CAUGHT! CDC Quietly Deletes Thousands Of COVID Vaccine Deaths From Its Website Total In One Day (VIDEO)

( Exclusive) – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been busted with their hand in the proverbial cookie jar as a new report has been released that proves they have been deleting thousands of deaths that have been caused by the COVID-19 vaccines currently circulating on the market.

According to a report from Infowars, the CDC’s coronavirus vaccine adverse reaction tracking system, VAERS, mysteriously erased thousands of deaths last week, right as public knowledge of the vaccine-related deaths started to grow.

A bunch of archived posts from the CDC website reveal that between the dates of December 14, 2020 and July 13, 2021, VAERS received a total of 6,079 reports of death among people who took the jab (screen shot here).

This same web page showed from December 14, 2020 to July 19, 2021, there were 12,313 deaths reported (screen shot here). That’s a massive increase of 6,234 deaths in six days. However, on July 21, which was just two days later, the website stated that the number of deaths that have been reported for individuals receiving the COVID vaccine was 6,207.

The question we all are asking at this point is which of these numbers is the real one?

“A whistleblower recently submitted a declaration under threat of perjury as part of a lawsuit, claiming VAERS underreports vaccine-related deaths by a factor of at least five,” the Infowars report says, adding, “If her calculations are correct, the real number of COVID vaccine-induced deaths is closer to 45,000.”

This document states that the anonymous insider made the claim that “On July 9, 2021, there were 9,048 deaths reported in VAERS.”

That’s a bigger number than what was displayed on the VAERS page on July 12.

Sen. Ron Johnson, a Republican from Florida, stated during an interview on Fox Business, that “New cases of COVID in Israel are about 84 percent with vaccinated individuals.”

With all of the confusion surrounding these numbers, it looks like an audit is going to be necessary to straighten everything out. We need to know the exact number of people who have died from this vaccine so that as individuals we can make the right choice for our own personal health.

It’s not the government’s job to try and force us all to take a vaccine. All they are to do is provide us with relevant, accurate information so that we can make that call for ourselves. This vaccine was rushed into production and there’s a whole lot we don’t know about it’s long term effects.

This information is absolutely critical. The government is clearly covering this up to try and convince us this vaccine is harmless, when the reality is quite different.

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  1. Over 500,000 Americans have died because of this “virus” that was said to be just a stronger flu! Okay! Explain the reasons we and all the other people on this Earth were ordered to do likewise. Masks can KILL and have done so in different areas. In the masks are tiny critters that people miss and wear it because that was to keep us safe. 6 feet of distance? WHAT? How ignorant! They don’t know a virus will just walk over to your space, breathe on you and BOOM! You are dead. Everything has been PLANNED in preparation for the NWO. People were like lemmings, following the leaders, but don’t have a clue about following to the bottom of the mountain. Like good little children, they were so excited about getting their JABS Scheduled just as other injections. People didn’t know that the elite were given PLACEBOS and not the real thing. Doctors who are not affiliated with FAUCI and his riff-raff warned us months ago that people will begin dying after the third week to the fifth or longer because of their damnable Vaccines. The Booster shots are far worse than the JABS, but they will never tell us. They continue changing numbers while enriching themselves with money gained for FALSELY ORDERED to write cause of death-COVID 19.(Governors called their coroners and gave the orders.) Many who were on Oxygen had a better chance of living, but a VENTILATOR THAT IS DEADLY was forced on them. (Info re: Ventilators is online.) I had been suspecting, but didn’t do anything because too many people let us know the progress of their loved ones. THOSE Relatives did DIE! This “virus” and mutations will never end because people do not care do their own research. Very Soon, I hope FAUCI and his riff-raff will suffer from deceiving our whole world. They are TRAITORS – ALL OF THEM! The End Game is DEPOPLULATION OF OUR WORLD. They want at least 90% of our people in our WORLD to be DEAD.


  3. Last week I went to a Memorial service for my nephew (no he didn’t die from covid) and no one was wearing a mask or social distancing. There must of been close to three hundred people there to pay their respects! I am 76 and haven’t come down with covid from any of these people and I hugged a lot of people there! And by the way I am unvaccinated!

  4. Very Concerned
    I have to agree with Skeptical’s belief and answer. We live in a free country with the right to make our own choice on the Vaccine. The
    report of deaths at this time appears to be downplayed. There were many many more deaths than what was reported. It is true I believe that there was and still is a Virus and that some people will die from the virus but not by being made to take the vaccine and dying from it. Our government is trying to take control of all people and if we don’t do as they say we will be either fined or put in jail, that’s not a free America. If you want America to stay free we need President Trump back in the White House. If you agree then give your comment and let everyone know how you feel. You can see already what has happened in America and I assure you if we don’t get President Trump back our country will be destroyed and our free country will be no more.

  5. Damned if you do,damned if we don’t. But at 72 in Oct. The covid any brand will kill me, so what’s a person to do.

    • I am 76 and my choice is easy, I will not get any of these covid vaccines! I didn’t live this long by being stupid! Two of my family members got a covid vaccine, one tested positive for covid three weeks later and the other ended up in the hospital two days later with an inflamed stomach and lungs and will now be on oxygen for the rest of her life! I have not social distanced with my family and friends during this covid virus outbreak and none of my friends know of anyone that has gotten this virus and I don’t know of anyone either! Am I careful when out in public, YES! I just don’t touch my face and wash my hands frequently and then I do social distance.

    • “I didn’t live this long by being stupid!”
      I agree. But that creates a conundrum.
      How do we explain the commander in diapers,
      schumer, piglosi, and the rest of the walking cadavers?
      as for the incorrect numbers, or the LIE.
      Someone drop the damn abacus AGAIN?

  6. “It’s not the government’s job to try and force us all to take a vaccine. All they are to do is provide us with relevant, accurate information so that we can make that call for ourselves.”
    Government will also claim it has a duty to protect others from threats you choose to discount, even if you yourself may become incorporated into the mechanism. There is our current threat from government. It intends to strip us, as it deems necessary, of our civil rights, freedoms, and liberties that make our lives worth living, to preserve our lives involuntarily.
    With servants like this, you do not need enemies.

    • Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob Bo Bob Bob Bob Go get the vax so you can catch the virus anyway

    • Yes Bob please go to your liberal websites so you can continue to be stupid and uninformed! You really don’t belong here with people who have common sense and can think for themselves and make their own choices!

  7. This is an emergency vaccine to be used in an emergency, but is it a contrived emergency when HCQ was revealed during the first few weeks of this illness make into a politically convenient disaster ? HQC was and is inexpensive and was and is available and was and is proven to save lives. If this medication were so dangerous as the dems portray it to be than thousands of people with lupus would be dead in the streets and tens of thousands of military personnel would have died in malaria infested areas during WWII. We are being played for non thinking stooges.


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