COVID COVER-UP: THIS State Spent $45K To Block Public From Learning Nursing Home Death Locations

( Exclusive) – The Ohio Department of Health has now been accused of participating in a very strange cover up, allegedly fighting to keep locations of nursing home COVID deaths a secret from local media outlets, attorneys, and the general public.

Unfortunately, hearing stories like this is no longer strange, as it’s become clear there is some sort of drive by certain sectors of the medical community to try and keep as much information related to the deaths caused by the coronavirus and its vaccine from folks in the public.

According to a report from Infowars, an I-Team investigation by WCPO Cincinnati, a local news outlet that tried to look into over 8,000 deaths that happened in long-term facilities in the state of Ohio since the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

“Ohio state bureaucracies, meanwhile, claim the data is private, and they’ve waged a costly legal battle reaching upwards of $45,000 determined to keep those stats in the dark,” Infowars reported.

The story from WCPO said, “More than 8,000 people have died of COVID-19 in long-term care facilities in Ohio since the pandemic began. But where they died is still a secret in the state of Ohio.”

“After fighting the Ohio Department of Health for more than a year in court, WCPO and several others are now taking their cases to the 10th District Court of Appeals in Columbus,” the report stated.

“They’re just asking for the reliable, true statistics of the pandemic and the deaths that it has caused, or hasn’t caused. It’s that simple,” Cincinnati attorney Matt Miller-Novak said concerning the current situation.

Darren Ford, an attorney for WCPO, said that the state does not have the right to keep this information from the public.

“These are the people’s records. They are not ODH’s records. They belong to every citizen in the state of Ohio,” Ford went on to say.

So, the question that needs to be answered right now is why the government in the state of Ohio is trying so desperately to hide these death statistics?

“They’re just asking for the reliable, true statistics of the pandemic and the deaths that it has caused, or hasn’t caused. It’s that simple,” Cincinnati attorney Matt Miller-Novak stated.

“Miller-Novak represents a Columbus woman, Rosanna Miller, whose case is among the five appeals being heard in a Columbus courtroom this month, including WCPO’s, all involving complaints against the Ohio Department of Health for not releasing information about COVID deaths,” the WCPO story reported.

“With all the misinformation out there nowadays, isn’t that what we want people to do instead of making up numbers or getting it from really unreliable places? Just to ask the state how many people have died of COVID in the state of Ohio last year,” Miller-Novak went on to say.

Both WCPO and Miller have filed two separate complaints against the Ohio Department of Health in 2020 to get access to that public information and won in the Court of Common Claims.

The health department itself has appealed its losses to the 10th District Court of Appeals, which is currently in the process of hearing arguments concerning these issues in front of a three-judge panel.

“There’s a number of other cases that are up there, I believe five in total, including yours,” Miller-Novak continued. “There are small variances between the different cases.”

Again, what are they attempting to hide?

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  1. They want to own people using privacy at nursing homes, mental hospitals, jails, convalescent homes, hospices, places of people nobody can deal with. They want the public to give them up, let go, and use the privacy card. I’ve gotten these statements. “There’s nobody here by that name” but they called me from there, but their phone privileges were removed over not wanting a covid shot. “Patients Rights” When the patient wants me to call them not just them calling me. Once in they have to buy or beg their way out. Why is it so much more difficult and hostile lately? Because CV19 deaths pay a huge amount.

  2. No different then the election cover up of 2020.
    If there’s nothing to hide, WHY are you fighting so hard to hide the facts?
    If there’s no fraud, then there’s zero reason…..


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