BREAKING: Texas Doctor Resigns After Hospital Suspends Her For Warning About Covid Shots

( Exclusive) – According to a report coming from The Gateway Pundit, Houston Methodist health officials launched an investigation into and then suspended a doctor in Texas last week after alleging that she spread “dangerous misinformation” about the coronavirus and for daring to promote the efficacy of Ivermectin as a viable treatment for the illness, which ultimately led to the physician resigning from her position at the hospital on Monday.

Houston Methodist started an investigation into Dr. Mary Bowden on Friday and then suspended the ear, nose, and throat doctor for going against health authorities and exercising her First Amendment right to freedom of speech.

The hospital shredded Dr. Bowden for “using her social media accounts to express her personal opinions about the COVID-19 vaccine and treatments,” according to a NBC News report.

Bowden issued repeated warnings stating it is “wrong” to mandate the still very much experimental mRNA vaccine, while also continually touting the drug, Ivermectin, as a safe and effective treatment for the illness amid threats from public health officials against prescribing the drug for people who needed it.

See? These people don’t want you to be safe and healthy. What they want is to help make Big Pharma billions of dollars from the sale of the vaccine while also helping to push the vaccine narrative to help the Democratic Party, which is in control of the government, in order to keep the pandemic going and provide justification for the usurpation of power and authority.

Bowden penned a resignation letter that she published on Twitter where she actually doubled down on her belief in the efficacy of Ivermectin.

“The Nobel prize-winning, anti-parasitic drug, which has been deployed against some of the world’s most devastating tropical diseases, is far safer than the potentially lethal, experimental Covid vaccines, the Texas doctor argued,” the GP report said.

“I have worked hard to provide early treatment for victims of COVID-19. My efforts have been successful. I have treated more than 200 COVID-19 patients, including many with co-morbidities, and none of these patients have required hospitalization. This is a testament to the success of my treatment methods,” the ear, nose, and throat doctor wrote. “Throughout this pandemic, there has been no FDA-approved treatment for COVID. Therefore I have done my best to care for patients and save lives in the absence of a clear scientific consensus.”

“Early treatment must still be part of any strategy for patient care. That is why physicians and hospitals should pay more attention to medications such as Ivermectin, which significant research and my clinical experience indicate is effective,” she went on to say. “I have decided to part ways with Houston Methodist because of the accusation that I have been spreading ‘dangerous information.’ This is false and defamatory. I do not spread misinformation, and my opinions are supported by science. There is substantial evidence for the efficacy of ivermectin in treating COVID-19, and no evidence for serious or fatal side effects associated with the doses used to treat COVID-19.”

“As doctors across the country face termination or resignation for providing patients with hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, the Food and Drug Administration has refused to authorize the drugs — that have been saving lives for decades – for Covid treatment, claiming, ‘Ivermectin has not been shown to be safe and effective for these indications,'” GP’s report stated.

What you won’t hear from the mainstream media is the number of folks who have died as a result of suffering adverse effects from the COVID vaccines themselves. In fact, more people have died from this vaccine than any other in recorded history, which information from the CDC’s underreported VAERS report seems to confirm (screen shot here).

“In 2020, approximately 420 people died after being vaccinated. In 2021, as mRNA BioNTech vaccines — which were never previously tested on humans–rolled out, the number of vaccine deaths precipitously spiked to 18,797 as of Nov. 5.,” the report continued.

A report that was published by Infowars not that long ago revealed that there was a medical doctor who came forward and stated that hundreds of lawmakers, their family members and staffers, were given preventative care for the coronavirus which just so happened to include Ivermectin.

And of course, these individuals kept their preventative care from being made known to the general public.

There have also been reports circulating about pharmacists not filling prescriptions for Ivermectin, which is what happened at a Walgreens location in San Antonio, Texas.

A man was told by the pharmacist that the prescription could not be filled, despite the fact it was written by a licensed physician. The reason? Ivermectin was “not approved for COVID.” The man filmed the entire thing.

