CONFIRMED: Mass. Reports 5,200 “Breakthrough” COVID Cases, 80 Dead — All Vaccinated

( Exclusive) – Joe Biden is not only in major cognitive decline but he’s also a blatant and outright liar.

During a CNN town hall this past week he told the American people that if they get the COVID vaccine they don’t have to worry about getting COVID. This is a downright lie and proven by the fact that outbreaks among the vaccinated have been occurring all across the US.

In an attempt to justify these outbreaks the left-wing establishment media has claimed that it’s from “variants” of the virus like the “Delta variant” and the “Lambda variant” but the reality is that there are no tests that distinguish what “variant” someone has. As a matter of fact, the very same tests are being used now as were used all throughout 2020.

Now, officials in Massachusetts have confirmed that almost 5,200 people have tested positive for COVID after becoming sick and all of them have been fully vaccinated. Of those 5,200, 80 people have died.

These cases are being referred to as “breakthrough” cases and a broadcaster for NBC Boston has said cases where fully vaccinated individuals are testing positive have been “rare” so far.

“As of July 17, a total of 5,166 breakthrough cases had been reported to the state DPH. Of those, 272 people were hospitalized and survived. Of the 80 people who died, 23 died without being hospitalized; 57 died following a hospital stay,” the report stated.

Naturally, the report continued to push vaccines, saying, “Health officials insist vaccine confidence should not be shaken, and say these numbers should be put into perspective.”

“Tufts Medical Center epidemiologist Dr. Shira Doron says since people have started rolling up their sleeves for COVID vaccines, the Boston hospital has only seen two patients hospitalized for COVID-19 in those who were fully vaccinated. Neither died,” the report explained.

“What hasn’t changed is that the vaccine is preventing severe disease and death,” Doron told the broadcaster.

Of course, this is just propaganda because the complications and death rates from COVID have never been that high. The virus has always had a survival rate of 98%+.

Michael Curry, of the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers, insists that businesses need to “urge people to get vaccinated.”

“I think businesses have to make a judgement call and decide where necessary to have a mask on when people come in. I know we’re not in a state of emergency where we once were, but we may need to get back to those strategies. Quite frankly, it saves lives.” There is no evidence that COVID mitigation efforts have “saved” any lives.

A month ago, the Western Journal reported that the Massachusetts number of breakthrough cases at that time was 4,000 and questioned, “If you can still contract COVID-19, why get vaccinated?”

Davidson Hamer, an infectious diseases specialist at Boston University, claimed that the “breakthrough infections are asymptomatic or they’re very mild and brief in duration.” Again, most people have not had severe reactions to COVID. Also, if someone is asymptomatic, why are they receiving a COVID test to begin with?

What would happen if everyone in America decided to get injected with these experimental COVID vaccines but there were still outbreaks of COVID? Would these outbreaks be acceptable since everyone was vaccinated?

What is the goal of these shots? It doesn’t appear that they are actually effective at stopping COVID and considering they’re experimental and potentially even more dangerous than the virus itself, there doesn’t seem to be much of a point in taking the chance and getting injected.

COVID is never going to go away, folks. Democrats won’t let it. The shots are nothing more than an exercise in control.

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  1. Sen “teacher”, did you get upset in 2018 when the liberal democrats stormed the Senate, during the Supreme Court hearing for Kavangh, if not, you are the ultimate Hypocrite!!!!!

    • Trump is the only one to upset the fake teacher, today’s progressive liberal trash is untouchable to the fake teacher.

  2. The amount of damage done to our country on so many levels in 6 months by Biden and his band of boneheads is impressive. They have created the perfect scenario for Trump to show what he can do if he get’s back in. My son fell victim to the lies by the MSM. I told him several things will happen if the Dems get back in. First, gas prices will probably rise to $5.00 a gallon. He said “No Way”. We’re not far off. He won’t talk politics anymore…

  3. I can not believe people that voted for Biden and talk about how dishonest and criminal Trump is. What evidence do any of these people really have other than what is spoon feed to them like baby food by the Deep State Democrat criminal party. If Trump really was dishonest He would have been convicted and put in prison long ago from all the corrupt criminal investigations the Corrupted Democrat D.O.J. has tried to pin on him just to take him out of the picture because he’s a huge threat to their Power sickness

    • The accusers are the “ true “ criminals when it comes to the greatest president ever Donald John Trump. They’ve proven over and over they’re guilty of the very crimes they accuse Trump of .
      Progressive liberal trash!

