMATIC increases in heart attacks, brain bleeds, blood clots, etc.
    This should NEVER have happened. FauxChi and big pharma IS DIRECTLY, KNOWINGLY, AND WILLFULLY committing mass genocide, with the help of the US Gov’t. They are ALL complicit here. ALL OF THEM.

  12. I would make them pay me double wages to come back and a contract that guarantees you 15 years of work with no mandates or vaccines

  13. It’s stupid that the leftist liberals are demonizing people who don’t want to get vaccinated. It’s unconstitutional to do that and also fire people from their jobs because of vaccine mandates. Vaccine mandates themselves are unconstitutional.

    • Hang piglosi, traitor obama, most of the congressional commicrats, along with their puppet brainless joe by the neck until dead for TREASON, EXTORTION, AND MURDER!

  14. All the hospital administrators didn’t stick up for their nurses, the very same nurses that risked their own health and lives when the pandemic first started. They just followed this pathetic administration the same way they followed the democrats when Hydroxychloroquine was brought up to help people recover from covid. They bullied the nurses for not getting the shot the same way they bullied the doctors that wanted to use Hydroxychloroquine. I believe in Karma and all these administrators were just slapped in the face with Karma.
    To all the nurses, Thank You so much for all you do and think twice before ever trusting the same people that fired you. I’m going to predict once this surge slows down you’ll be thrown under the bus again.

  15. You worked hard when the pandemic first started and then they turned on you and fired you. (Strike 1) And then they hired unvaxxed traveling nurses (Strike 2) And now they want you to return to work because they were too stupid to figure out that firing a bunch of folks would lead to staff shortages. They will turn on you again so don’t go back without a bunch of assurances IN WRITING FIRST. Otherwise, Strike 3.

    • Amen Brother! did the same thing to food service workers-wvs etc. Each and every one used here in canada for the plandemic and the forced to take the experimental shot or leave. They did this during the “green zone period”. Now that they are again in the red zone their vaxxed are getting covid and giing home to isolate leaving them short-much like their sight-short sighted! The sheep can have their covid theater or a hospital, or food, or an economy, or goods etc etc etc. They reap what the sow. The unvaxxed mostly prepared and will breeze through this as the vaxxed become sick and over run and take down the medical system as they count other sheep on the way to the great beyond. Anyone who can’t figure this has nothing to do with health is either intently ignorant or a confirmed Hypochondriac.

  16. If it weren’t for the fact that it’s a HOSPITAL begging I’d tell them to go race themselves. (I’ve replaced the word fu*k with the word race. The left uses the word race as much as the populace uses the word fu*k and I figure if it goes viral it’ll (race) be meaningless to the leftists.


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