BREAKING: Obama To Install Massive Fossil Fuel Tanks At His Martha’s Vineyard Mansion

( Exclusive) – Guess who just got permission to put in some super huge fossil fuel tanks at his mansion in Martha’s Vineyard, according to a set of documents that were obtained by the Daily Caller?

If you said former President Barack Obama, you get fifty gold stars. This just goes to show you that the “elites in the Democratic Party are even more out of touch with the average American voter than you probably already thought.

They will find ways to avoid paying the high cost of energy, while others are forced to continue dealing with it with no relief or reprieve from the insanity going on around us.

According to The Western Journal, the town of Edgartown, Massachusetts has approved the application submitted by Obama to install three propane tanks at his luxury home, which he originally bought back in 2019 for almost $12 million. A real estate listing then revealed that the mansion has 7,000 square feet and includes seven bedrooms.

The propane tanks, once they are installed, will have a combined capacity to store up to 2,500 gallons of fuel. That’s quite a bit more than the average person, I would assume, given the gigantic size of his home.

“One Edgartown board member told the Martha’s Vineyard Times that the town had never received a request for fuel tanks like this before,” the WJ report revealed.

“We’ve never had a private propane tank come to us,” Arthur Smadbeck stated.

These tanks are set to be installed at the same mansion where Obama threw a big bash, sans masks, that might have been responsible for causing an outbreak of the coronavirus last year. And I’m pretty sure, if my memory serves me correctly, that this is the same party where those working it were forced to wear masks, but attendees weren’t.

“As president, Obama implemented new restrictions on the American energy industry, punishing coal and knifing fracking on federal lands,” the report said. “An uncertain regulatory environment has deterred many of America’s fossil fuel producers from investing in extraction and refining capacity.”

Last November, Obama ripped into the human race as a whole — wow, what kind of arrogance does a man have to possess to do that? — for not doing enough to fight climate change.

“Collectively and individually, we are still falling short,” the 44th president went on to say. “We have not done nearly enough to address this crisis. We are going to have to do more.”

It’s entirely possible that while he was scolding everyone else on the planet for not doing enough to save the environment, he was putting together plans for massive propane tanks. Hypocrisy at its finest.

“Progressive elites have long opted to escape the inconveniences of everyday American life by setting themselves up in ultra-affluent enclaves,” the report continued. “President Joe Biden’s climate czar John Kerry called upon policymakers to reject the arguments for increased energy production, even after using fossil fuels in private jet trips to Martha’s Vineyard himself.”

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  1. This only confirms that the ELITES will always be ELITES, While preaching to the rest of us how we should live and how we should sacrifice for the good of all they do as they please while ignoring the sermons they preach to us.The GREENIES in this country just dont understand why the rest of us dont just follow their lead and destroy our country with their insane ideas, Well all they have to do is just take a look at ELITES like the OBAMAS that preach the evils of FOSSIL FUELS while at the same time ignore the Sermons they preach to the rest of the world. One has to wonder how someone that was not wealthy when they entered the WHITE HOUSE and now they are no longer there, How can they afford a 12 million dollar mansion in the first place? Must be nice but the rest of us will never know. When the GREENIES start practicing what they preach the rest of us MIGHT JUST MIGHT pay some attention to them.

    • He’s a half breed you know ..his mother was a white tramp from Hawaii. His queerness is an attribute to the dems and progressive filth.


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