Code Red! Corrupt AZ And PA Democrats Are Threatening To Destroy Voting Machines After Forensic Audits

( Exclusive) – A bunch of corrupt Democrats from both Pennsylvania and Arizona are now threatening to destroy expensive voting machines if a forensic audit happens, which could end up costing local taxpayers millions of dollars.

According to the Gateway Pundit, the destruction of these machines also goes against the EAC’s recommendations. When you get down to brass tacks, this is just a threat from county officials to try and stop a forensic audit of the election results from happening.

Do innocent people threaten to destroy evidence and machines in order to hide the truth? The answer is an obvious no.

“Maricopa County, Arizona and Fulton County Pennsylvania are both replacing Dominion voting equipment under the guise that “uncertified” third parties who were hired to audit the equipment broke the chain of custody,” the report said.

“This all started with a letter from Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs to Maricopa County in which she claimed she would not certify the subpoenaed voting equipment after being returned from the audit,” the report added.

Here’s what Hobbs said in the letter.

“Unfortunately, after a loss of physical custody and control, no comprehensive methods exist to fully rehabilitate the compromised equipment or provide adequate assurance that they remain safe to use,” the letter read.

Right after this, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors voted to have the equipment replaced at a $3,000,000 cost to the state’s taxpayers, due to the fact that the Secretary of State has refused to certify the machines for future elections.

“Following Hobbs lead, and almost as if on cue, Pennsylvania Acting Secretary of State Veronica Degraffenreid decertified voting equipment in Fulton County that had also undergone an audit by a (credentialed) private company,” GP reported.

However, it seems that the Democrat officials never bothered to consult with the EAC or their website as the “Chain of Custody Best Practices Guide” has a section dedicated specifically to their concerns,” the report went on to say.

“When you believe the chain of custody may have been broken, it is a best practice to assess the situation completely, gather the facts, and contact your attorneys, EAC labs, and your system manufacturer. A risk assessment should be performed to determine the extent of the potential harm based on your findings and final determination regarding how to proceed. After obtaining legal advice that it is safe to do so, wipe the device and reinstall the software and firmware from a trusted source,” they said.

The EAC recommends that after such an event takes place, when you think the chain of custody might have been broken, “…wipe the device and reinstall the software and firmware from a trusted source.”

You know what they don’t say? They don’t say you decertify the equipment and throw it away, replacing them with new machines.

“What’s more is the two companies Maricopa County hired to audit their voting equipment aren’t certified by the EAC to perform forensic audits. As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, the EAC doesn’t certify forensic auditors, and the ones they hired are not qualified in computer forensics as recommended by the EAC; furthermore, they literally work for the voting equipment companies,” the GP report said.

“Digital forensics require specialized skillsets, and the audit team should possess certifications or applicable work experience in this specialty. Industry standard certifications are offered by organizations such as the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS) or the Sans Institute,” the EAC says about forensic cybersecurity investigators.

What these people are trying to say is that they need to replace the machine because there is no reputable company that is acceptable for them to perform a forensic audit except the ones that have unqualified test laboratories and are not certified by the EAC. So basically, no one.

Another report from GP notes that new Dominion voting machines have arrived in Stark County, Ohio and they will be costing taxpayers a whopping $6.17 million up front.

And strangely, they hardware contains a software program designed to “evaluate voter intent.” What does that mean, exactly, and why do the officials in this county believe it’s important to know?

The Review reported that, “…Dominion quoted a retail cost for the new voting equipment of $6.17 million upfront, plus $331,550 a year to cover the software license, the hardware warranty and some ballot printing. The state covered $3.27 million. Dominion extended a trade-in credit of $1.7 million, reducing Stark County’s upfront cost to $1.48 million.”

So much shady business happening all around the country. This is why election integrity has now become such a critical issue, folks.

Copyright 2021.

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  1. SEN Teacher, you said conservatives don’t care about the law. This is your problem. Everything is opposite of what you say. Democrats are the ones that don’t care about laws. If you can’t see or understand that there’s no can only talk about conservatives lies. You have no evidence of it. There is tons of evidence about liberal democrats lies ,all you have to do is see what they do, not what they say. They are so corrupt, from Bide to AOC, all the democrats. Lying dogs.

    • Fake teacher suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome which means it’s progressive liberal trash.

