BREAKING: Trump Sues New York AG

( Exclusive) – The radical left has been trying to bring down President Trump ever since he announced his candidacy in 2015 and totally disrupted the establishment’s globalist agenda.

When he won in 2016, he woke up a massive segment of Americans that had all but been forgotten about and neglected by the anti-American, progressive DC swamp.

He’s still fighting for us and the swamp is still fighting to bring him down.

In New York state, Attorney General Letitia James has been gunning for him for two years now in an attempt to smear his name and destroy his future political goals.

On Monday, however, President Trump announced he wasn’t going to take anymore of her sham investigation into his family real estate business. Trump has filed a lawsuit against the rogue AG contending that her investigation has violated his constitutional rights.

“Her mission is guided solely by political animus and a desire to harass, intimidate, and retaliate against a private citizen who she views as a political opponent,” reads the suit, which asks a judge to stop the investigation.

Just two weeks ago, James indicated that she would be seeking the opportunity to question President Trump under oath.

The New York Times, notes, “If Ms. James were to find evidence of wrongdoing, she could file a lawsuit against Mr. Trump, but because it is a civil inquiry, she could not file criminal charges.”

Then last week, Trump accused James of leading a “politically weaponized” investigation and pointed out just how unpopular James really is in New York.

“Letitia James wants to politically weaponize her position as Attorney General instead of exemplifying impartiality and protecting the interests of all New Yorkers. While she pretends that she suspended her short-lived campaign for New York Governor to go after me, she conveniently fails to mention that she couldn’t garner any support and her poll numbers were abysmal – she had no chance of even coming close to winning.”

He also accused her of prosecutorial misconduct and slammed the progressive cesspool that is now New York. Radical leftists have managed to totally take over NY and it shows.

“She should focus her attention on helping to resurrect the once Great State of New York where crime and poverty continue to wreak havoc, with murder, rape, drug sales, and just about every other form of other crime at record levels, and now with a just-announced highest unemployment rate in the nation…”

As was the entire Russian collusion hoax, this is nothing more than a partisan political charade with the sole intention of hurting the man who has fought so hard for America and bucked so successfully against the globalist’s maniacal, anti-American agenda.

The worst part is that it’s all so obvious yet the left has absolutely no shame. They will stop at nothing to see President Trump totally destroyed and that includes going after his supporters.

Leftists are unhinged, dangerous people. Hopefully an impartial judge will hear Trump’s lawsuit and agree James’ needs to shut it down.

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