DOJ Demands Judge Send Jan 6th Protester BACK TO JAIL For Watching Mike Lindell’s Symposium

( Exclusive) – The radical left is once again taking action to violate the basic and fundamental rights of Americans who do not agree with their hardcore liberal ideology.

According to a new report from Gateway Pundit, a protester who was present at the incident that occurred on January 6th at the Capitol building, might be finding himself back in jail again after he allegedly violated the conditions of his pretrial release.

You know what those violations consisted of? Reading the news and watching conservative videos on Rumble. Apparently that’s a crime now in the eyes of the left. Folks, this is not the America that our founders fought to establish. Not reading conservative news or watching these kinds of videos should not be conditions for release. That’s ridiculous.

“Douglas Jensen was one of the first unfortunate citizens who was arrested in the Jan. 6th witch hunt. He was stripped of his rights and thrown into jail on January 8th,” the report said.

“He was charged with a seven-count indictment and multiple felonies despite causing no harm or damage. His biggest mistake was having a pocket knife on him when he was inside, which predictably caused these bloodthirsty radicals to gleefully increase the severity of his charges,” the report continued.

A Trump-appointed judge had mercy on him after he suffered horrific treatment in jail for months and granted him pretrial release back in July.

“In his decision, Judge Timothy Kelly cited the fact that Jensen isn’t charged with assaulting anyone or doing any damage, and no evidence indicates that he ever had the intention of using the knife in his pocket,” GP said.

The one thing everyone should be able to agree on with this report is that the man’s actions most certainly did not rise to the level of him being tossed in the clink indefinitely until his case came up to be heard.

“As-if Jensen had not gone through enough already, the Judge imposed strict restrictions on him that he needed to follow as he awaited trial. Not having access to the internet was one of them. More specifically, he was told he could not use any ‘internet capable device’ or even ‘learn the password’ of family members devices,” the report stated.

And now, just a month later and after the authorities caught him stealing a peek at conservative “conspiracy theories,” the corrupt prosecutors are now demanding that a judge revoke the release he was granted and that he go back to jail.

Court documents were filed last Thursday stating that Jensen had been found by officers menacingly “streaming news” to a “wi-fi” connected device that was located in his garage. He was alone at the time. And just how does one “menacingly” stream news? What does that even mean?

“A mere thirty days after his release from the D.C. jail, defendant Douglas Jensen was found alone, in his garage, using a WiFi-connected iPhone to stream news from Rumble,” the documents say.

Officers then decided to interrogate Jensen until he finally confessed that he’d spent the last two days doing something truly horrific…like watching MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s symposium online!

Oh the horror!

“Jensen eventually admitted to his Pretrial Services Officer that in the previous week, he had spent two days watching Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium regarding the recount of the presidential election,” the report stated.

Prosecutors say Jensen should never have been released in the first place because the government had ‘suspected all along’ that he wouldn’t ‘abandon’ what they call his ‘misguided beliefs’ when they forced him to disavow them in order to leave prison.

Guess the whole concept of being innocent until proven guilty no longer applies in the United States.

“But Jensen’s swift violation confirms what the Government and this Court suspected all along: that Jensen’s alleged disavowal of QAnon was just an act; that his alleged epiphany inside the D.C. Jail was merely self-advocacy; and that, at the end of the day, Jensen will not abandon the misguided theories and beliefs,” the documents said.

Jensen did not commit any acts of violence, nor did he damage any property in the original charges he faced for his participating in the events on January 6th, he is a “danger to the community” that these individuals can’t “protect the public” from?

Give me a break.

So because he refuses to ditch his political beliefs, the left wants him treated as a terrorist threat. Folks, this is insanity. It’s the left using fear as a weapon to paint up conservatives who hold a different view of what happened during the election as dangerous enemies that must be silenced at all costs.

This is a severe violation of the First Amendment and these individuals need to be held accountable for what they are doing to destroy this country.

“To allow Jensen to remain on pretrial release would be to repose trust in an undeserving individual who has already proven himself unwilling to modify, much less rethink his behavior, after January 6. Jensen remains a danger to the community and cannot be trusted by this Court to abide by any conditions of release,” the court documents went on to say.

“Jensen managed to violate one of the most difficult-to-enforce conditions in the most egregious way imaginable. He has proven that not even six months in jail will deter him from returning to the conspiracy theories that led him to commit an assault against a federal officer on January 6, 2021. Contrary to what Jensen claimed at his bond hearing, he is still very much bought into QAnon’s ‘pack of lies,” the documents continued.

“Indeed, the Court need look no further than Jensen’s virtual attendance at a symposium dedicated to challenging the legitimacy of the 2020 electoral election to know that Jensen will continue to let his loyalties to certain conspiracy theories prevail over his obligations to this Court and his family,” the documents added.

And as if that isn’t bad enough, the prosecutors are even targeting the man’s wife, stating that she cannot be trusted due to the fact she “went to work” while there was an old phone in the house, which then enabled Jensen to have access to the internet without supervision.

“Jensen’s violation is doubly concerning because it exposes Ms. Jensen as an unsuitable and untrustworthy custodian. Indeed, by the defendant’s own account, Ms. Jensen left the iPhone on for the defendant when she went to work on August 13, thereby facilitating his violation,” documents went on to say.

Folks, our country is falling apart and the left is getting bolder and bolder in their violation of our rights. What’s happening to the individuals who are now political prisoners for being present at a protest event are the prime example of that.

And what’s worse is that many of the individuals who were in the Capitol building that day were waved in by Capitol Police, as another GP report reveals.

Sen. Ron Johnson recently sat down for an interview with conservative pundit Mark Levin where he discussed how many of the individuals being held for their alleged involvement in the riots back in January are having their constitutional rights violated.

“We counted up to 309 individuals entering that door. Five police officers met them. There was no violence that we could tell. That is how about 38% of the 800 people entered the Capitol,” Johnson said.

Johnson sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland concerning the current investigation of the hundreds of Americans who have been rounded up by FBI officials.

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  1. That judge needs to go to prison for such a ridiculous punishment. He needs to know that he can’t violate a citizen’s rights granted by the bill of rights.

  2. We need to treat them the same! Could you hear the outcry when we jailed the Secretary of state of Arizona for changing voting rules when she never had the right? How about in Georgia? Pennsylvania? Washington? California? These people broke the law and remain free! WHY? Civil war is coming and the criminals will all wonder why it is happening to them!

  3. This is quite literally the DOJ arguing that this man should be held in prison INDEFINITELY, without cause or due process….. FOR HIS THOUGHTS.
    Let. That. Sink. In.

  4. Yet the capital police officer WHO MURDERED the protestor with out any recognizable justification is FREE? The criminals are in charge ?

    • Mike Byrd,the Capital police officer committed first degree murder with the consent of house and senate leadership , Pelosi and Schumer .
      He will pay dearly for their mistakes .


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