BREAKING: Sarah Palin Breaks Her Silence, Issues URGENT Warning To Fellow Republican

( Exclusive) – Republicans have to get serious about securing control of Congress in the November midterm elections. Now is the time to unite and do what needs to be done to ensure victory.

Alaska is in danger of falling into the hands of Democrats and not because of a lack of strong GOP candidates.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin lost the state’s congressional seat in the Aug. 16 special election to fill the House seat, which was vacant after longtime Republican Rep. Don Young died in March.

Democrat State Rep. Mary Peltola won the seat due to the fact that there were two GOP candidates in the race which caused the Republican vote to essentially be split rather than united. Peltola only won 41% of the vote while Palin won 31% and GOP rival Nick Begich III, a businessman and member of the politically prominent Begich family, got 28%.

Clearly, had Republican voters only needed to unite behind one candidate, that candidate would have won.

Now the Daily Caller reports Palin is pleading with Begich for him to withdraw his candidacy so as not to potentially jeopardize the House seat, which will only be held by Peltola until January when the winner of the November midterm takes over.

The Daily Caller explains that the race in Alaska has attracted a lot of attention for the new electoral method.

“Under its new Ranked Choice Voting system, approved in a close statewide referendum in 2020, Alaska conducts a nonpartisan blanket primary for all non-presidential elections, whose top four candidates advance to the general election regardless of party affiliation.”

This hardly seems like the best way for political parties to unite if there are multiple contenders who refuse to concede.

Palin has pointed out that had Begich not been in the race, those who voted for him would have presumably voted for her which would have led to her winning the special election in the first round.

Instead, Democrats gained a major victory with this pickup. The state of Alaska hasn’t seen a Democrat hold this seat since 1973 when Young first took office.

“It is time for the GOP to unite, we need to unite behind my candidacy and starting today with Nick Begich withdrawing from this race,” said Palin at a press conference in Wasilla, Alaska.

It would certainly seem to be the logical thing for Begich to drop out ahead of the November general election.

Begich “needs to swallow a little pride,” according to Palin, who asked for his help on the campaign trail to elect her to office, arguing that she stood the best chance of beating Peltola.

It’s time for Republicans to work together to defeat the Democrats. If Republicans fail to take control next year, we are in for another two years of the radical left’s anti-American agenda.

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  1. Sarah Palin is one strong , intelligent woman with principles.

    William lavoie is one whiny little queer man with TDS .

    Hmmm , who to choose?

  2. actually chopper i DID answer the question from LINS and if had the bother to look you would have seen it but as usual you deflect as always about anything tRUMP related him losing in 2020 in a free and fair election his criminal investigations his sexual assault cases his many many bankruptcies his racist tendencies his neo-fascist cult leadership of what was once a political party now just a cult so who DEFLECTS!!! as i know you will just do the same dont forget to read my answer to LINS question!!

    • Why do you always think of RUMP ..isn’t that what gay men and queers like you with Trump Derangement Syndrome ALWAYS dream of ?

      Oh , that’s RIGHT, an obama worshipper’s DREAM too huh gayboy?

  3. chopper once again you come up with PATHETIC INSULTS that only seem to make your miserable lonely excuse for a life worthwhile, You think im triggered by you im not the one who responded to my statement and as per usual you have ZERO ARGUMENT TO MAKE!!

    • Why can’t you answer LINS ROBERTS gay boy ? You’re way too stupid and ignorant is my guess.

      You’re the idiot who made the baseless claim president Donald John Trump stole money , yet you have no facts to back up your lies . Guess being an oBama worshipper, it’s perfectly ok to lie huh gayboy ?

      BTW willie, you and I both know you can’t insult today’s progressive liberal trash, they’re to stupid!

  4. William,please explain how TRUMP stole money to investigate the election outcome i dont remember him asking anyone for money for any investigation, What i do remember is receiving notices from the RNC asking for money and I personally ignored their request, Dont think you can blame that on PRESIDENT TRUMP. We get it WILLIAM you hate TRUMP thats ok, But try being truthful with your remarks.

    • Little gayboy william lavoie only spouts the left’s fact-less nonsense. Trump Derangement Syndrome isn’t it’s sickness. Liberalism and stupidity is just as bad .

      Little william lavoie and it’s type NEVER give a dime , they’re career takers LINS , you know that type ! Food stamps , internet, rent, healthcare and the list goes on .

      Losers are winners with today’s democRAT !

    • shortly after tRUMP LOST IN 2020 he created a Save America Pac to fund his defense against his alleged “fraud” claims and within a week he collected almost 250 mill from his cultists. Later found out that ZERO was used for his defense instead money was funneled to tRUMP supported businesses and supporting groups so there is your PROOF ONCE AGAIN SCAMMED HIS CULT!! HE IS NOTHING MORE THAN A CON ARTIST DRESSED IN SHABBY CLOTHES!!


    • Ask little william lavoie it’s opinion..that’s today’s progressive liberal trash responsible Americans are up against who VOTE multiple times !!

  6. That sounds about right. The whole problem is Republicans will not stand together. Too many RINO’s. Republicans need to stick together just like the Demoncrats do and a few of them just need to retire and go home.

  7. Folks, THEREIN LIES THE PROBLEM, Republicans just can not get organized
    i have not seen any tv advertisement from the RNC or any Republicans, But there have been campaign adds in my area touting the great achievments of JOE BIDEN and the DEMOCRATS, We as REPUBLICANS and CONSERVATIVES might want to find out just exactly why the RNC is not doing the same thing?and just exactly what they are doing with all the money they have raised and are raising, Its time for REPUBLICANS to get their message out there if they even have a message, They cant stand around and not offer some policies they are going to pass, Just trashing JOE BIDEN and the DEMOCRATS is not going to get it done. Its time for REPUBLICANS leaders to speak up or just shut up and let the DEMOCRATS continue to destroy our country.

    • ask the “great” tRUMP where all of the Republican money went to he STOLE it to support his supposed election “fraud” cases which as everyone knows has gone NO WHERE!!!

    • Ask the little queer man william lavoie . It’s this type of trash that love obama and the “vegetable” in chief . A homo’s homo for sure .


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