BREAKING: Vaccinated Dying At Twice Rate Of Unvaccinated In This Location

( Exclusive) – Not only are the vaccines not safe but they don’t work. First we were told that the vaccines would stop COVID, which we all knew was a lie. It was quickly discovered that the vaccines do not stop COVID.

Then, in an attempt to save face and keep people convinced that they need the vaccines, Big Pharma and the left shifted their claims and said that the vaccines will prevent serious infection, hospitalizations and death.

Turns out, that’s also a lie. In the UK, data has revealed that vaccinated people under the age of 60 are dying from all causes at twice the rate of the unvaccinated.

“I don’t know how to explain this other than vaccine-caused mortality,” wrote former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson on his Substack page.

Berenson, the author of a series of books on government response to the pandemic, pointed out that the most recent rate of death per 100,000 people for the unvaccinated in Britain is 0.9% while the rate for the vaccinated is 2.2% (screen shot here).

Also, recent data in several countries is now showing the rate of infection and transmission of COVID among the vaccinated is increasing.

In the medical journal The Lancet Regional Health – Europe, Günter Kampf, a professor of medicine at the University of Greifswald in Germany, recalled that high COVID-19 vaccination rates “were expected to reduce transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in populations by reducing the number of possible sources for transmission and thereby to reduce the burden of COVID-19 disease.”

“Many decision-makers assume that the vaccinated can be excluded as a source of transmission,” he writes. “It appears to be grossly negligent to ignore the vaccinated population as a possible and relevant source of transmission when deciding about public health control measures.”

In Kampf’s home country of Germany, the rate of symptomatic COVID cases among the fully vaccinated has been reported weekly since July 21. When the weekly reporting began, the “breakthrough” case rate was 16.9% in patients 60 and older.

However, by October 27, it had skyrocketed to 58.9%. Kampf wrote, “providing clear evidence of the increasing relevance of the fully vaccinated as a possible source of transmission.”

In the UK, weekly figures have also been kept which also show a recent increase in cases among the vaccinated.

Kampf also pointed to a long-term study in the UK which has found that the rate of transmission in households of fully vaccinated individuals was statistically the same as households of unvaccinated individuals. It found a rate of 23% among the unvaccinated compared to 25% among the vaccinated.

The professor also wrote about a fully vaccinated person being the source of a clinic outbreak in which 16 healthcare workers, 23 patients and two family members became infected. Of those, 14 fully vaccinated patients became severely ill or died. There were only two unvaccinated patients and they only ended up developing mild symptoms.

Kampf also noted that the CDC lists four of the top five US counties with the highest vaccination rates as also having “high” transmission rates.

The Canadian government’s chief health minister, Theresa Tam, has confirmed that people who have been fully vaccinated have similar viral loads to the unvaccinated. In other words, they can still transmit the virus.

The vaccine and the virus have both been scams, the vaccine being the much more dangerous of the two.

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  1. It’s strange that the American people are not curious why these statistics are not being kept in the USA, or if they are, why are they not being reported to the American people?

    It seems that the American people don’t mind being censored by the Democrats’ puppets, the liberal news media, the censoring social media, the US medical establishment, and the Federal government and all it’s agencies and departments, especially the CDC?

    It also seems that the American people are ignorant of what true censorship really is, what it is about, and how it works, for they seem to believe it is only the usurpation of their free speech, but it is actually much more sinister than that, because it is also censoring what you are allowed to hear from others, which most times is the actual truth that counters the lies of the political elite, so you will then only believe all their lies?

    All Americans should ask themselves these two questions:

    (1) Why are they trying to force every American to accept taking one of the Covid vaccines, that have statistically been proven that they don’t prevent anyone from being infected with the Covid virus, and which that Covid virus has a natural 99.9% recovery rate, while the Covid vaccines have a long statistical record of causing terrible life-long side-affects in millions of Covid vaccination recipients, and also tens of thousands of deaths?

    (2) Why are they forcing the American people, especially our children, to wear masks that all studies ever done on these masks have proven that they are absolutely and completely useless in stopping the human-to-human spread of any type of airborne virus, which the Covid virus is one of, and that the masks also reduces the wearer’s oxygen intake by 60% to 70%, which oxygen has been proven to be the most needed requirement to keep a healthy and strong immune system, and is the reason why so many elderly people die from the Covid virus, because their age has caused their respiratory system (lungs) to be weakened, and other morbid conditions also do the same, reducing the elderly’s oxygen intake and weakening their immune systems?