Again, these people don’t want you to get better. This is proof of that.

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  1. Some are sorry and desperately trying to detox. Those that are okay remain clueless why, and think all the viles are the same, perfect, and everybody has to get one. It’s like too weird for me, that this many people are this stupid but I was that stupid and went out and got a swine flu shot in 1976 for the swine flu that never happened. I did get the swine flu from the shot and was pissed while sick for a day, and saw demons swarming all over. I began to wonder if they can put demons into the viles. They would fit like genie-in-a-bottle, It was kind of obvious sure they can. I was only 16 and herded to get a swine flu shot by the ladies in the office that heard stuff on tv news. I hadn’t even seen Big Pharma snakes logo warning yet. I did immediately get to that “never again” with vaccines point in 1976, still trusted drugs for like childbirth. I was wrong about so many things I thought were right and some kind of genetic hard headed thing. For I didn’t know much and sure thought hard set thoughts. Trusting all doctors and dentists got harder and harder the more they just hurt me never help, they get rid of me coming back telling them. It was all hit and run with doctor’s until I had to figure it out, doctor’s were stupider than divine nature and water or vegetable juice fasting is the biggest cure in the world. For years people kept showing up in articles, crippled and dying from that swine flu vaccine and so many people hardly knew, even doctor’s or they were lying to get jabs into people all their days. WHO had control over the doctor’s. Some few people, compared to what there is, get to realizing what’s really going on. It’s always a war from underground on surface dwellers or call it god and the devil, WHO and Big Pharma have those snakes, that’s the devil, they have to spread diseases, to make people line up for a cure antidote vaccine, which is also a witches brew from whatever wizards have power over the scientists. Scientists definitely categorize effective wizardry as awesome. There’s drugs and there’s magic, they figure that out. They think magic is more science from the underground. It’s manipulating thoughts really, in the DNA is any thoughts, you think your not sick, it goes away, they look for that DNA out of fresh live blood. Maybe they can’t isolate everything but they consume it to do well if it has answers in it for the survival thoughts.

  2. since when does ANY pharmacist have the right to over rule a dr in his/her script? What’s next? Break your arm,
    “oh no, you can’t have that drug. Your doctor is wrong. Even though I don’t know you from adam, nor have i ever seen you or diagnosed you. Your doctor is wrong, I won’t fill that”.
    What kind of horse pucky is that?


    • Gotta appreciate how powerful the system the devil set up is. They did the no meds fill for me on other things, like vitamin scripts, they come and say “don’t have any, won’t order it for me” other things also when I talked docs into writing a script. I wanted pharmaceutical instead of over the counter and at the time figured out it might be more reliable that some lying vitamin company. Found out later, everything is placebo anyway. Karma rules the planet, somehow, it’s all what we think or they like to say believe.

  4. This paralyzing fear called a pandemic will never end because the vaccinated are spreading and mutating the virus. It will not end because the left do not want to let go of the control of our lives and want to continue to destroy our country. It would end in a short period of time if they would allow the medical science prevail and ivermectin used to save lives. We have the democrats to thank for the devastation of this virus.

