Documents Show George Soros Is Making A Major Move…

( Exclusive) – Failed gubernatorial candidate and former Georgia State Rep. Stacey Abrams just doesn’t seem to want to accept that voters in the state of Georgia don’t want her to be their leader.

Who would? She’s about as radical and delusional as they come.

Of course, you can understand her confusion given that she’s being bankrolled by one of the most wealthy men in the world: George Soros.

Soros has spent millions of dollars meddling in US politics and apparently he’s very interested in installing Abrams in Georgia’s governor seat.

Fox News originally reported on Soros financially backing Abrams. They reported that Soros’ campaign financing vehicle Democracy PAC II donated $1 million to One Georgia Inc., according to Federal Election Commission records.

One Georgia Inc., however, is a shady entity that has not been publicly acknowledged to exist by either Abrams or One Georgia Inc. itself. A federal judge ruled that under state law Abrams has to win the Democratic nomination later this month before the committee can financially back her bid.

Thus, One Georgia Inc. has suspended all activity, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

According to Soros’ Federal Election Commission records, the address listed as One Georgia Inc.’s address is the very same one that is listed as Abram’s campaign committee as per her campaign website.

Totally normal. Nothing to see here.

Along with George Soros, the Democratic Governors Association-Georgia and the Abrams-associated Fair Fight PAC have also donated big bucks to One Georgia Inc., aka Abrams’ campaign.

The DGA-Georgia donated $1 million on March 11 which just so happens to be the very same day that Soros also donated to One Georgia Inc., according to Fox. Just three days later Fair Fight PAC wired $1.5 million to One Georgia Inc.

If Abrams manages to win the Democratic primary and gets the Party’s nomination, One Georgia Inc. will be able to resume activities and will have around $3.5 million on hand just waiting to be used.

On top of the $1 million George Soros sent to One Georgia Inc., he and two of his children have also made personal donations to Abrams. Each of the three donations totaled $19,700 and were given by George Soros himself along with his two children, Alexander and Andrea.

Abrams is determined to become Georgia’s first black governor and announced her second bid for the office in December of 2021. In January, she received the endorsement of Georgia AFL-CIO.

“There is no better champion for Georgia’s working families than Stacey Abrams, which is why we are extraordinarily proud to endorse her run for Governor,” Georgia AFL-CIO President Charlie Flemming said, according to a news release from Abrams’ campaign announcing the endorsement.

“Stacey has been and continues to be an ally to the labor movement across our state and will continue to do so as the next Governor of Georgia … She will work to fight our skyrocketing racial and economic inequalities, plagued further by the coronavirus pandemic, to ensure Georgians make not just a minimum — but a livable — wage,” Flemming said.

Abrams goals sound decent and worthy enough. According to The Western Journal she’s “pledged to redefine economic progress in the state by looking at not just how businesses fare in the state, but also how families live and thrive, not just survive. She also pledged to make access to childcare and education for all children a priority.”

Of course, we know she’s motivated by the radical left’s agenda.

Should she win the Democratic nomination, she’ll be facing incumbent Republican Gov. Brian Kemp and unless Kemp takes action to rectify the stolen 2020 election in the state, there’s a good chance Abrams could actually win.

Kemp previously beat Abrams in 2018 with 50.2% of the votes. In the face of defeat, Abrams refused to acknowledge that she had lost and refused to concede to Kemp, even claiming the election was “rigged.” She has since admitted he is the rightful governor of the state but we can’t help but marvel at the typical leftist double standard.

Elections can only be stolen when Republicans win, apparently.

Soros was backing Abrams back in 2018 as well. Fox News reports that he donated $1.3 million to the Democratic Party of Georgia when Abrams ran the first time.

One thing we can know for sure is that Soros wants lawlessness in the US. He’s backed one corrupt District Attorney after another all across the US and those DAs have taken radically progressive approaches to law and order, if you can even call it “law and order.”

He’s all for open borders and the breakdown of the US so that the world can come together and form the New World Order.

If Soros is backing Abrams you can believe she shares those ambitions. Georgians had better be smart come the primaries and steer clear of Abrams. Whoever else is running as a Democrat has got to be better than her.

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  1. Folks, Dont it seem strange that every time there is violence created by FUNDED GROUPS across our country that the SOROS name seems to be involved? The question is WHY HAS HE NOT EVER BE INVESTIGATED to determine his involvement? One would think that if he is funding these groups that he could be charged? One has to wonder how many of our elected officials he has in his back pocket. We know already that he has funded the campaigns of a lot of our District Attorneys across the country, How much hidden influence does he have through out our political process? I think its time to find out.

  2. Soros has dual citizenship
    He needs to be removes as the rest of his apples as well
    He is the FOREIGN INTERFERENCE that is stated in the US CONSTITUTION
    What part have you NOT LEARNED yet?
    He has not rights what so ever BUT then the fake government and rulers take the MONEY!!!!
    Goo thing Hungary was smart enough to boot him out!!!
    What wrong with the USA…all about MONEY
    Not PASSION for freedom
    Speak directly into the problem..root of evil is…….greed, pride,gluttony, etc….


    • Agreed. By the way, does anyone know which of our elected officials is heading up the effort to get rid of Soros? Perhaps I should ask which of them hasn’t been bought by Soros.

  4. I’ll make this short and sweet. Soros is another POS that needs to be introduced to the “Ready, Aim, Fire Gang”. By the way,,,, you leftists who believe that because Dr. is the prefix to my name that I’m a physical mender your completely incorrect. My doctrine is in Ontology which indicates that I understand why your mentally unbalanced. The polls indicate that there are still many of y’all that require some degree of mental stabilization.

    On the brighter side for us on the right I see a major bloodbath this coming November. MANY on the left may not survive the pain.

  5. Soros is a pathetic excuse for just about anything he might be. If the state of Georgia lets this communist bastard dictate who they vote for without question, they deserve what they get.
    I hope the good people of GA remember how much Abrahams cost them when she helped influence MLB to move the all-star game elsewhere. She really took care of her constituents then, didn’t she? NOT!

  6. Well, Soros does have a corrupt track record. Abrams record is tainted thus run as fast as you can from anything associated to these people. Truth will not come from them nor will the Constitution which is there to protect you will not be honored. The corruption in Georgia during the 2020 election has Abrams fingerprints all over it.


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