  4. I had the Covid-19 vaccine and have not felt right since. Wish I never relented to this, but I did and now have to live with it. Dems are the liars. I keep hearing from Dems that President Trump (yes, he is still MY President) lies, but I have yet to hear from any of them as to what lies they are referring to. I have read, heard, and have witnessed that President Trump is much more likely to be right than wrong. So, one of you Dems need to tell us what President Trump lied about. Let us hear them.

  5. Technically, Donald Trump and wife didn’t have to get the vaccine since they both and their son all had the covid. I did not realize they did vaccine, must have missed that news on the media. Any way these people getting the covid after getting the vaccine, when you get the vaccine they tell you, well they did me, that it takes a couple weeks for the shots to build up your immune system to the point you are vaccinated. The vaccine is not really a vaccine, it is a build up your immune system not a vaccine. The people who showed up with covid could have had it showing up in their systems 14 days before or 14 days after the vaccine as the vaccine isn’t really a vaccine. It is a building up your immune system to the point where your immune system recognizes the virus and fights it if the virus gets into you. Remember the virus is a new virus that our immune system has to learn to recognize and fight it. The “vaccine” wakes up your immune system and builds it up just as if you got the covid and your immune system had to wake up to it and fight it and you are a young person so your immune system works as it should and you get over the covid and you have immunity. I had no effects to either shot while a friend did and because I with my medical problems have all kinds of pills I take to keep my parts working and my friend who was normal had effects which meant the vaccine had to build up his immune system to at the least be at the level my immune system was at thanks to my every day medical management. Every person is different in their body’s make up and that is why we have doctors and medicines and surgeries to keep us up and running.

  6. Ummmmmmm Just HOW OLD were the folks who passed away ?????
    (In Massachusetts) and WHICH vaccine did they receive ?

  7. Curious that ever since the knowledge of Covid, seems all other illnesses have magically disappeared!Flu, pneumonia, diabetes, cancer, C-o-p-d, emphysema, as well as many others as ‘ALL’. deaths are labeled ‘COVID’! Marketing the vaccine as ‘mandatory’ or else attitude. Manufacturer of the Hydroxychloroquine and his wife found murdered! You can ‘fool’ some of the people, ‘some’ of the time, but you cannot fool ‘all’ the people ‘all’ of the time!

  8. Joe Biden has been lying to Americans for over forty years now folks .

    Little wonder he’s is their chosen one .

  9. Donald and Melania both had the jab in January, before leaving the WH. Do you think they would do that if there was some vaccine conspiracy? Please, everyone do your part for the greater good and do like the Donald.

    • Chopper Pilot; Why not occasionally try answering with a point or counter argument? It’s great, we can all learn new stuff. Of course I’m not on first name terms. I wouldn’t meet with Donald Trump for all the free merchandise in the world, much less get to know him. I’d be worried about catching dishonesty from him. Mr Nd Mrs Trump then, if you prefer. The point stands though; they have both been vaccinated. Anyone who refuses must know something Mr Trump doesn’t.

    • Don’t even go there about dishonesty when your One of the six people that actually voted for China Biden in the 2020 election and his criminal son

  10. Common sense does not exist in the democratic mind. Why not believe the science that Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are curing the covid patient.

    • I’ve lost track of the amount of times I’ve heard this threat on sites like this. Then whenever it looks like something that resembles the start of a civil war might be happening all I see is a load of fat guys playing dress up in their soldier costumes who stand around trying not to look too gay before deciding it’s too dangerous and not worth giving up their comfortable middle class lifestyles for so they all go home.

    • All you see fake teacher is WHAT you want to see. As far as gay folks ,you should know EVERYTHING considering you’re just progressive liberal trash.

      Is that a fair statement ?

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