    • Vastly people are ignorant or flat out liars for money, but doctor’s tend to figure it out and insider’s or outsider’s exist, this is proving who is who more. It’s proving people can’t handle their own loved one’s, lifestyles of things like drugs, and sex people, their demons, they insist on having an evil feel-good lifestyle, causing them to ignore doing good things in the world just seeking feel-good lives, so people are stuck dismissing the pleasure seekers being too expensive, or dangerous, and having drug and sex secrets to just feel-good all the time, so the grim reaper wants to get busy claiming his people. Those controllable by drugs and sex demands. The rules to being a good person, obscure to a serious way, turned into a lot of do or die, good or evil, commitment or nothing, kind of things, in a great divide. Fence straddlers getting caught up being wrong for that. In or Out is how the insiders/outsiders underground works. Trusted or Not. Spaceships beings going in and out the inside of earth, require secrets. I was trying to save drug addicts and it was hopeless, they aren’t going to quit. They check into emergency room for overdose, passing out in the street, etc. Diagnosis CV19, nothing else, it’s the only disease or illness or condition anymore. With demons inside of them they can’t quit drugs, the demons suck the power out of them, so they are sucking the life out of everybody they can, so nobody can share energy with them and they don’t have enough energy to resist a power rush or get out of pain fix with the sex and drugs, they got demons and lost their own power to control their own bodies from tempting temporary fixes. There’s an all or nothing approach to life anymore. Running free and ditching family or sneaking in and out to self-serving interests don’t appear to be the future. There’s this death roll going on and it’s serious, it’s from the AI tech space people that live underground in secret cities with super computers and spaceships, non human beings and hybrids, that always run surface earth but they are all vampires. AI tech beings don’t live in divine natural design, they want their spaceships and computers and loosh machines, or fresh live blood and so, it requires vampirism and extreme secrecy. They have been there with flat screen tablets seen in the 1300’s many levels under the vatican. A colossal earth division and purge based on karma. Karma is what someone thinks. Agenda going on to reset the earth, has happened many times before. They rely on birth amnesia because people born as blank slated, can be programmed or told whatever. In this earth reset attempt, there’s agenda with some that only want 10% survivors before they quit the purge. Then everybody starts up like cave people again but they are more like war torn homeless looking to regroup. They die off, and descendants lose memories shared with them about what really happened. Some gods like the one’s that took out Sodom and Gomorrah ended a city, a civilization, or the whole earth surface. The rebuild society telling people they just came here from god and only have one life to live. It’s always the same reason. If the underground vampires with the spaceships don’t get what they want off the surface dwellers, and play god and devil, they can’t run the earth and don’t want to service them. No gain for them. No blood to consume or trade. No loosh energy to float them to walk tall. 14 known levels under all those hospitals people check into. Down there the trusted insider doctors hang out and know what’s going on. It’s amazing on surface dweller hospital levels there’s doctor’s, nurses, patients, visitors, that don’t know how many basements. People’s blood samples being tasted like fine wine tasting parties. At the mental hospital, people know about it and that’s why they want to hide them away in secret. Some dying ex-engineers that built it, or worked there have been telling. Some mental patients are psychic people that see it and some have voices in the head from the beings down there all their days like an invisible friend. They help the addicts get more drugs, etc. They help anybody if only to divert them. They read minds easily and put thoughts into people’s heads. Some people know the thought isn’t their own and dialogue with them all their days. In Damascus, Syria several years ago the hospital got blown up and exposed for the area being set up for human trafficking of children and local people saw the tunnels under that hospital, miles of tractor trailers could drive through some tunnels, Mystery doors all over the place in the sides of tunnels. Outside entrances look like part of a mountain or construction or private property or dead ends of hills that go into mountains. Holographic images are there for people eyeballs. “The whole earth is a giant blood and loosh factory” Steven D Kelley #OccupyTheGetty on has been covering this since the 1990’s. Truth hasn’t changed. As people age and add up experiences many catch on and put it together. They need only young people that can’t figure it out and content to work for a paycheck, so surface dwellers aren’t allowed to live too long of lives.

  5. Because 5 criminal felonies are revealed in their mad rush to use a bioweapon disguised as a ‘vaccine’. The maniacal lunatics of this regime are using lies to murder innocent people of the world. Have a watch of the first 38 minutes and you will understand. I believe it is critical for this info to get out. forbiddenknowledgetv dot net mind-blowing Dr David Martin.

    • It’s already blown open John. Then again I didn’t buy into it from day one. Guess I’m just a skeptical engineer type. It’s the lunatics on the left, that even on their freaking death bed are telling you to go take the jab.
      “It’s killed me, but you’ll be fine. Go get your shot”… ———————
      You can’t fix stupid, but this is sure gonna take a ton of them out.


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