CNN BUSTED! Check Out The Fake Audience At Joe Biden’s Town Hall

( Exclusive) – We all know that when it comes to CNN putting on a town hall event for whatever Democrat they plan on slobbering all over, the whole event is pre-packaged and staged. This is a given. However, it seems Joe Biden has taken things to the next level by having a fake audience at the event as well.

According to Gateway Pundit, CNN contributor Donna Brazile once cheated by allowing Hillary Clinton to have the questions prior to her debate with Sen. Bernie Sanders during her last presidential bid, which is a prime example of how staged these events are.

And then, as if that wasn’t enough, back in 2007, CNN filled up its Hillary Clinton town hall with operatives within the Democratic Party.

The network was also accused of scripting questions for it’s massively anti-gun town hall back in 2018.

But just when you think the left can’t get any worse, that they surely cannot be any more pathetic, it turns out CNN moved all of its audience to the first few rows of the Joe Biden town hall to make it look like people actually came to see Joe Biden make a fool of himself (screen shot here).

Folks, this is just pathetic. Seriously. This is even worse than the time Jeb Bush actually asked for people to clap at his comment.

Not only did Biden and CNN try to deceive everyone into thinking there were lots of people interested in hearing this old timer ramble incoherently, but much of what the man actually said was total bull as well.

In fact, during one part of the program, Biden lied through his teeth and claimed that Democrats have never stated they supported defunding police departments. Well, once again, Biden’s brain is misfiring.

“They’re lying. (Crowd cheer) Look, never once. We have to change police conduct. We have to have rules where things are open. We have to have rules where you’re able to determine what the background, how many times a cop has violated the rules. Be able to have access to what’s going on in police departments so the Justice Department can get involved in whether or not they have to change the pattern and practices,” Biden said.

But guess what? There’s a whole video montage of many Democrats calling to defund local police departments. So either this man has pudding for a brain or he’s just a natural born liar.

Biden knows full well that the left has not only called for the defunding of police, but many Democrat mayors have actually taken action to do it, which has led to spikes in crime as there are less police officers available to answer calls and do patrols in areas where they are sorely needed.

We’re supposed to believe that Americans voted for this man? Really?

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  1. Biden and most democrats have always been liars. If they are accusing Republicans of something, anything, you can bet they are doing it themselves. They try to throw everyone off the scent of their pure EVIL!!!

    • The dems love the liar in their representatives , their hero Hussein oBama won “ Liar of the Year “ , twice !!! Now that’s success to today’s progressive liberal trash.

  2. Why can’t the Supreme Court uphold the Constitution and go after the States that change the voting rules. Everybody knows Pres. Trump won. There is no way Biden could have won. Nobody went to his rally’s. He has lied to all the people about his health. He is not fit to be President.
    This has to be corrected now !! This country needs change know!!

  3. CNN and Nancy Pelosi better send out for more Hollywood Bathhousers and assorted freaks to work on their ridiculous political theater performances. Schiff weeping should have 10 times more crocodile tears to convince the gullible left. The 60s communists put on better acts than this sorry bunch of nitwits.

  4. I keep seeing this Thing he did with those Total and Complete Idiots at Communist News Network ( fitting that Commissar Bidete’ should be on Commie news net ) But i am seeing it second hand as the real news nets from Other countries cover and Comment better than The U.S. Main stream liars, for instance “Sky” news Australia, gave a complete narrative on the Interview…. after the fact,…. not concerned with what he had to say but how he said it …. and I have to agree he belongs in a HOME but not the White house, he was completely befuddled, lost in the space, between his ears, his comments on masks for children did Not Line up with CDC OR who ( not trustworthy anyway ) and then he breaks of on a tangent about the man on the moon, and then Aliens ( Space, Not Criminal invaders from Mexico )

    • Reminds me of the left’s hero Hussein Obama with his woman like hand on the Koran swearing to uphold the laws of the United States of America.

      We all know he won “ Liar of the Year “ twice for his lies and deceptions . That’s a badge of honor to his cult of followers.

  5. This poor excuse of a human being , Biden, is NOT the legally elected president and no amount of pretending by the democrats will make it so.


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