EPIC! Massive Crowd In Ohio Chants “TRUMP WON!” At First Trump Rally Of The Year (VIDEO)

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Former President Donald Trump held his first rally of 2021 and the first of the 2022 election season over the weekend in the town of Wellington, Ohio. A whopping 211,000 people tuned in to watch Trump on RSBN. In other words, this man has not lost any momentum, even after being out of office for half a year.

According to a report from the Gateway Pundit, folks in the crowd began chanting, “Four more years!…Four more years!…” And that’s not all. The crowd also joined together for some classic Trump chants.

Among the best of the classics was “CNN sucks!” and “Lock her up!” However, the loudest chant of the evening was “Trump won!”

A report from Breitbart reveals that during the rally, President Trump took an opportunity to lay the smackdown on current President Joe Biden over the many failures he’s experienced in just six months as the commander-in-chief.

“After just five months the Biden administration is a catastrophe,” Trump said just moments after he took the stage. “I told you.”

Trump then went through a lengthy list of Biden’s failures which included his policies on crime and the enforcement of immigration law.

“Crime is surging, murders are soaring, police departments are being gutted, illegal aliens are overrunning their borders, nobody has ever seen anything like it,” he stated.

The former president then went on to note that he left the country in good shape, but then Biden came along and overturned many of the good things accomplished by his administration.

“We set Biden up so beautifully, all he had to do was ‘Go to the beach, Joe. Go to the beach,’” the former president joked.

He then went on to add, “Instead Biden is going to drive our economy and our country into ruin.”

Trump then took a shot at Biden over his energy policies and foreign policy.

“Gas prices are spoking, inflation is skyrocketing, and China, Russia, and Iran are humiliating our country,” he continued.

“Joe Biden is destroying our nation right before our very eyes,” Trump went on to say, and then added, “He puts America last, we put America first. It’s very very simple.”




And while that no doubt left a sting on liberals across the country who hate Trump with the intensity of a thousand burning suns, what’s really going to chap their backsides is the fact that there were over 300,000 people tuning in to watch this rally on Rumble.

According to Gateway Pundit, at the start of his speech, the president’s RUMBLE account had around 138,000 viewers. On the Rightside Broadcasting channel on YouTube, there 191,000 people watching. And that, my friends, is a total of over 300,000 people between both sites.

Biden could never pull in that level of support. Not in a million years.

The American people are still behind Trump, even though he hasn’t been in office since the very beginning of the year. That’s a strong statement, a total rejection of leftist policy.

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  1. Alternate reality = Believing Joe Biden had 81 million LEGAL votes .

    Alternate reality = Believing Obama is HONEST .

    There you are Andy moregone, FIXED it for you


  3. Biden’s speeches are so lethargic, they put me to sleep. Joe ain’t called ‘Sleepy Joe’ for nothing. Trump’s speeches are so energic. It is like night and day.

    • Stolen elections have consequences, mumbling corrupt demented commander in chief Joe Biden is certainly PROOF of that MrCatLover.

  4. no chopper thinking of you and your sad dwindling cult of personality to glorious leader who just so you know is a LOSER!!! and always will even when he is in jail!!!

    • Sure Dopey and your hero the homo oBama is as honest as Abe Lincoln

      That’s NOT true either but you loons will always worship him/her/ it or whatever gender it is today.

      That’s fact Low iq #2 .

  5. lol this pathetic man child really needs to have his fragile ego stroked by his cult. BTW THERE IS STILL ZERO PROOF tRUMP WON AND ALL THE PROOF POINTS TO BIDEN WINNING BIG!!! So once again cultists im calling you out for the “proof” that NO ONE ELSE HAS FOUND OF “FRAUD” so lets here it i challenge you!!!!!

  6. Handing the reins of power to a mumbling corrupt politician in Joe Biden doesn’t make one ounce of sense unless you’re a liberal progressive piece of trash .

    • Not to worry, Chopperpilot, brain-dead creepy, and his merry band of skirt wearing trannies will not be destroying the country much longer. New intel.

    • john and chopperpilot , haha what a pair, brainfartery at it’s finest .My God you couldn’t light a ten watt lightbulb with their combined intelligence, typical trump supporters , They live in an alternate reality, where dictators refuse to accept elections and people die as a result. That’s not America. you people are the anti Americans

    • Andrew Morgan Roberts … Speaking of intelligence moron, get back to us after you learn how to spell, and use grammar correctly, or grow up. It is the same uneducated turds of the left who are always trying to rise up through the ranks of the CCP via the indoctrination courses they have been brainwashed by.

    • I’m not worried when we have dopes like Andy Roberts and low iq criticizing good honest Americans.
      When you today’s progressive liberal trash using the Lord’s name , you know you have them triggered in the worst way .

      Happy pride month Andy.. you and low iq make a great pair of whiners .

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