    I’m a senior citizen now, but when I was much younger the American people were capable of thinking for their themselves, and questioned whatever they were told, especially when no proof or sources were ever given to support what they were being told, and also would never accept the censorship that the Democrats and their puppets have inflicted on our society, also proving that the 1st Amendment has been made irrelevant, because our federal government no longer enforces it’s legal mandates, thanks to the Democrats’ control over our federal government.

    • This is basically just a big IQ test.

      The only thing you had to be aware of is that the US government was lying. After “14 days to flatten the curve” ended, you KNEW they were lying. After that point, nothing they claimed could be trusted.

      There were no tests on the vaccines, we had enforced censorship on the net – all sorts of red flags were going off. If you were STUPID enough to bend to pressure to get these vaccines – well, that was your mistake.

      Nobody really cares too much about the statistics, because the people being hurt aren’t really worth helping. The effort that was made to help these people has been met with derision and insults for over a year. People who have been cautioning them are fed up with their nonsense and I don’t think there’s much room for sympathy for them.

  2. Let’s not forget the big Pharma making billions from this “virus”.
    If this virus is so deadly… why allow the crisis at the border? Letting in parasites, criminals and drug dealers and flying them all over the country.
    Does any of this make sense. They kept people locked down and diminish their immune system by sitting in from of the tv and eat fast food.
    The left is about dumbing people down(hence our education system in the toilet) and “feeding the bear”, handouts, handouts.
    Scary how many sheep are out there and more so the idiots that support this woke, progressive, incompetent administration.

  3. from the hearings, Rand paul: why were you doing gain of function research?,….
    answer from terrorist, and germ warfare practitioner Anthony Fauci: well for the vaccines !,…. being a ranch foreman, and in daily close contact with the owner,….
    I had the first round of the Illness, picked up at a Trade show, before the first lockdown and ban on travel from China. and not knowing what it was, The ranch owner and I passed it back and forth twice,…. both of us being old we Got the vaccine at the behest of our geriatrics Specialist,…. both, got both jabs as did our spouses, we avoided town like a plague otherwise,…. I then caught the delta,…. and subsequent Regeneron treatment, cured it in two days, followed by 14 days quarantine,…. I have since had the Omicron, Since my wife works for a university,…. this means young people CAN spread it,…. But with the side effects of the Jab, I’m not getting that booster until it covers Omicron and all other varieties of Sars-covid 2,…. luckily the cattle and sheep don’t seem affected,…. we have had multiple lambing’s and calving’s since, and a few shipped to market, since the beginning of all this,…. and blood tests come back negative,…. We NOW need to Prosecute for millions of murders and violations of the Geneva Accords against germ warfare,…. Terrorist Anthony fauci of NIH-AID, Daszak of Ecohealth alliance, and Xi jin-ping of the Communist party of China,…. and execute these “People” In Public, By Hanging, and feed the carcases to the sharks,…. and prosecute and Incarcerate any and all Underlings involved, as well as all Academics involved in the thousand talents programs, who are of U.S. citizenship,…. The Only way to beat this is by getting rid of the Creators, and Treasonists,….

  4. What’s the point. As individuals there is not one single thing you can do about anything your arguing about except believe what you believe. Even if the government came out tomorrow and said every bit of the conspiracy was true, nothing changes, there is still nothing you can do except arguing for the sake of arguing. Just like a rocking chair. You go back and forth but get absolutely no where. The virus was made or it wasn’t, the vaccine works or it doesn’t, it doesn’t matter. When and if they enforce everyone to get injected, talk all the shit you want but you’ll be standing in line waiting your turn wether you won’t to or not. It doesn’t matter what you believe. It doesn’t matter what you think because your not in control of any of it, and as individuals we never will be. Sheep go to sleep because we get herded in the morning.

  5. For all the TROLLS here who do not have a clue … see if you can understand this: from Peter Daszak speech

    “…until an infectious disease crisis is very real, present, and at an emergency threshold, it is often largely ignored. To sustain the funding base beyond the crisis, he said, we need to increase public understanding of the need for MCMs such as a pan-influenza or pancoronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media, and the economics follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond
    if they see profit at the end of process, Daszak stated.”3

    It is not surprising that one year later NIAID’s funding paid off with Dr. Baric’s lab announcing that the Wuhan derived pathogen was “poised for human emergence”.
    Knowing that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (through CDC, NIH, NIAID, and their funded laboratories and commercial partners) had patents on each proposed element of medical counter measures and
    their funding, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Gao (China CDC), and Dr. Elias (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) conspired to commit acts of terror on the global population – including the citizens of the United States – when, in
    September 2019, they published the following mandate in ‘A WORLD AT RISK’: look it up. For you ‘note reader’ liberals who think you know so much about covid … if it isn’t too far beyond your comprehension capabilities.