  2. THESE Evil, Demonic, democrats are just GREEDY, LOWCLASS, LOWLIFE, Scumbags, to ignorant, to be in control of our lives. I say Impeach, all of them.

  3. I don’t know why an injunction against any action to not certify or destroy the machines wouldn’t be appropriate, The case seem clear.

  4. If the states that used these machines Don’t replace them then refuses to use the right software we will all have the same problem in 2022 & 2024. The only way to stop this is to send those who violated the election laws need to be prosecuted sent to jail. Those Politian’s involved should go to jail for Treason and lose their retirement and their Property as well as receiving Max punishment.

  5. if a normal working American threaten to do this or even a Republican politician they would in a prison with in a couple of hours, just more proof that the Constitution or their oath or American citizens mean anything to them and just like the demoncrap politicians said about Trump WE WILL DO WHAT EVER IT TAKES TO GET RID OF TRUMP,

  6. Yeah, this is absolutely ridiculous! If they didn’t cheat they wouldn’t have any problem with the audit moving forward!! They are ruining our country!! Biden did not win!!

  7. Everything the leftist “New Green Deal” and the corrupt CDC, FDA, WHO, Fauci, Bill Gates (obsessed with over population), and so many more are trying to do to this world is disgraceful! Their agenda is total control of all citizens of Earth, and they stop at nothing to achieve this agenda.
    “We the people” are being fed a bunch of lies about the “delta variant” which suddenly showed up when the evildoers saw that people were not getting vaccinated because they believed they were immune, so the Control Mongers had to come up with a plan to keep us under control.
    Now states like mine, Arkansas, are masking up once again, based on a lie that this is not a plague, but a “flu” which you can fully recover from with meds like hydroxychloroquine,and other over the counter drugs. The corrupt medical community are not allowing doctors to approve certain drugs, which are helpful and reliable.
    People need to wake up and realize we are being lied to on all fronts. Death and covid cases are not correct, and the recovery rate even from the new variants are the same as a regular flu. God be with us all during these turbulent times.

    • You are so right. The Delta variant, when in India didn’t last lo ng and people got over it and they no longer have an issue with it. It’s all political to scare people into keeping away from each other and looking like idiots wearing masks. God save us, especially the children.

  8. The machines will be compromised because of both the unqualified amateurs like Cyberninjas wrecking them to see inside. We’ll soon it will be time to produce their findings from their ‘audit’. Actually as we all know releasing their findings was never the plan, it was always a false flag trumpian dark ops con designed to drag on for months throwing out misinformation and fake news. The losers who lost the election are so desperate for power that they are happy to promote the fantasies of the great one term loser in chief in the hope that the Orange messiah will look kindly in them when he runs for president again. Bigly sad.

    • Yep and you’ll be the same loser you were yesterday tomorrow with Trump Derangement Syndrome.
      Is that a fair statement ?

    • That is a dumbassed statement, the machines are being audited not reprogrammed. You must not know any thing about the true serviceability of these voting machines. Are you one of the herd of sheep. This narrative is false, period!

    • Answer the question SEN Teacher … If the election was ‘good’ and legitimate, why are all the democrat election boards blocking the way by not allowing the audits to be accomplished ? I’ll tell you why, SEN Teacher of BLM and ANTIFA lovers … communist punks like you are rotten to the core, and because there IS something to hide. The dismal reasons you give are laughable and embarrassing …. mildly put, totally stupid.

    • Yes Sen Teacher and Hillary still thinks she won the 2016 election and Stacy Abrams still thinks she won her election too. I am sure you think both of these morons are right about election fraud yet you believe only Trump and his voters are wrong to think something went wrong in the 2020 election. You truly have TDS. Seek help.

  9. We, the People, are tires of the disgusting people who are only interested in making the rest of us live in a corrupted country that matches their corrupted character.
    Biden did not win anything but a reservation in a prison cell along with Obama and the rest of the traitors.

    • They need to prevent partisan amateurs like Cyberninjas from getting access to stuff like voters social security and medical information which is confidential by law. I know the law doesn’t mean much to conservatives these days but thems the facts. Cyberninjas have already demonstrated their sheer incompetence and lack of the required knowledge and expertise too many times to be trusted with citizens private info. Logan will do anything to ‘prove’ fraud so it simply wouldn’t be safe. Also it’s illegal as I said.

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