DISGUSTING: Girl Touched By Creepy Joe Biden On Camera Says He Groped Her, Pinched Her Nipple (VIDEO)

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – For a long, long time now, Joe Biden has earned a reputation for being a total creeper when it comes to the ladies. There have been countless video clips and photographs taken of him sniffing up on a woman’s hair or massaging their shoulders in a very weird, awkward and down right creepy manner.

And then there’s the allegations of sexual assault from an individual back when he was a senator in the 90s, which the #MeToo crowd conveniently let slide to the side due to their obscene hatred for President Donald Trump and their desire to ensure that Biden replaced him in the White House.

And now, according to a report coming from the Gateway Pundit, it turns out that a young girl who was featured in a photograph where Biden put his arm around her in a very disgusting manner, actually groped her and pinched her nipple.

The girl confirmed this herself (screen shot here).

And yet, despite this information, the crazy and ever more perverted Democratic Party will no doubt continue to throw their support behind the guy. Guess all that “believe all women” talk only counts when accusations of sexual assault are made against Republican men.

“Back in 2015, Joe Biden went viral after he was video taped groping Senator Steve Daines’ niece on C-Span while meeting with his family for his swearing-in ceremony,” said a report from The Trending Politics and Pro Trump News.

“The girl, Maria Piacesi who was only eight years old at the time, was filmed standing in front of then Vice President Biden as he ran his hands up and down her upper body,” the report continued. Here’s a video clip:

“Six years later, Maria Piacesi is finally speaking out. Citizen journalist Jonathan Pasetti recently shared screenshots of a conversation he had with Maria Piacesi on social media app Tik Tok where she admits that President Joe Biden pinched her nipple. The teenager has since deleted her comments however the screenshots still exist,” the report added.

“Did Joe Biden pinch you?” Pasetti then asked on Tik Tok.

Maria Piacesi replied, “Yes.” (Screen shot here).

This is utterly disgusting and disturbing. Why aren’t people on the left speaking out in defense of this young lady? Are these people really that sick and twisted? Surely someone in the Democratic Party has at least a tiny bit of human decency. Piacesi was violated in a horrendous manner as a little child. That’s unacceptable and Biden ought to be taken to task for it.

“Maria Piacesi is the only child of Rob and Christie Piacesi. She describes herself as “very social” and has a very upbeat demeanor,” POPTOPIC reported.

“Did Joe Biden pinch you?” A user by the name of Jonathan Pasetti asked, to which Piacesi responded, ‘Yes.’ However, soon after, she deleted her comment,” POPTOPIC’s report continued.

“Why did you delete the comment?” Pasetti went on to ask the young lady. “I have friends that would no longer be friends with me if they knew that,” Maria Piacesi responded.

“Those ‘friends’ are not true friends then. You were abused by a pervert and deserve justice, but only you can exact that justice by telling others,” Pasetti stated.

“Maria Piacesi then sent the user a direct message via the TikTok app and said that she’s wanted to speak out about her assault but that she fears that she won’t be believed and will be seen as an outcast,” the report said.

“I would do something about it — to be honest — if I thought it would help, but it would only make more people angry and I’ve already had people calling me out saying I’m lying and this is BS [bullsh*t], even though it is not. I just don’t think it would help with anything right now,” Maria Piacesi went on to say.

“Maria’s social media accounts were deleted. We’ve received a lot of emails regarding this article. A lot of people believe that the screenshots are fake and no such account exists. However, upon doing some digging we can, in fact confirm, that the senator’s niece did own this account. Shortly after the news went viral she deactivated her Instagram and TikTok account,” POPTOPIC said.

Like was stated earlier, Joe Biden is a sicko and a creep. Another recent report that came from Gateway Pundit discussed how he told the Secret Service to stay out of his bedroom in the morning during breakfast time because he’s not dressed.

And yes, this is the same guy who also, apparently, swims naked in front of his Secret Service detail too. There is something truly wrong with this man.

A few years back, in 2019, there was an ad that was put out against ‘Creepy Joe Biden’ that presented a lot of devastating clips and such showing this guy being totally disgusting and pervy with other women.

Included in the video is a shot of Nevada state legislator Lucy Flores, who is a Democrat, who spoke with CNN host Jake Tapper about her own creepy encounter with Biden during a campaign event in 2014.

“It happened all so suddenly, very unexpectedly, out of nowhere,” she recounts. “I feel Joe Biden put his hands on my shoulders, get up very close to me from behind, lean in, smell my hair and then plant a slow kiss on the top of my head.” As she reflects back on the incident, more shots of Biden doing the exact same thing to other women and yes, even a few children, continues to play on the screen, while other kids appear to be watching.

“To have the vice president of the United States do that to me, so unexpectedly and just kind of out of nowhere, it was just shocking. It was shocking because you don’t expect that kind of intimate behavior, to touch you and to feel you and to be so close to you in that way,” Flores continues.

He’s truly disgusting.

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  1. We see now that this criminally inept bumbling buffoon has damaged our country more in eight months than Bathhouse Barry was able to achieve in eight years

  2. Why hasn’t anyone filed charges against him !!! Sorry but the parents should be responsible enough to protect there child !!!