  6. You’re all a bunch of flat-earther conspiracy idiots.

    In case any SANE people came here out of morbid curiosity to see where this nonsense came from, I checked the sources and I’ll save you the effort. The government data spreadsheet has a footnote explaining exactly why the 10-to-59-vaccinated death rate is higher than the 10-to-59-unvaccinated death rate.

    The vaccine rollout was age based. The vaccinated group consists largely of people in their 40’s and 50’s, while the unvaccinated group consists largely of people in their pre-teens, teens, and 20’s. Unsurprisingly, 50+ year olds have a higher death rates than teenagers. Duh.

    Conspiracy theory idiots. The explanation is printed on the damn source documents, but that doesn’t matter if it doesn’t fit the loony narrative. Helpful tip for Tea Partiers: If you believe that 70 percent of Americans are radical leftwing baby-eating monsters, that’s a big clue that the radical baby-eating monster is you.

    • How many idiots think government supplied data are accurate and truthful ?
      We all know today’s progressive liberal trash blindly follow the government don’t we ?

    • John Q. Rationalist, resident of Reality USA. Right, uh huh, you are the one, who read the footnotes of ‘data’. And you of course , being the know-it-all of all things conspiracy, the Mayor of Reality USA, must have the inside scoop … the REAL truth … coming directly from the vast information vaults of Reality USA … because you read a what??? ….”The government data spreadsheet…”. HA HA HA !!

    • You are nothing more than another uninformed quack. Show us the ‘data’ from your gov info data. We all need a good laugh!

    • Did you understand what you just said. The vaccinated were older? So what. We were told you couldn’t get Covid after getting the non vaccine vaccines. Vaccines keep you from getting the disease. These shots don’t do that. If they had done what they said they would do age wouldn’t matter. The age argument is irrelevant. I’ve had both jabs of Moderna and still got Covid.

  7. “FDA Docs: 40K Serious Adverse Reactions, 1.2K Deaths Associated with Pfizer Jab in First 2.5 Months of Its Use.”
    Still believe the lying gov shills, lacky politicians, and big pharma exterminators??

    • What you are calling … covid …. is only a form of influenza, nothing more. And also realize, there is NO VACCINE for this so-called covid. Look it up before the liars at the CDC et al, change the definition again … calling this a ‘vaccine’ is a misnomer. Otherwise the big pharma liars would not get LIABILITY PROTECTION FROM HARM. It’s a scam …. read, educate yourself, and move away from mainstream propaganda.

  8. Thanks goodness we all get to make our decision for ourselves. We should divide country between the vacinated and the unvacinated. Let the people who want to go up against Covid naked no mask no vaccine do that, and those who want the shot get it!

    • How about dividing our country between the hardworking producers vs today’s progressive liberal trash on welfare and see how that works out Jerri ?

    • Our Gov’t is trying to take away “our decision” by adding ignorant mandates on top of others! You ok with that too Gerri?

    • Well Gerri, if you believe … “… that we all get to make our decisions for ourselves..” Then explain to us why there are mandates, and mandatory injections, please.

  9. Yes, the virus has been and is a bio weapon intentionally use by the left/democrats against the American citizens. The use of the NIH to prevent the use of therapies or medications that would have stopped the virus cold has been also with held from the citizens. the non-vaccine is mandated with repeated injections is intentional to keep the illness and death going. The American people are beginning to see this. The kind of people that would, with out conscious, intentionally kill to gain and keep control are sub human.

  10. Obama’s from behind the curtain third term lived via Biden has caused what in medical terms would be a massive organ failure in every aspect of the country. Are we dead yet, or is there a miracle on the way?

  11. Call it what it is …. a BIOWEAPON. Until the public understands that this is NOT a vaccine nor is it any kind of health concoction … time for the people of the world to throw out the mass murderers and liars who are killing humanity. No matter who the mouthpiece is, Biden, Fauci, Gates, CDC, etc., lying about the premeditated killing of humanity. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4


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