Exclusive Report: New Findings Show Possible Coordination Between PA And GA In 2020 Election Steal

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – The left has claimed incessantly that there was no widespread fraud that took place during the 2020 election. Of course, we all know this is a blatant lie. There was fraud and it changed the results of the entire election and allowed Biden and the Democrats to usurp the will of the American people.

It could be much bigger and broader than anyone originally thought, however. The Gateway Pundit has obtained a report showing what could possibly be a coordinated effort between the states of Pennsylvania and Georgia in posting election results.

As you recall, President Trump held commanding leads in both states until days after the election when Joe Biden miraculously caught up and took the lead.

The timestamps of the updates (screen shot here) during the 2020 election results in these two states are way too similar for it to just be a mere coincidence.

TGP shows a report comparing the presidential results recorded for Pennsylvania and Georgia during the 2020 Election. When reviewed using the Edison data that was made available after the election, the report shows tabulations in the election which are “far too consequential,” according to TGP.

In their article, they show a chart (screen shot here) of the results from the election for each state and it’s clear how similar the charts are with almost identical patterns, even down to the time when counting started for each election.

The study identified some key times during the election counting process. According to TGP, these times “were recorded by date, by hour, by minute using the UTC time zone which is the time zone used in the Edison data. (For example, 4d 07:41:48 is November 4th at 7:41:48 in the morning UTC time.)

They have highlighted some of the key times identified in the study (screen shot here).

TGP explains that when considering the timestamps on the chart, it’s clear that there isn’t much activity between certain timestamps versus others and that the timestamps are only minutes apart between states.

They assert that this indicates it’s quite possible that Georgia and Pennsylvania were working together in a coordinated effort to steal the election.

They point out that there are pauses that occur between the timestamps that are highlighted and they have yet to be explained. What caused these pauses in reporting? Why did these pauses occur at nearly the same time in both states?

Another indicator that there could possibly have been a coordinated effort between the states.

The report goes on to point out that not all states needed days to count ballots. For example, in Ohio, there were 6.5 hours needed to count 5.6 million ballots. Why did it take so long for Pennsylvania and Georgia to count their ballots?

We aren’t talking about a few more hours than other states, we’re talking days. How is this possible? Why was this even allowed to happen?

The study essentially makes a pretty solid case for the argument that there was a coordinated effort between PA and GA and that would mean the fraud was a whole lot more widespread than anyone originally thought.

Once again, the Democrats are liars and now they’re frantically trying to prevent the truth from coming out but the truth will always prevail.

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  1. the democrat(demon) party is now the party of liars, cheats. win at any cost trash. not one democrat rep or senator has had the balls to stand up and admit what the dnc, obama and Hillary have done. the regular people(that’s giving regular people a bad name) who support these thugs are no better, willfully ignorant or morally bankrupt or both. i would be ashamed to admit that i belonged to the democrat party. they are willing to risk our freedoms and our constitution, which thousands have fought and died for to put this moronic puppet in the white house. in the words of patrick henry, “we have not yet begun to fight”. as President Washington said at Ft. McHenry, “our patriots would rather stand and fight on their feet than surrender on their knees”. this must be our battle cry to protect and defend our republic from this assault on our sacred voting rights.

  2. iq forgot the GA senatorial race which was also engineered by Stacy Adams, former candidate for President and election loser in GA

  3. all of your comments prove you have ZERO PROOF OF “FRAUD” as i suspected your cult truly is sad and fact deprived!!!

    • Three days left in pride month Low iq . How will you queers celebrate next month ? Dress up like your hero oBama,the first G-A-Y potus .

    • This is just a snippet of the huge, growing and compelling body of evidence proving the 2020 election was stolen. No wonder the Democrats are fighting so hard to prevent proper third-party audits.

      As for Trump supporters being “cultists,” that’s pretty rich coming from someone who thinks George Floyd was a great man deserving of beatification.

      Even many Democrats realize the election was stolen. To their credit, even many Democrat election observers have sworn affidavits to the irregularities they observed.

      But, just as with the Russia Collusion narrative, there will always be some who are so partisan, dishonest, and disloyal that they will pretend to believe what is plainly evident to the rest of us is a big lie.

    • You just don’t want to see the fraud. The left and the democrats like very young children, live in a pretend world with their robot iq.

    • because there was ZERO “FRAUD” LET ALONE ANY PROOF because these bottom feeders here in the tRUMP cult cant name any!!!

    • because … another hatch apparently incubated and is ready for indoctrination. Commie liberals of the hive-mind are like locust swarms … because they are young flunkies, and display insect-like mentalities of the low iq kind.

  4. as ive said before if there was “fraud” against tRUMP then how come the Democrats didnt rig house races or governor races or state legislator races or Senate races???. So show proof “fraud” then maybe you can do better than tRUMPS “legal” team who were 1-63 in ALL courts including many whp were tRUMP judges so lets here proof then!!

    • low iq … As you said before, nothing of any importance. Plus nobody cares what you scribble in your childlike manner about anything. Brainless, commie flunkies like you are a dime a dozen in the liberal hive-mind.

    • Word salad by the Low iq Dope does little for society but it sure reinforces the notion today’s progressive liberal trash HAVE no clue .


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