  3. Disgusting pervert. Where is the “Me too!” crowd? Jesus talks about a millstone for people like this, and yet the most amoral individuals like Biden and Pelosi pretend to be such devout catholics. A shame that more of the bishops don’t denounce this behavior…..I guess money really does talk.

  4. where is the medical profession?!!!! any untrined person…especially a PARENT can see on the videos..how the children recoil from his touch!!! any mom can see it!!! hes a pedophile!!


  6. There is always a telling bit of evidence in the next generation. Trump may have acted the playboy in his day, but his kids are normal, he’s good with children and you don’t see those reluctant faces on kids near him. Now…what do we see in Hunter Biden? What kind of behavior, what responsibility toward his offspring, and what was the age of those in his lap top videos? Wonder how Joe treated his sons? Open your eyes and learn, SEN teacher!

  7. what a pervert , i saw the video on his pinching the little girl what is this a DEMOCRAT thing Cuomo , Biden and who else . the party does not to be in power or we will have to hide our children and our older daughters boy PERVERT is to good a word

  8. There’s absolutely one thing for sure,, the left’s hero Hussein Obama will never be accused of molesting young girls , boys maybe, but women never with Michael, his man wife around .

  9. Er, I followed the link and there’s no mention of nipples. That rather icky little addition seems to have come from the writer of this piece. Ew.

    • Er , your hero Obiden is the perfect democrat pervert…that’s what the democrat trash admire most in their representatives for some reason.

      Another mental SEN Teacher admirer here today …..
      Arizona Senator Arrested for Suspected Sexual Conduct With Child … A Democrat senator in Arizona was arrested on Thursday for allegedly being sexually involved with a minor.
      State Sen. Tony Navarrete was taken into custody, local media reported.
      Arizona Senate Democrats later confirmed that one of their members was arrested.

    • Well, how about that. A so-called teacher can’t read, and can’t even see it in the video. If that is actually a teacher, it gives a pretty good example of what’s wrong wrong with the so-called public education system today.

    • Actually the original video (of Biden and the little girl) and TIKTOK screen captures are on-line in other places. From the little girl’s reaction in the video, it is not fake – Biden is disgusting – and the TIKTOK conversation is accurately depicted in this article as well.

  10. C H Schocklin,
    That Other parasite, was bothering women…. who could quit or scream RAAAAAPE…. in this case it a TOTALLY defenseless child in a room full of Adults…. (who were preoccupied)….and probably told to be on their best behavior…. and for six years has probably been wondering why Daddy didn’t
    Protect her…. Damaging her Psyche, and probably her relationship with her Father !…. Nahh, Cuomo needs to be fired and Prosecuted by the Women….
    Commissar Cho needs to be Impeached, and prosecuted by the Child protective services of washington DC ( district of crime )

    • The fact that you see child sexual abuse here probably says more about you than the footage on display.

    • The fact that YOU don’t see it fake teacher says more about you than any footage on display. If you weren’t such a pig even sleepy Joe would hit on you .
      Now his son Hunter, yea, anything goes …do I need to tell you fake teacher?

  11. I had seen that back in ’15…. and wasn’t sure then…. I suspected…. but it was all over so quickly except the little Girls expression and side glances and scooting away…. Upon seeing it again…. Larger and slower…. yep we have a perverted Kiddie creep in the white house…. I wonder if steve daines wants to punch that pervert in the mouth, and is only holding back due to the SS threatening to Haul him away to the internment camp if he does ?

    • Bill Clinton is a rapist, Biden is just a child molester, both are perfect democrats in their cults minds .

  12. People have to realize that these were little girls not pre teens who might have had parents who had discussions with them by that time. After all there were groups of people around, and, Thank God, people taking pictures otherwise who would believe a little girl in a crowd. I have to ask, where were their parents, how come with Biden’s reputation these parents especially women were not watching their little girls. The parents are looking around, finding someone to talk to, totally ignoring what’s going on. Man, my parents were watching my Sister and I every minute of the day and night especially in groups and crowds of people. We were even told about men touching us in ways that made us uncomfortable and we instinctively felt something was wrong. At my age, the talk was done when we reached ten but now-a-days I would say start from four on due to these radical adults that demand people’s children be offered up for adult sexual activity.

  13. It is clear he is a pervert and should be brought to justice immediately for everyone’s sake regardless of which party you are a member. No one should be above the law and the evidence is borne out by the video and the young child’s statement. Joe will receive his punishment if not in this life but into the next as the Lord Jesus Christ will judge him. I pray that America will wake up before it is too late for the children’s sake as well as their own!

  14. Truly disgusting! Not just a clueless Government parasite, but also a child molester…that little girl in the video pushed away and he continued to grope. What is wrong with the adults in this room?!? He needs to appear with that other Pervert Cuomo for a joint resignation ceremony!

    • The problem with the adults … most are democrat garbage, suck-ups, social climbers, and the rest are RINO scum.

    • This disgusting post from SEN Teacher, reveals the putrid STATE OF MENTAL ILLNESS behind this psycho Teacher. Filth and depravity runs deep in these intellectually dead liberal flunkies.


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