BREAKING: Pentagon Preparing To Supply Ukraine With Game-Changing New Weapon

( Exclusive) – According to a new report from Richard Moorhead at The Western Journal, the Pentagon is getting ready to supply Ukraine with one of the most advanced weapons our military has in its possession.

The White House is now considering granting a request from Ukraine to use the Multiple Launch Rocket System along with the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, according to a source that was cited in a report by CNN.

Officials within the administration are looking into shipping these powerful weapons to Ukraine as part of an assistance package that is slated to be delivered next week.

Ukrainian officials have been after these particular weapons for a little while now, having made the request for them with more urgency than any other, according to a piece from Politico.

“American officials have also questioned if supplying the weapons would deplete the U.S. military’s capabilities. Pentagon officials directed Lockheed Martin to increase the production of MRLS systems in a meeting last week,” The Western Journal said.

“The MRLS rocket launcher is a self-propelling weapon that can fire powerful munitions as far as 310 miles, according to the weapon’s manufacturer, Lockheed Martin,” the report continued. “The Pentagon may also supply Ukraine with the HIMARS — a more mobile and compact version of the MRLS rocket launcher.”

These deadly weapons could enable Ukrainians to take out artillery outside of the country’s major cities without exposing themselves to return fire. The rocket launchers were built to fire off barrages of six to 12 rockets and then get the heck out of Dodge before enemy artillery is able to pinpoint their location and launch a counterattack.

“Poland agreed to buy the powerful rocket launchers from the United States in a $414 million deal in 2019, according to The Defense Post,” the Western Journal reported.

“HIMARS and MRLS would be among the most advanced western weapons to enter Ukrainian hands,” the report added.

Another weapons that has produced great success for Ukraine in its conflict with Russia is the Phoenix Ghost suicide drone, which enabled their forces to take out extensive Russian military targets in the northern part of the country.

What is truly maddening about all of this is that Joe Biden has seemingly placed helping Ukraine over doing anything to provide much needed assistance for our own people as we face a number of crises right here at home.

Take, for example, the fact we are in the middle of a formula shortage that is causing widespread suffering across the U.S. And then there’s soaring gas prices and a hike in the cost of goods due to massive inflation.

Let’s also not forget that thousands upon thousands of illegals are flooding across the southern border with no end in sight, putting a further strain on our already taxed resources.

We need to prioritize taking care of our own people and then worry about what is happening over in Ukraine with Russia.

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