BREAKING: Rush Limbaugh’s $4 Million Investment Put On The Market For Record-Setting Price

( Exclusive) – The housing market sure is crazy right now but you won’t believe what Rush Limbaugh’s former residence in Florida has been listed for.

The 7 bedroom house wasn’t just a place to live for Limbaugh, who passed away in February 2021. He also had a studio where he could broadcast his conservative views and opinions on the on-goings of the world.

Now, Limbaugh’s widow, Kathryn, has listed his Palm Beach estate for sale with an asking price of $175 million, according to The Wall Street Journal on Thursday.


That’s record-setting for the area especially when you consider Limbaugh paid $3.9 million for the property in 1998. He did spend millions transforming it to fit his unique lifestyle and vision, including purchasing neighboring lots, according to the UK’s Daily Mail.

Now his widow is asking a whopping $175 million for it. She must be banking on it having some kind of sentimental value for the next owner.

When Limbaugh first bought the property, it included a 24,000 square-foot main house and the property expanded as he bought four additional neighboring lots, ending up with 2.7 acres total.

According to The Wall Street Journal, if it sells for its asking price, it would break an area record of $173 million, set by Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison when he bought a home in nearby Manalapan, Florida.

The property is currently owned by a trust tied to Kathryn Limbaugh who is only 45-years-old. Perhaps the property is too opulent for her. A 2010 book titled “Rush Limbaugh: An Army of One,” written by author Zev Chafets, explains Limbaugh’s decorative vision.

“It reflects the things and places he has seen and admired,” Chafets wrote.

“The house had a huge salon meant to suggest the French royal palace of Versailles and a massive chandelier in the dining room to replicate the one in New York City’s Plaza Hotel,” Chafetz wrote.

In addition to the oceanfront house’s seven bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, it has a two-story library which was inspired by Biltmore Estate in North Carolina, according to the book.

The mansion also includes a guest suite made to resemble the Presidential Suite of the Hotel George V in Paris, Chafetz wrote.

The Wall Street Journal pointed out that the house may have been modified since the writing of the book but noted that even though the house is in good physical condition the next owner might want to tear it down altogether and build something more modern.

$175 million is sure a lot of money to pay for a house just to tear it down and build a new one.

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