CNN In Full Panic Mode

( Exclusive) – CNN has lost all credibility. No one can, or should be, taking their “reporting” seriously at this point. They’ve become shameless lap dogs for the radical left. Not only do they run defense for Joe Biden’s corrupt regime on a daily basis but, as CNN reporter Clarrisa Ward demonstrated, they also play nice with America’s enemies.

During a segment from the “streets of Kabul,” Ward described Taliban militants as seeming “friendly” while also chanting “death to America.” It’s kind of like the “mostly peaceful” riots of 2020 in which Black Lives Matter terrorists burnt US cities to the ground.

Ward, decked out head to toe in all black Islamic clothing, made the comment while reporting on the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul after the US Embassy was evacuated. She also mentioned the shocking scenes from the airport where hundreds of Afghanis clamored to board planes to escape the country, with some falling to their deaths after attempting to hold on to the outside of the planes.

The Taliban totally gives off mostly “friendly” vibes.

During the segment, the militants are seen chanting “Allahu Akbar” (God is great), before they begin their trademark “death to America” chant.

“They’re just chanting ‘death to America’ but they seem friendly at the same time. It’s utterly bizarre,” reported Ward, CNN’s Chief International Correspondent.

Two seconds later Ward reported on the fact that the “friendly” Taliban asked her to get out of the way and stand to the side “because I’m a woman.”

“Is there an enemy of America for whom @CNN WON’T cheerlead?” asked Senator Ted Cruz on Twitter. It certainly doesn’t seem like it.

Cruz wasn’t the only one who took note of Ward’s bizarre comment. Twitter users wasted no time calling her out for her utter stupidity.

“Only CNN could call the Taliban chanting ‘Death to America’ a ‘mostly peaceful’ story,” Newsmax’ White House Correspondent Emerald Robinson said.

“They’re chanting ‘Death to America’ but they seem ‘friendly?’ We’re literally living in an episode of South Park,” user “Nuff” comically observed.

Velina Tchakarova shared pictures of Ward reporting in Kabul before and after the Taliban takeover to illustrate the difference in her attire and to highlight just how “friendly” the Taliban really is.

It’s surprising Ward didn’t describe the Taliban takeover of Kabul as “mostly peaceful.” CNN is an embarrassment to real journalism and they should be ashamed of themselves. They’re too busy pandering to the radical left, however, to have any sense of integrity anymore.

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  1. Unfortunately, there are still a number of entirely misinformed people out there who actually believe everything CNN tells them. Fortunately, many of them are slowly realizing that CNN has been blatantly lying to them for years and are pursuing other sources of information.

  2. Isn’t it a good situation for Obama who set the stage for the corrupt Biden administration putting people without a conscious or respect for law in key positions . Now Biden is the puppet and gets all the blame for the intended disaster while Obama pulls all the strings and parties.

    • Obama became rich due to Biden’s advices through out the years . Joe knows the road to riches without working , so does his hero oBama .

  3. as has been said this is the result of voting because you do not like someone and not who can really do the job . by the way while Biden was in his basement what were they doing to him A BRAIN WASH TO BE USED FOR THEIR PURPOSE ?

  4. The Biden with Obama behind the curtain third term is what we get with voter fraud. The republicans cannot be any more inept when they promote just moving on and do not deal with the corrupt 2020 election. In California they are doing it all over again. No person should ever be given power who DOES NOT SUPPORT THE CONSTITUTION. THE DEMOCRATS USE THE CONSTITUTION FOR WINDOW DRESSING, and we are stupid again to accept their corrupt voting processes, which ignores the law and the will of the people. The democrats are lawless and without shame for their deceit and corruption , but God will have the last word!

  5. Traitors are like cockroaches, they can hide in the darkest and narrowest places.
    In my opinion the majority of the Democratic makeup has along with the RINOS become like the average household cockroaches. My opinion!

  6. Telling Ward to ‘get out of the way because she’s a woman’ is the one and only good thing the Taliban has done since this fiasco began.

  7. CNN is a joke and has been for a long time, even my friend who is a lib won’t watch it anymore, that should tell you something.

  8. the “friendly” Taliban asked her to get out of the way and stand to the side “because I’m a woman.”

    And if you didn’t get out of the way, what do you think the friendly taliban would have done?

  9. That’s EXACTLY what the couple riding their bikes thru afghanistan said, “evil is a myth”….. right up to the moment where the taliban ran them over and stabbed them both to death. “Peaceful as can be, truly friendly folk”

  10. My mother always said that the irrational mind cannot produce let alone say or convey rational thoughts. Ward demonstrates that truth .

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