Email Scandal: Dr. Fauci Advises Woman Against Face Masks, Ignores Vital COVID Risk Information

( Exclusive) – Flip-flopping Fauci is on the verge of meeting his demise and it appears to be coming at his own hands. BuzzFeed reporter Jason Leopold made a Freedom of Information request which resulted in 866 pages of Fauci emails being released and now the American people can see what a fraud he really is.

The emails are from February, March and April of 2020 and contain the most damning evidence against him yet.

In one email from February of 2020, Fauci advised a woman not to wear a mask because, as he aptly pointed out, they don’t do anything to protect anyone from the virus.

He told her that masks are “for infected people” as a means to prevent them from spreading the virus around to other people who are not infected.

He noted that “the typical mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out virus, which is small enough to pass through the material.”

He added that it “might provide some slight benefit” in preventing “gross droplets” should someone cough or sneeze directly on another person.

He concluded, “I do not recommend that you wear a mask, particularly since you are going to a very low risk location.”

So, what changed for Dr. Fauci? We have all known that the face masks have been a political symbol rather than any sort of effective tool in “slowing the spread.” The powers that be decided that Americans needed to be tested to see just how many would comply with nonsensical orders and mandates and it turns out, the answer is a lot.

Fauci flip-flopped on the issue of face masks several times throughout the pandemic. In March 2020, he advised healthy Americans against wearing face masks. Then in April the CDC said that all Americans should be wearing face masks.

The following month, in May, Fauci admitted that face masks are little more than a symbol. In other words, they’re more effective at virtue signaling than preventing the spread of the virus.

Then, in January of 2021, Fauci suggested that one face mask just isn’t enough and that healthy Americans should start to double them up. However, one week after this absurd suggestion, Fauci flip-flopped again and backtracked on wearing multiple masks.

The face mask lie wasn’t the only damning evidence proving the entire COVID pandemic was a scam from the beginning.

Fauci’s emails also reveal that he and the NIH/NIAID were all fully aware of the fact that COVID was really only a serious threat to the elderly and those with other illnesses. Fauci knew all along that younger people under the age of 70 were at very little risk from COVID and yet we were all forced to play along anyway.

What’s worse is that children, who are at almost no risk for serious COVID complications, have been forced to wear face masks to attend school for the entire 20/21 school year. It’s downright child abuse.

Fauci, however, ignored this vital information and allowed the media to stir Americans up into a panic. He allowed our vibrant and stable economy to crash. He sat back and watched as small business after small business across the US were forced to close their doors for good. He oversaw the widespread psychological and physical abuse of children being forced to wear face masks every single day for hours on end.

Dr. Fauci is a sick man and a criminal. He deserves to face criminal charges for his role in this horribly damaging charade.

Copyright 2021.

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  1. We at one time had our stomach and hearts turned cold by the news that a leader of a country gas his people killing thousands, yet we in America have had the same indifference demonstrated to Americans causing the lose of life, and others loosing their businesses or employment as a result of intentional misinformation. A few weeks into the revealing of this virus a researcher announced on Mornings on the Mal radio that a medication used to fight other viruses was successful in curing this new threat of an illness.

    Now in comes Fauci who orchestrated the payment to China’s lab, via an intermediatry, vilifying such a medication as one that would kill. Now a CDC provides guidance to not intervein until the last stages, 4th level, of this illness prior to death.

    I see no difference to this intentional misleading medical information which lead to thousands of our family members to die needlessly and a foreign leader gassing his people, . . . woman, children and men, in order to maintain power and control. Governors, democratic governors threatened doctors if they prescribed the life saving medication. A state democrat had to plead for her life to her democratic governor in order to obtain the medication which saver her life, but again she had to plead with this democratic governor to obtain the life saving hydroxychloroquine.


  2. The concern that I have had is that the real science, not the modified or made up science, has been open for the medical institutions such as hospitals and the family doctor, yet when asked about hydroxychloroquine their eyes get real big like I have stepped on a snake and they say ” I can’t “. they have signs on their front door that a mask is required but say to you quietly that the masks are useless.

    My point is that we go to these people and hospitals for medical help. They are not truthful with their own policy, so I cannot trust them with life and death help. Many people DID trust them, and they are dead, and the hospital got a lot of money from the federal government.

  3. Yes, a sick man. So is he side kick, Bill Gates. Both scum bags need to be in prison for the needless deaths they caused, and their human experimentations, in the case of Gates, that crippled thousands of Indian children.

    • Then next … all the flunky democrats that proceeded to extort the lies of covid by pushing their tyrannical BS on to America.


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