Dem Quits For Mocking Parade Horror

( Exclusive) – The “not guilty” outcome of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial has caused liberals to become completely unglued. After consulting their feelings and the mainstream media propaganda, they determined he was guilty a long time ago.

When a jury of his peers, however, sat in the courtroom, heard all the evidence and found him “not guilty,” all hell broke loose.

Just when you thought that the “not guilty” verdict was bringing out the ugly, the disgusting parade attack in Waukesha, Wisconsin, happened, taking ugly to a whole new level.

It’s absolutely shocking the things leftists have said in response to the parade attack that claimed the lives of 5 innocent Americans and injured dozens more.

What’s truly disturbing is their enthusiasm for comparing this horrible, terror attack to the Kyle Rittenhouse incident.

Yet another unhinged Democrat has made the comparison and has spewed words she has come to regret.

Illinois Democrat, Mary Lemanski (pictured here), resigned from her position as social-media director of the Democratic Party of DuPage County, Illinois, Monday morning after making some pretty disturbing and seriously insensitive comments on social media regarding the parade attack.

She attempted to draw comparisons between Kyle Rittenhouse defending himself against three convicted felons who were attempting to attack him and 39-year-old Darrell Brooks, who has an extensive criminal history and drove an SUV through a parade committing intentional first-degree homicide.

“It was probably just self-defense,” Lemanski posted, with the hashtags “Wisconsin” and “KyleRittenhouse.”

“Living in Wisconsin, he probably felt threatened,” read another post referring to the SUV driver in Waukesha.

“I’m sure he didn’t want to hurt anyone,” she added. “He came to help people.”

Not only did her comments make a mockery of Rittenhouse and his self-defense argument but she also made light of the very tragic parade attack in which totally innocent parade attendees were senselessly and brutally murdered.

She even attempted to blame “Wisconsin citizens” for the Rittenhouse’s acquittal and asserted that the parade attack was just karma working things out.

“The blood of Kyle Rittenhouse’s victims is on the hands of Wisconsin citizens,” Lemanski wrote, “even the children.”

“I’m sad,” she wrote in another post. “I’m sad anytime anyone dies. I just believe in Karma and this came around quick on the citizens of Wisconsin.”

“You reap what you sow, Wisconsin,” she also wrote.

“It’s sad people died, but when you open the door to vigilante justice, everyone seems threatening.”

This woman is clearly sick in the head and in need of a professional therapist, at the very least. Her comments are sick.

Fortunately, she actually managed to do the right thing and resign from her position within the local Democratic Party. She posted a statement of resignation on Twitter, saying, “I firmly believe in the right to freedom of speech. I also believe you must be willing to accept responsibility and the consequences of your actions for that free speech. I unfortunately made some remarks that were not in good taste regarding the Waukesha tragedy yesterday. I am accepting the consequences of my free speech, and so I have resigned as Social Media Manager and the Democratic Party of DuPage County has accepted my resignation.”

This is the problem with America. Well, one of them anyway. People like Lemanski have zero empathy and clearly place zero value on human life.

Copyright 2021.

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  1. After watching and observing the foils of the democratic thinking, and after Biden throws up his hands and admits he does not know how to fix the rising gas prices after his signature shut down the pipeline and extraction of oil and gas, it is clear that the (D) next to the congress PEOPLES name and Biden’s name stands for “DUMB” , REALLY DUMB.

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